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CUBA HONEYMOON GUIDE: Romantic things to do

CUBA HONEYMOON GUIDE: Romantic things to do

Cuba is a beautiful destination and a great place for a romantic getaway. We share this Cuba Honeymoon guide for the perfect romantic break.

After months of preparing for the “big day”, you and your loved one definitely deserve some much-needed rest and relaxation. What better way to escape the demands and distractions of modern living than to book a holiday in one of the most ideal tourist destinations for married couples?

Welcome to Cuba!

This holiday destination, situated in the awe-inspiring Caribbean, is part of most honeymooners’ wish list. Before you get too excited about the idea of experiencing Cuba’s sights, sounds, and tastes, don’t forget the travel basics; hence this Cuba Honeymoon Guide.

Cuba honeymoon guide

Traveling to Cuba – What to Bring

A Cuban getaway sounds appealing to honeymooners, but things may not go as planned if you fail to bring the travel essentials. By travel essentials, we mean travel documents, extra spending money and of course, a handy guide to getting around Cuba.

A visa is needed before boarding your flight. Aside from securing a visa, savvy travelers also purchase health insurance, which may be offered by your chosen airline. You will also need extra spending money. With all the sumptuous dishes to sample and places to explore, Cuba is a holiday destination you just can’t resist spending on.

Cuba honeymoon guide

Romantic things to Do in Cuba

You will be spoiled for choices when taking a honeymoon holiday in Cuba. Whether you are into exploring historical sites or enjoying the powdery white sand on the Caribbean island, Cuba won’t disappoint.

For honeymooners who prefer to explore heritage sites, visiting Santiago de Cuba is the way to go. This historical site is located on this Caribbean island’s southeast end. It is the second-largest city in Cuba. If you want to embrace the Cubans’ rich culture, Santiago de Cuba will give you a Spanish colonial feel. Some of the interesting activities you can do here include hiking Cuba’s highest peak known as La Gran Piedra, taking part in Fiesta del Caribe, and exploring Cespedes Park.

Trinidad is also a perfect base for exploration. It is considered to be the most historic city in Cuba, offering breathtaking views to locals and tourists alike. Trinidad has fantastic beaches ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. It also lets you embrace Cuban culture at the Casa de la Cultura. Here, you can learn salsa and have fun with your loved ones. If you prefer a more romantic vibe, Plaza Mayor is an ideal place to visit where you can spend the afternoon admiring the plaza’s panoramic view.

A trip to Cuba will not be complete without visiting the 50 all-inclusive resorts in Varadero, one of the largest beach resorts in the Caribbean. If you want a relaxing atmosphere, Varadero beach will give you all the good reasons to consider everything this beach resort has to offer. Don’t miss out on water activities such as canoeing, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Interacting with adorable dolphins at the Dolphinarium is also highly recommended. 

Cuba honeymoon guide

Where to Stay in Cuba

Celebrating your honeymoon in Cuba will not be complete without booking a romantic hotel or all-inclusive resort for that ultimate holiday resort. Whether you want a hotel located a few meters away from white sandy beaches or great restaurants, Cuba offers a wide selection of accommodation.

Hotel Saratoga

This hotel is notable for its popularity, especially among celebrity couples like Jay-Z and Beyoncé. This first-class, five-star hotel does an excellent job of combining modern design and luxury. Guests experience a comfortable stay as Hotel Saratoga offers a wide range of services and facilities. The hotel is located in the immensely popular Havana.

The Saratoga Hotel has been voted one of the region’s best hotels. Maintaining its luxury and international standards, it is no surprise that it continues to attract high-profile clientele. If you prefer to stay cooped up in your room, the hotel will let you experience fine dining onsite. They serve wine and tapas, a popular Cuban dish. The hotel also combines comfort and style. It provides a range of facilities including air conditioning, satellite TV, a private bathroom, telephone, and more.

Hotel Melia Buenavista

If you prefer to book accommodations in an all-inclusive resort, Hotel Melia Buenavista is an ideal place to stay. Located in Cayo Santa Maria, this elegant hotel makes your honeymoon holiday memorable. Its romantic ambiance is appealing to couples. This romantic resort has facilities to relax your mind and body. They offer daily yoga classes, pilates, aqua aerobics, pools, and even water-based activities. The hotel has a wide selection of dishes to please your palate.

Hotel Paradisus Varadero

This hotel has 429 rooms with sea views. It is just a few meters away from the picturesque Punta Frances beach. You will always wake up to a beautiful morning as you will be greeted by a view of the beach. All rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as satellite TV, air conditioning, telephone, private bathroom, safety deposit, and many more.

Cuba is a perfect holiday destination where honeymooners can enjoy the salsa beats, pristine beaches, and scrumptious dishes. 

Thank you Cal Bailey runs MountainLeon for this awesome Cuba Honeymoon Guide! Let us know your favorite honeymoon destinations in the comments below!

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Kelly Price

Tuesday 3rd of July 2018

This is so helpful! I've been to Cuba briefly, but going on a honeymoon there would be amazing!


Saturday 30th of June 2018

We almost went to Cuba for our honeymoon! How fun!

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