A vibrant and growing city, Yichang is a gateway to the magnificent Three Gorges and Yangzte River. This was our final stop during our Yangtze river tour and is worth spending a day or so to explore.

Typical Costs

Hostel/Budget rates – ¥50 – ¥90 for dorm beds, ¥70 – ¥110 for private rooms

Midrange Hotel rates – spacious rooms available ¥150 – ¥250

Luxury Hotel rates – ¥450+

Transport – Local buses cost ¥1 and most journeys around the city cost under ¥15 in a taxi.

Average cost of food – Similar to the rest of China, food is inexpensive if you eat from local restaurants. Street food and noodle dishes start around ¥15 with good sit down restaurants charging ¥30 – ¥70 per head. Food at nicer chain restaurants or western restaurants will cost upwards of ¥250. Most hotels offer delicious room service or on-site restaurants at affordable prices.

Where to stay

Hostel/Budget – Yi Dou Hostel is a bright and convenient hostel with dorm beds starting at ¥52 and private rooms at ¥74.

Midrange – Yichang Three Gorges Dongshan Hotel is a highly rated hotel with spacious rooms starting at just ¥248.

Top End – The Ramada Yichang Hotel is a top end hotel at an affordable price, with rooms starting at ¥498, we splurged on this comfy and fabulous hotel; which was just a short walk to a selection of restaurants and bars as well as the children’s park of Yichang.

How to get there

Fly – Yichang’s Three Gorges Airport takes daily flights from Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xi’an and Shanghai. The airport shuttle bus runs to Qingjiang building for ¥20, taking 50 minutes. If you wish to take a taxi or private driver it is advised you contact your hotel for a driver before landing in Yichang, as this is a small and quiet airport with very little opportunities to get a taxi from. A taxi from airport to Yichang centre will cost between ¥60 – ¥90.

Bus – There are a few long-distance buses that stop at Yichang and all are modern and well run.

Train – Yichang’s East Train station hosts various trains to the major cities of China, however these are all standard trains with no high speed trains as of yet.

Boat – For many, Yichang will be accessed by boat, as a stop off or the final stop of many Yangtze river cruises. Well worth a visit, check out the different routes and boats available to witness the Three Gorges.

Getting around

Buses or Taxis are the preferred means of transport. Most taxi rides across the city will cost you under ¥15 whilst useful bus routes cost ¥1. Bus 4 runs between the old ferry port and Yichang hotel or the long-distance bus station, bus 6 runs between the long-distance bus station and Beimen, whilst bus 9 runs between the East train station and long-distance bus station.

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