Think beautiful limestone karst hills – that is Guilin. Found in southern China, Guilin is a city built amongst a dramatic landscape with the stunning Li River running through it.

With the Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave and Li River, you won’t get bored visiting Guilin. Plus, Guilin has some of the best food in China – rice noodles, Li River fish and crawfish!

Typical Costs

Hostel/Budget rates – ¥50+ for a dorm bed and ¥60 – ¥100 for budget hotel rooms.

Midrange Hotel rates – ¥130 to ¥250 for double rooms in the city centre

Luxury Hotel rates – ¥300 – ¥800

Transport –  Taxi’s and Didi’s (China’s Uber) will cost around ¥7 – ¥20 for journeys across the city centre and around ¥250 for a Didi to the Longji Rice Terraces. There are also tours available at most hotels and hostels, if you would rather an organised group trip.

Average cost of food – Dishes in most restaurants start around ¥50 with a good meal for two with alcoholic drinks costing around ¥300.

Where to stay

Hostel/BudgetThe Sky Palace Hostel offers dorm beds for as little as ¥45 and has a great community feel to it; with a rooftop lounge area and bar. The Ming Palace International Hostel is also a popular choice and costs as little as  ¥30.

Midrange – Junshe Boutique Guest House is a favourite budget hotel, with rooms costing ¥120 whilst The Moon Reflective River Inn is a favourite of ours, with rooms starting at ¥155 including options with gorgeous balconies.

Top End – The Guilinyi Royal Palace is a beautiful resort surrounded by the natural beauty of Guilin; double rooms start at ¥541. Guilin Bravo Hotel Grand Wing is another fantastic option if you are looking for a five-star hotel in a great location.

How to get there

Fly – Guilin Liangjiang International Airport offers domestic and international flights and also has a good bus service from the airport into the city centre.

Train – Guilin Railway Station (South Station) and the North Railway Station are the busiest stations, ideal for those looking to visit Guilin from nearby Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Bus – Long distance buses are available to the Guangxi and Guangdong provinces.

Getting around

Taxi’s or Didi’s are the quickest and most convenient way to get around most cities in China but Guilin is also a fairly walkable place to visit.

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