Nestled in the Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces, Ping’an Village is an off-the-beaten-path destination that you MUST visit whilst in China.

Just two hours outside of Guilin, this small village can be found about an hours hike up the Longji Rice Terraces. Spend a night or two in the village, eat the local food such as Bamboo rice (my fave!) and hike up to the different viewpoints of the rice terraces.

Typical Costs

Hostel/Budget rates – 50 RMB is the price that private rooms start at.

Midrange Hotel rates – 200 – 300 RMB, expect a comfortable, clean hotel room with a good view.

Luxury Hotel rates – 400 – 500 RMB for suites in hotels with spectacular views.

Transport – This is a walking village, remember to take a torch or phone with a torch app when going out in the evenings – don’t expect street lights!

Average cost of food – Every hotel sold some form of food and expect to pay around 30 – 5o RMB per dish with beers costing around 10 RMB. Small convenience stores can be found in the village with usual prices of items in China – a bottle of water costs around 4 RMB, a can of coke costs 5 RMB, a chocolate bar costs around 8 – 10 RMB (is it obvious the type of food I bought?!).

Where to stay

Hostel/Budget – Longsheng LongJi International YH is an incredibly affordable youth hostel that isn’t too far of a hike up the mountain. Private rooms with a shared bathroom cost 52 RMB whilst rooms with a private bathroom cost 113 RMB. Meilin Hotel is another favourite with twin rooms starting at 78 RMB.

Midrange – We stayed at Li Ru Yododo Villa and LOVED our stay! We paid 191 RMB for a deluxe room with a balcony and a stunning view of the terraces. InYue Holiday Hotel is another great choice that we hope to stay in next time – rooms start at 290 RMB.

Top End – In a stunning location, the Moonlit Inn offers gorgeous panoramic views with panoramic rooms costing 366 RMB.

How to get there

Bus/taxi – The best way to get to the Ping’an village is by car or bus. From Guilin, you can catch a bus or book a taxi to take you to Ping’an Village Parking Lot.

This is where it gets a little tricky. The easiest way to get here is by booking a taxi or Didi to take you to the parking lot. The roads are steep and windy. Once you are at the parking lot, you will then need to enter Ping’an Village via foot.

I would recommend packing light but also pay one of the locals for their help. At the parking lot, there are groups of women with wicker baskets, you can pay them a small fee (10-20RMB) to help you carry your bags to your hotel. Not only does this make the hike more enjoyable for you but also, they know where they are going! There are lots of different routes and paths to take up the terraces but show the hotel name to the women and they can lead you straight there.

Getting around

Like I mentioned before, Ping’an is a walking village. Be careful as you walk – steps and pavements can be uneven. Also, bring a torch or make sure your phone as a torch app, when you are exploring in the evening – the village doesn’t have public lighting and gets dark very quickly.

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Ping'an China
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Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Below to Pin
Ping'an China
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