Discover the finest idyllic escapes at popular Islands in Italy

Italy has always been a place that we are Creative Travel Guide would love to explore. Whilst we share our love for Italy and its firm place on our travel bucket list, Preya offered to share her thoughts about the beautiful country. Move aside big cities, let her introduce us all to these gorgeous islands. If you are planning a trip to Italy, make sure you use this 9 days in Italy itinerary to help plan the perfect trip.

For most of us, Italy conjures up images of rich renaissance heritage, rustic architecture, and mouthwatering Italian food. Often when someone plans to visit Italy, their prime choices of destination are Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan. No doubt these places are remarkably fascinating, but there is so much more to Italy than just art, architecture, fashion, and history. Go beyond the usual and you will be left smitten by the idyllic ambiances at gorgeous Italian islands scattered in the Mediterranean Sea. Explore these islands and watch yourself getting mesmerized by Italy’s charm every single moment. If Italy is on your mind as a vacation destination, then we suggest you check out these popular islands in Italy before you finalize your trip.


The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily enjoys the spotlight as the most prime hotspot island destination among popular islands in Italy. An island that has marvelous beaches, magnificent volcanic mountains and a subtle township dotted with beautiful domes, pillars of Byzantine era and baroque architecture, Sicily allures you with striking panoramas and delightful cuisine. While you are in Sicily, visit Mt. Etna – Sicily’s prominent landmark and Europe’s tallest active volcano, explore the fascinating towns of Palermo, Taormina, Catania and Agrigento, and sample some of Sicily’s enduring flavours.

Surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean waters, this rocky isle of Capri is famous as a premiere summer destination and is known for its eloquent quotient. Apart from the charming countryside warmth of Capri, the island is hogged by travellers who wish to bask in chic luxury amid beautiful nature sights. Usually paired along with a Rome city trip as an excursion in Italy vacations, some of the most prominent attractions to visit are the massive limestone structures along the coastline, the regal Roman villas, Belvedere of Tragara and the Blue Grotto.


Wish to witness the splendours of Capri without the hype and hordes of tourists, Procida grants your wishes and offers you a hushed escape with vistas equivalent to Capri. Set nearby Capri, located in the Bay of Naples, Procida gives you the stunning scenic charms with less crowd and loads of serenity. The charming sceneries have the picture postcard effect with narrow winding alleys and towns painted in pastel colours dotted with green shrubs and groves. Experience authentic rural charm at this tiny island where you could just saunter through the fishing harbor stretch, spend the day on sunny beach shores and dine by the waterfront looking out into the blue bay.

Located on Italy’s western coast, Ischia is a place of sandy beaches, natural hot springs, and picturesque small towns. The island is a popular getaway for those seeking wellness along with a relaxing holiday. Some beautiful sights to visit in Ischia are the Giardini Ravino botanical garden, Castello Aragonese, and Guervera Tower. When you are done sightseeing, take a break and head for a rejuvenating experience in its spa towns set amid sprawling gardens overlooking spectacular nature sceneries. Delve of some delectable fresh local seafood dishes along with a shot of rucolino- a green, licorice flavoured liqueur that is a specialty among the locals.


Located in close proximity of the North African shores, Sardinia paints an intriguing picture of remarkable blend among civilization and natural beauty. The contrasting views of pale gray rocky shores with strikingly bright blue waters are a refreshing sight to experience. The island echoes an essence of Italian and African fusion and the same is reflected in its sensational food scene and historical structures. The Costa Smeralda is the most popular spot of the island which is also one of Europe’s most expensive addresses as the island is a premiere choice of affluent visitors and celebrities with luxury yachts, sprawling luxury resorts, private jets being a common sight here. Sardinia is perfect to spend days just soaking up the sun and splashing in the Mediterranean waters. You can also enjoy the hilly terrain on hiking and camping trips. Apart from the sun, sand and the sea, some interesting attractions to visit in Sardinia are Gola de Gorropu – the largest canyon in Europe, Tharros, Costa Verde and the Dunes of Piscinas; the charming town of Alghero , Oristano and Cagliari and La Pelosa Beach.

The turquoise waters with sunny beaches, green hills, and the Tuscan township ambiance is a real treat for those looking for utter tranquility with a touch of adventure. The stunning island of Elba has a calming effect on its visitors as its nature panoramas are incredibly breathtaking. Dominated by the Mont Capanne, the views from the top of its peak are simply gorgeous. The deeper you go into the town, the island unfolds its love for quiet merry life and good food. The island also offers many ways to keep you occupied in activities such as sailing, diving, snorkeling, mountain biking, climbing, and windsurfing.


Home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches – The Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa has a dream-like ambiance with crystal clear aqua green waters lapping on serene white beach shores. It is also a spot preferred by loggerhead sea turtles to safely lay their eggs. If you visit Lampedusa at the right time, you can experience a hatching session of baby sea turtles and their march to the vast sea ahead. The isle is surrounded by sparkling water with a rich marine life that makes it a popular hot spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Italy is undoubtedly a soul-stirring destination endowed with history, heritage, culture and cuisine. Add a dash of idyllic island living and you get an extraordinary way experience the distinct charm of Italy. Italian island holiday transforms the notion of what most people think of Italy. Combine an Italian island excursion with your Italy holidays or visit these islands as a stand-alone destination on a Europe tour which can be easily planned with the help of a Europe tour specialist who will take care of scheduling the destinations and Schengen visa services regarding your trip. Basking in Mediterranean’s sunniest days on some of the world’s beautiful beaches together with unrivalled food and nature landscapes is a great way to complete your Italy holiday. The islands offer a tranquil yet thrilling refuge to those who were on a whirlwind trip to the Italian Peninsula and let you stall time and appreciate life. Whichever island you choose, there is one common sight guaranteed; that of the endless stretch of refreshing blue sea. Together with sunshine days, superb food and wine in coastal settings, Italy make you feel the genuineness of la dolce vita!

Have you visited Italy? Share your hidden gems with us in the comments below and thank you Preya for the Guest Post! Want to read more about Italy? Check out these 5 incredible places to visit in Italy!

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