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You have planned your trip to Walt Disney World and what theme parks to visit but now, what to pack? Here is your ultimate Disney Checklist!

Right, you have booked your trip to Walt Disney World; you have worked out how you are going to survive the theme parks, what you are going to do besides the theme park and even spent some time looking at the theme parks themselves! You have planned what Disney souvenirs you will be getting and where to eat on International drive… but now, what to pack? Here is your ultimate Disney Checklist!

One more thing – don’t forget to read about the Best Disney World Attractions before your visit!

Disney Checklist (for all parks)

Disney Checklist

An essential if you are travelling with excited young children, getting yourself an autograph book before you travel will save you money at the theme park two ways; 1) you won’t have to spend money buying a book when you are there and 2) it is a souvenir in itself and will hold lots of great memories, meaning you don’t have to spend far too much on the Disney park souvenirs.

You’re walking around Magic Kingdom, using the Disney app to book your fast pass, take photos on your phone and then the battery dies. Disaster! Have no fear, the battery charger is here! We use this one but there are lots of different portable chargers of different sizes and capacity!

USA Bucketlist Disneyland

So obviously there is no such thing as a parade blanket but purchasing a comfortable blanket designed for the beach is a perfect way to avoid sitting on the ground whilst you are waiting for parades. No matter what time of the year, it can feel like you are waiting for those parades for hours (and sometimes you are). Get one of these foldable and compact blankets to make your wait comfortable and easy.

Disney Checklist

Regardless of the time of year, Disney can get pretty hot. The combination of crowds, reflective surfaces and no shade can lead to many guests over heating. To keep cool, pick up some chilly pads; you wet them in the sink, squeeze out the excess water and stay cool.

In Shanghai Disneyland, this is the most popular item to bring to the parks after an umbrella (to protect from the sun not rain). Like I mentioned above, Disney can get hot. Many Disney parks offer these water spraying, handheld fans which are super funky and fun for kids, but if you want to save some money, purchasing a cheap fan like this one from Amazon before you go.

Did I mention that Walt Disney World can get hot? I am incredibly guilty of being ‘that’ visitor who forgets to top up her sunscreen and burns her nose and cheeks whilst spending a day at Disney. After learning the hard way (and ignoring all photos of my panda eyes), I now take sunscreen sticks on our days out travelling; particularly when visiting Disney. These are easy to apply and carry and aren’t too expensive.

I am such a fan of these water bottles! Firstly, a water bottle in Disney is essential because of the extortiant prices of bottles of water in the park. However, you can take a water bottle and fill it up at the parks water fountains.

Disney Checklist

However, these bottles are even cooler; LITERALLY! They have a compartment down the middle that is actually an ice cooler. Fill it with water the night before a day at Disney, pop it in the freezer and dah dah, your water is cold for your day at Disney. Even when you use the Disney water fountains, within minutes your water will be cooler and more enjoyable and refreshing than it would be without the ice cooler.

Orlando has weird weather. It can be 30+ degrees in the middle of August then the heavens open and it rains; like proper rains! Ponchos in Disney cost $10 each so save yourself some money by preparing for the rain and also the wet rides. I like these multi-coloured packs but you can get a wide variety of disposable or reusable ponchos for your trip.

Any trip to Walt Disney World will be full of walking. Protect your feet with this foot padding; this is literally a lifesaver! It’s inexpensive and easy to use but will make your days at Disney much more enjoyable!

On a similar note, make sure to wear comfortable shoes and compare the best socks for smelly feet; this is essential during those long days in the park!

Disney is full of fun, laughter, excited children and…germs! Yep, to avoid getting sick during your Disney World vacation, take a travel bottle of hand sanitiser and use before eating anything.

Shanghai Disneyland

Women of the world, this is for you! If you are someone who isn’t graced with the THIGH GAP then I am sure you know that horrid feeling, chaffing! You start the day feeling magically in your lovely dress, twirling in front of the Castle for that perfect Insta shot…then by the time you reach Tomorrowland your legs are starting to rub and hurt.

Enter the BODY GLIDE! I can’t praise this stuff enough. Apply before your visit and enjoy a chaff free day!

Unique things to do in Disney world

Everyone has different opinions on the perfect camera for Disney – it really depends what you will be using the photos/videos for but here is my opinion.

If you are looking to vlog your experience or you are a blogger, then look into these cameras all under $300. 

However, if you want to take videos of the rides and photos of your trip, the Go Pro is always a good choice. The wide angle lens means you can get in all that background and surrounding theme park within your shot but because of it’s size and protection, you can take it on rides, get it wet and not worry about it breaking!

Either way, you will want a decent camera with plenty of battery and memory cards for all those photos with the Disney Princesses.

When the sun sets, Disney parks lights up. Glow sticks like this are sold in the parks but are incredibly expensive for a bit of plastic that will ultimately fade. Stock up on some glow sticks before your trip, especially if you are visiting with young children.

Disney bag


Of course, you need a great Disney bag to put all of these items in! There are lots of awesome designs online as well as Disney Stores if you want to order in advance.

Alternatively, order yourself a Disney fanny pack – perfect for those that want to pack light!

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