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Dune Bashing in Dubai had been on my bucket list for so long and I was finally able to visit the desert and crash through the dunes whilst we were in Dubai.

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Some research had been done before visiting Dubai but we still hadn’t booked a tour before landing in the UAE. Mainly because most of the tours I had found were either group tours or super long, all-da tours that were really expensive. We knew all we wanted was a private car to drive us through the desert and allow us to stop every so often to get some good photographs and drone footage.

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Booking a Dune Bashing tour in Dubai

There are loads of options online that include evening dinners and falcon shows but this really wasn’t for us. We wanted a nice morning exploring so we could spend the afternoon taking full advantage of the pool and the afternoon tea at Shangri-La Hotel; our choice for our stay in Dubai. There are lots of different tours available from Dune Bashing tours to morning desert safaris.

In the end, we found Dubai Private Adventures; a company that offered a variety of private tours.

Our Experience Dubai Dune Bashing

We booked the tour 4 pm the day we landed and by 9 am the following day, we were in the private 4×4.

Our driver Arum, who knew a lot about Dubai and the growing architecture of the area, drove us to the desert, asking us what type of activities we wanted to do that morning. We explained that we wanted to fly the drone and experience the desert and he offered lots of additional activities that we gave a miss. If you are the adventurous type, you may wish to try the sandboarding options. En route to the desert, Arum stopped by a local camel race track, where we were able to go near the camels and watch the training. It was a very hot morning already and I genuinely wonder how on earth a camel races in that heat!

We also spotted the national animal; the Arabian oryx. Arum stopped near a fenced area so we could go and get some photographs. I learned very quickly that flip-flops were NOT the footwear of choice for desert walks!

Before entering the desert area, Arum stopped to get the 4×4’s wheels deflated. It is in this area you can use the bathroom, purchase any snacks or drinks you want, or pay for additional activities such as Quad Biking. As part of the tour, you can also choose a camel ride and pay for an extended ride if you wish.

After a quick stop, we headed into the desert and it was better than I imagined. Arum sped around the dunes, swirling and whirling left and right. It was better than any theme park ride we had been on.

He stopped frequently to allow us to get our photos and drone footage and was happy to take photographs of us, posing and jumping around.

After a few hours in the desert, we started heading back. 

On the way back to the hotel, Arum was fantastic. He provided cold water for us both and explained the different projects Dubai was undertaking along with random facts about some of the hotels and buildings.

He was a fantastic guide and I couldn’t recommend this company more. These morning tours cost $199 and bookings can be made on their website. The tours generally run from 7 am to 11 am but we asked for a later pick-up so we could have a bit more of a lay-in!

So that was our day dune bashing experience, just one of the fun activities in Dubai to try! Have you ever experienced dune bashing? Where should we try it next? Let us know in the comments below and as always, thanks for reading!

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