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essential travel apps

Planning at trip? These essential travel apps are designed to make your life easier as you plan you next trip!

Are you searching for useful travel apps to make your upcoming trip hassle free? Flying to foreign destinations and discovering unexplored cultures has become a new trend among travel buffs. Be it relishing cultural diversity to experiencing new sights, embarking on overseas travel is a sure shot way to boost knowledge and widen your horizons. 

Whether you are heading to white sandy beaches, quaint villages or bustling towns, ensuring utmost convenience during your travel is a matter of immense importance. This is where travel-related apps can prove to be a boon for travellers seeking a stress-free experience. Given that smartphone technology is within everyone’s reach, keeping travel hassles at bay is going to be a piece of cake.

However, the availability of countless applications online might boggle your mind, thereby making selection difficult. But you can drop your worries as the list compiled below is sure to help you find your ideal travel companions in less time. The best part is that you do not need to be super tech-savvy to use these applications.

So, let us take a look at the top 4 travel apps that can come in handy for simplifying your upcoming trip. 

We all know that international travel necessitates the need to buy forex online. This is why choosing a reliable and efficient forex app is quite important. Launched in 2012, BookMyForex is a one-stop app that can cater to all your forex needs when you are traveling.

With the BookMyForex app at your disposal, you can buy/sell foreign currency online in India at live market rates without incurring hefty fees. Being India’s prime foreign exchange market, BookMyForex thoroughly compares exchange rates offered by vendors to provide you with best-in-class forex rates.

In addition to availing currency exchange, the BookMyForex app allows you to manage your forex card in one place. Boasting bank grade security, users can login to the app using their fingerprint or a secure access code. You can not only check your forex card balance in real time but also convert currencies across wallet balances.

essential travel apps

Since travellers have to be prudent in matters of spending, they can benefit from the live spending notification feature of the app. When your balance is over, you can reload your forex card with the click of a button from any corner of the world. The BookMyForex app can also be used for fast money transfer to foreign countries. 

Be it currency exchange or money remittance, all the transactions you carry out on the app will be fully digital and paperless. Above all, the BookMyForex app boasts a lightweight design owing to which it installs within seconds without consuming much space on your device. 

essential travel apps

When it comes to flying abroad for travel purposes, creating a practical budget and sticking to it becomes imperative. However, an unexpected rise in flight prices can take a heavy toll on your pocket. Skyscanner, an award-winning travel application, can come to your rescue by helping you find pocket-friendly flights. 

The app searches flights across its extensive network of 1200 travel partners to give you access to cheapest airfares. It features a handy chart that lets you look at the days and months in which airfares tend to be economical. The app can also send you notifications regarding airfare changes over time. The search facility of Skyscanner extends to hotels as well.

Not being able to find correct directions is one of the biggest hassles newbie travelers face during international trips. While it is totally normal for travelers to get confused by strange routes, such a situation can lead to wastage of time which could otherwise be used productively. The good news is that Citymapper can come to your rescue as it works like a charm for making navigation easier in foreign cities.

Developed by Citymapper limited, this app can help you get a clear picture of all the convenient transport options available in a given city. With such useful data in hand, you can compare different travel options in real time and navigate seamlessly in literally any part of the globe. Moreover, you will get the golden opportunity to explore routes which are hard to discover.

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Also, there is nothing more aggravating than getting stuck in traffic all day long and reaching your destination feeling exhausted. Since Citymapper provides regular traffic updates, it can help you save a lot of time by alerting you to avoid travel during rush hours. 

From offering instant access to subway maps to giving transit bus time updates, this app gathers information for all urban transport modes like cabs, trains etc. You can opt for alerts regarding live wait times and possible delays in travel so that you can rearrange your schedule accordingly. 

The coolest thing is that Citymapper provides accurate directions in real time, hence saving you the hassle of spending on hiring a professional travel guide.

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When you head out to your favourite attractions without realising that a storm is en route, the fun can get spoiled in a jiffy. WeatherBug provides users with accurate weather-related updates for millions of cities and villages across the globe. In case you are planning to attend an open-air event in the week ahead, the app’s weather forecasts can prove useful.

Having WeatherBug installed on your device will ensure that you don’t have to miss out on any destination in your travel bucket list due to bad weather conditions. 

A trip to a foreign destination can work wonders for expanding your worldview and a little reliance on modern-day technology can go a long way in warding off hassles and making your travel memorable. Given their ease of use and wide range of features, smartphone apps are nothing less than a miracle for the modern traveler.

So, make sure you give a whirl to the aforementioned apps to add more fun and convenience to your international trip.

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