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There is nothing quite like going on a road trip, the wind on your hand as it hangs out the window on the open road, and your favorite songs playing on the stereo. Road trips are part of the American dream no matter where you’re heading. Be prepared with these essentials for a road trip & enjoy!

What to pack for a road trip?

What to pack for a road trip

1. Car Charger

Most of us have one in our cars anyway, but just in case you don’t – now is the time to put one in. You’ll be Googling a lot of things along the way, like service stations, restaurants, and tourist attractions. Apart from the necessary reasons above, you’ll want to have your camera charged and ready for taking photos to document your wild adventure. No one likes to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone anyhow.

2. First Aid Kit

You never know what might happen along the way and it’s always good practice to put safety first. Make sure it’s properly stocked with bandages, band-aids, anti-septic liquid, and painkillers. It’s a good idea to pack Kleenex too; you’ll be traveling through different areas which could set off someone’s allergies. You’ll be glad you did, even if someone just gets a scrape or a headache during the trip.

3. Car Documents

These are always handy to have with you during a road trip. If something happens along the way you can reference the documents you got when you bought your car from a dealer like Volkswagen Utah, you’ll find all the necessary service documents here as well as useful information for new cars, like what tire pressure to use if you need to put some air in your car’s shoes during the trip.

Alternatively, why not rent a camper van or motorhome for your trip. You can quickly and easily compare motorhome insurance quotes online and get traveling whilst saving money on accommodation – just remember to have all the paperwork you need for the trip. Just make sure to get a motorhome sat nav so you know where to go and where you can park.

4. Snacks

Road trips aren’t the same without good snacks. Pack a good mix of healthy snacks like beef jerky, nuts, seeds, and fruit – that way if you, or a passenger, need a pick-me-up along the way you’ll have one on hand. No one likes a hangry person so pack plenty enough for the duration of your trip and make sure you have a good mix of both sweet and salty.

essentials for a road trip

5. Pillows

This one may seem a little odd for shorter trips but, in my experience, you can never go wrong by packing a pillow or two for the adventure. Pillows are great for taking a nap when it’s not your turn to drive. These are an absolute necessity, especially if you have your kids with you – all that excitement will really tucker them out and they will need a place to rest their exhausted little heads. Imagine the peace you’ll get when they’re asleep and can’t ask you where you are for the 10th time in a row.

6. Extra Car Key

It is definitely a good idea to pack a spare key, just make sure it is not on the same key ring you’re your original car key. Be sure to keep the spare key on your person at all times. If you had to know the number of times people have accidentally locked their keys in the car and then had to call for expensive help, it would knock your socks off!

7. Toilet Paper

This one will be a no-brainer for all of the people who have road tripped before, so this one is more for the newbies. There is no guarantee that the gas station facilities where you have stopped will always have toilet paper stocked and available in their restrooms, therefore it is wise to bring your own. The very last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere where you don’t know a single soul and you’re in dire straits.

essentials for a road trip

8. Waterless Hand Cleanser

This one goes hand in hand (pun was not intended but the pun is appreciated…) with the toilet paper above. This is especially valid during the pandemic; make sure your waterless hand cleanser is effective at killing the regular kind of germs as well as any super nasty new ones. You can get nifty travel–sized cleansers for this exact purpose, be sure to get one that has a screw top lid and not just a cap that pops off to avoid a potentially sticky mess.

9. Clothing

You can never be too sure what the weather might bring you in certain areas, with some places experiencing drastic temperature changes throughout the day. It is a smart move to pack an extra set of clothing with you and a jacket, for just in case. This will have you covered for any accidental spills and also for if the mercury drops and you start to feel a little chilly.

10. Bug Spray

If you are driving past a gorgeous lake, or waterfall, and you want to get out and take a few snaps of the glorious nature surrounding you, you need to make sure you are prepped and ready for whatever nature comes your way. You do not want to be swatting away bugs when you are meant to just be enjoying yourself. This one doesn’t need to just be for when you exit the vehicle though, some areas are filled with little guys who cannot wait to feast on your ankles – even if you are inside the car!

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