Exploring the magic kingdom

Before we headed to Orlando, I spent hours trawling through the internet, watching ride POV videos on youtube and reading countless blogs about it. So, I thought I would add to all the stuff out there about The Magic Kingdom and tell you about our day at this popular theme park in Orlando. Don’t forget to make the most out of your fast past with these Disney Fastpass secrets!

If you’re heading to Disney, make sure you pack properly and bring comfortable shoes for Disney!

So, before we get started, let me just explain that we aren’t thrill rides people and Calum has an intolerance to children…Disney….theme parks…screaming children….pushchairs…. I think that’s it? I know… I was surprised myself when he suggested we visit Orlando during our USA tour.

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So it begins…

We followed the advise of many others and decided to head to the park in the afternoon – avoiding the morning rush and midday heat (Check out our survival guide here). We were walking down Main Street USA by around 4pm after a morning sailing on the lake at our resort and taking a dip in the pool. This post on the perfect Disney bag and what to pack in it, is super helpful for anyone planning a trip to Magic kingdom soon.

There was a celebration parade going on when we arrived, which we watched for a little while before heading into a few of the stores on Main Street to see what merchandise they had on offer.

Once the parade finished, we headed towards Tomorrowland where Calum faced his worst enemy….a gang of prams all lined up – a massive trip hazard! Anyways, we headed into the queue for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger; a slow paced ride where you shoot aliens with a laser gun, collecting points as you go. We only ended up waiting for about 25 minutes for this ride but as we came off the ride we noticed the line wait had gone up to an hour! (We were visiting in the middle of August).

We then headed to Tomorrowland Transit PeopleMover, thinking it would take us to another part of the park…Yeah it takes you around in a circle, above the Tomorrowland section and arrives back in the same place you left. We then jumped on the Speedway ride (that was not so speedy) and then headed towards Fantasyland.

Exploring the magic kingdom

No trip to Disney is complete without a ride on ‘It’s a small world‘ and the Peter Pan Flight – both were pretty magical. This sounds weird but I just loved walked around the over-the-top park, looking at the pretty colours…I did read that back and do appreciate how childish/silly/weird/special that sounds. Next, Calum dragged me on the Haunted Mansion…I am not a fan of scary rides and this one (although catered for children) was no exception.

Next, we headed to Liberty Square where we saw a replica of the Liberty Bell and watched 43 mechanical Presidents chat about America and it’s history. By this point, we were pretty hungry so grabbed some $5 hot dog from the Liberty Market area.

Exploring Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World USA Bucketlist

Finally, we headed to Adventure Land to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and I learnt that the film was actually based on the Disney ride and not the other way around… you learn something new every day.

We also stopped for a drink at the Tortuga Tavern (unfortunately alcohol is not served in the Magic Kingdom). We then headed back to Main street to catch the fireworks and parade before making a quick exit, dashed to the monorail and grabbed a taxi home.

I don’t know how people can ride all the rides in one day without being burnt out!

We were there for 4 hours wish and managed to get on an handful of rides but were still knackered and feeling the heat!

I also thought I would mention the over priced Disney Princess makeovers. My heart broke when this girl on the monorail was upset and asked her mum why she couldn’t dress up like a princess but other girls can…was it because she wasn’t as special?! How sad! But with packages costing around $200(!!!!), there is no way a child can become a princess every single day at these parks!

Anyways, we had a beautiful day at beautiful Disney!

Remember to read up on a bit of Walt Disney history before your visit to fully appreciate your trip. We also remembered to pick up our favourite Disney souvenirs and explored what Orlando had to offer besides the theme parks. 

Have you been to a Disney Park? What are your thoughts about Magic Kingdom? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! 

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Exploring Disney's Magic Kingdom
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  1. Haha, I was forced to go on It’s A Small World!!! I was a bit underwhelmed by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but apart from that I LOVED Magic Kingdom! Nothing like being a big kid. 😀 Thunder Mountain was my favourite! We spent the whole day there, but I agree, the heat makes it really tiring. Plus being surrounded by kids hahaha.

  2. I love Epcot. I felt like I was eating my way through the world there! Sounds like you had fun!

  3. we went to Magic Kingdom in 2015, during a very hot spell in March, and lots of crowds due to school vacay. We had a great time but you have to be careful of the heat for sure! I also, after a long day of riding, went to dinner and asked for a Chardonnay – only to learn they dont serve alcohol in the Magic Kingdom!

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