Exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnels

The fascinating Cu Chi Tunnels can be found just a short drive from Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon. The tour itself shows bomb craters, American weapons and a selection of Vietnamese booby traps. Ho Chi Minh has many things to offer a traveller and the Cu Chi Tunnels is a highlight!

A guide showed us the hidden tunnels.

What makes this tour amazing is exploring the extensive tunnel network the Vietnamese soldiers had built during the war. The country have yet to know how far the tunnels lead to and you can make your way through some of the tunnels and marvel at the tiny spaces and routes the Vietnamese may have taken.

You will be guided along the tour up to a gun range area where you can practise your shooting skills. We found this slightly over priced and there was a long wait for spaces available but some people from our guided tour wished to take part so we discreetly moved off and followed the path through the rest of the tour by ourselves.

I am not sure if this was actually OK to do so but we found it much more enjoyable exploring the tunnels by ourselves and spending some proper time learning and enjoying the Cu Chi Tunnels.

Important information:

Opening times: 7am to 5pm

Price: 110,000vnđ per person

How to get there: We opted for a private tour – when travelling in Asia you can book a tour with your hotel or hostel but if you want to book in advance, we always opt for Viator.

Have you visited the Cu Chi Tunnels? We really enjoyed this piece of history in Ho Chi Minh City – what is your favourite thing to do in Ho Chi Minh? What are your thoughts on Vietnam?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Cu Chi Tunnels
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  1. Looks like such a wonderful experience. I love discovering historic places, even in some cases, mostly those having to do with war, I tend to get super emotional. Vietnam in itself is a destination I want to explore, but these tunnels definitely made me want to go even more.

    • Hey Alina, the tunnels were one of the main reason we came to Vietnam and it really is worth it! It is emotional when you see how tiny the tunnels are and learn how they were lived in for such a long time!

  2. A different face of Vietnam I saw in this post…..did’t knew about this side of the city

  3. The Tunnels are such an incredible experience. You really get a sense of what guerilla warfare is like – and the opportunity to go in the tunnels yourself really helps you understand what life was like. The shooting is a little overpriced though – we slipped off the same as you did!

  4. Looks like you had a great experience. I personally, don’t want to go to places of war or conflict. It brings back the sad memories of past. But this one looks different..

  5. While I’m not usually claustrophobic, I found the tunnels pretty spooky. I visited with a group and was a bit freaked out at having a bunch of people in front and behind me.

  6. I’ve also been curious about these tunnels and hope to see it someday once I visit Vietnam (hopefully soon). Being claustrophobic, I am having anxiety just looking at how small these tunnels are.

  7. It looks like an interesting ‘war remain’ to see! In Finland we have seen ditches and shelters made for the war, but never tunnels!

  8. I’m heading to Vietnam in May for they first time, The Cu Chi tunnels look amazng. I hope I can make it when I get there.

  9. These tunnels look crazy and I can’t believe how tiny these are. I am very claustrophobic and would have found these torturous. I do find them fascinating in their own right however, and would find a tour intriguing.

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