Welcome to our second Monthly summary! We had a somewhat productive February and enjoyed our Valentines together. We even shared some romantic posts, my favourite being a personal post about why I love to travel as a couple.

What’s up?

Where has February gone?! I think I blinked in the first week and it has disappeared! This month has been a football orientated month, with a few home games at Stamford Bridge and a weekend over in Birmingham for the Wolves vs Chelsea game. We have had some different job options arise and have enjoyed researching potential new home countries.

Oh, we also got Ricky Gervais tickets for May and Reading tickets to see Eminem!


Blog Numbers and Goals

This month the blog numbers have been steady. We have been averaging 150+ users a day, even though we haven’t managed to reach our weekly target of three blogs a week. This month we will get there with this target! Our organic search number is getting higher, we were average 5 – 10 a month before Christmas!

Our social media pages are going strong. Last month, I aimed for 1000 followers across our main three social media pages and reached (and succeeded) that number on two pages.

Twitter: 1317

Facebook: 1027

Instagram: 869

Our Instagram is struggling to get over 900! So many follows/unfollows which is frustrating! That is our focus for this month, so do over and check it out! 🙂

Next month, I will reach my three posts a week target and get that Instagram follower number up. I also purchased Ruth Soukup’s blogging 101 bundle ebook, so will get started on working my way through the tips and advise in that too!

Love and Hate

This month, I have been reading lots! I have enjoyed reading my favourite bloggers and there first travel adventures in 2017 – Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps tells us about her time in Mozambique (making me want to visit the African continent!) whilst Alex in Wanderland continues her exploration of her home base, Thailand.

75 things ‘busabout’, ‘topdeck’ & ‘Contiki’ passenders do in Europe – A hilarious read that I enjoyed, even though I have never worked for any of these companies.

10 Global Stops for the Foodie Traveller – As someone who travels for food, this post inspires me to travel to places I wouldn’t have necessarily thought about. The BBQ prawns from Nigeria look amazing whilst the Reindeer Tartare from Iceland, looks interesting.

Holiday Life With VS Without Kids – This is another post that cracked me up this month! A comparison between travel with and without kids (making me feel better about my decision to hold fire on having any children, any time soon)!

How to do Los Angeles to San Francisco by Train – I am intrigued by long train journeys! (what a weird sentence). I am thinking about taking a longer train journey so this blog post was an interesting read.

Not much to hate at the moment – apart from this incredibly cold, windy weather we are getting in the UK!


Highlight of the month

We spent a lovely weekend in Birmingham, watching Chelsea win against Wolverhampton during an FA cup game. Calum is happy to have booked up some more away games and the upcoming FA Cup game against Man United. I massively enjoyed our half term relaxing. We ever started a new project that we will share more about in the future!

Most Popular Blog

This month, our Top 9 best buffets of Las Vegas has been incredibly popular whilst our 100 creative travel tips for visiting Europe and our Romantic Destinations blog post have both been doing well.

Top Instagram Post

Our most popular and top Instagram post this month is this shot from our Yangtze River Cruise.

What’s next?

I am hoping for some warmer weather in March. It is incredibly hard to motivate ourselves to explore the South of England when Storm Doris is causing havoc. But, this month we will (of course!!!) be heading to more football games.

This month, I want to head to Hastings and head to their Aquarium and Battle Abbey. As we mentioned above, we are starting to work on a new project that we are hoping to develop more this month and of course, we will continue blogging about our time travelling.

Katie and Calum 4

Right, we need your help! We want to see and do as much as possible over the next few months so any South of England/London suggestions you have, let us know in the comments below!

P.S. Thank you again for all our amazing readers! We appreciate all your support, comments and follows across social media! We hope you have enjoyed our monthly round up!

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  1. great round up! Must check out those blogs as they sound fun! I think Instagram is a pain – it takes ages to get the numbers up! Good luck with the job prospects – exciting stuff!!

  2. Can you believe that it’s been 3 months since the New Year? Looks like you had really great month! Your followers’ numbers are pretty impressive, but it’s not surprising- you’re doing a great job:)

    • Thanks so much! 🙂 that is lovely of you to say 🙂

  3. This was such a nice read! Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more!

  4. I hate followers/ unfollowers they drive me mad! I am married to a mad Burnley fan , our boys are the same so football rules around here grr!! Have you been to the V&A I love the fashion collection and am dying to see the underwear collection too. The shard is fab, the view is incredible and you cant beat a drink in the Punch and Judy in Covent Garden. Have a fab time xx

    • Haha Why is football so popular with these boys?! Though it does mean we can get some mini breaks around the UK – even if it is touring football grounds and their local pubs 🙂 We have visited the V & A and I do love the exhibitions there 🙂 The shard is definitely on my to do list before we move and ooo will check out the Punch and Judy! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Congratulations on your followers and I will see that book to

  6. Such a nice and inspiring read, irrespective of the difference in our niche.
    Hope the best for coming times!

  7. Thank you! Glad you enjoy reading 🙂 Yes it is a big decision at the moment and one that needs to be made soon!

  8. I second that! February went away too fast and I guess March seems long now! Great blog and I am glad to be a part of this group.

    • Aww thanks Megha! Let’s hope March brings more fun!

  9. Great roundup – thanks heaps for the mention! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Glad you liked it, I found your post hilarious – great work! 🙂

  10. I always enjoy reading your posts. Congratulations for the followers

  11. Congratulations on your followers. Your blog is so amazing that obviously people will follow it.

    You have added one more follower in your list ….ME 🙂

    • Aww yay thank you!! Glad you liked it! 🙂

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