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One of the best things about traveling is trying the local food, so we asked travelers to share their favorite foods from around the world.

Favorite Foods Around The World

Fish Amok from Cambodia

Fish Amok

Traditional Khmer dish called Fish Amok. It’s a lemongrass and coconut curry, typically wrapped in a banana leaf. It is served either wet or dry (you get asked for the option preferred when ordering). You can get it at any restaurant in Cambodia, but try and get it from a smaller, local restaurant to get the most authentic flavour.

– Mikayla Jane Travels

Greek Salad

Greek Salad

One of my favourite foods is the Greek salad with Feta cheese. Although found in many places around the world, I particularly liked to eat it in Athens where it’s the most authentic. This traditional greek dish is not only delicious but also healthy and is definitely worth eating when visiting Greece.

The Fashion Matters

Green Thai Curry

One of the most amazing things about travelling in Thailand was Green Thai curry. The curries aren’t as spicy as other options but taste fresh and delicious – definitely a must in Thailand. Our favourite version of this dish is from the Cabbage and Condoms Restaurant – heaven!

That Bangkok Life



Picking just one favorite food is so hard because…I LOVE food. But since I have to pick one for this post. I’m choosing one that I’ve been craving recently: the pies and mash from Mother Mash in London. I love the tasty lamb pie with it’s flaky crust, popped into a bed of creamy mashed sweet potatoes and topped with the house gravy.

Fly Away U

South African Braai

One of my favourites has to be a South African Braai which is a great informal way of entertaining friends and family.  Known in other parts of the world as a Barbecue, a braai consists of various cuts of lamb, beef and chicken included are salads, kebabs and the famous braaibroodjies which essentially is a toasted cheese sandwich made on the fire.

Spice Goddess

Italian food favourite foods around the world

Everything Italian

I love pasta and cheese and I think Italian food is a lot about it! There is a big variety of pastas and flavors and all end with cheese and a glass of wine. I love Italy and the Italian kitchen because every time I end up with a delicious dessert and “a shot” of coffee. Last but not least I like the passion of the Italians and I can feel it in the Italian food.


Ramen Noodles Japan favourite foods in the world

If you’re eager to dive into the more luscious flavors of Asia, head to the Japanese cuisine ramen.

When I found myself in Kyoto, Japan; I was waiting eagerly outside a tiny ramen house named Ramen Sen No Kaze. Here I enjoyed the best bowl of ramen I’ve ever had the pleasure of devouring. Testing out a few different types, my husband and I ordered the Kyo no Shoyu Ramen (pork based) and a Yamato no Miso Ramen (miso based). While the Miso Ramen held up well, the Kyo no Shoyu officially blew my mind. Best dish I had our six weeks eating our way through Japan. Our only regret of the evening was that we didn’t head the advice of other travellers and double up on the perfectly cooked pork meat.

Sacher Torte

SACHER TORTE Favourite food in the world

Vienna’s café culture and sweet pastries have been world-renowned since before the establishment of the Austro-Hungarian empire. A must stop in the imperial capital is the Hotel Sacher, which still serves up the original sacher-torte (a dense chocolate sponge cake coated lightly with apricot jam and topped with thick chocolate icing). The secret recipe, invented in 1832, is still presented with a side of unsweetened whipped cream. Read these tips for visiting Vienna before planning your trip.

Dolce & Masala

Hotpot in China

Hotpot in China favourit foods around the world

One of the best meals to have when in China, has to be their amazing Hotpot! It fast became a favourite of mine and is definitely worth travelling for. 

To begin with, choose your broth. You may stick to a clear soup or go for a sesame and soy sauce black soup or even get a spicy Sichuan broth. 

Next, you choose your meats, seafood and veg, ready to cook in the soup. In many Chinese restaurants, they have various different sauces for you to choose from as a dipping sauce for your food; my favourite is the peanut tasting seafood sauce. 

Creative Travel Guide

Sarma favourite foods around the world

Sarma – Turkey

This staple dish in Turkish cuisine is loved by many. Expect to find various versions of this dish but generally they include some type of minced meat, herbs, paprika and tomato sauce surrounded by leafy vegetables. It is often served with mashed potatoes and crust bread and makes for a hearty meal. 

Satay – Indonesia

This popular Indonesian dish is loved by visitors across Asia because of how tasty and easy it is. Seen with different types of meat, you can try anything from chicken to crocodile on these marinated sticks. Plus, these are favourite foods to buy in markets or from street vendors as you travel. 

Grilled Cheese Favourite foods around the world

Grilled Cheese – USA

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich? This classic American Sandwich became popular in the United States during the 1920s, when it was prepared open-faced. Nowadays, you can find this melted goodness topped with all sorts of meats and sauces in cafes across America. 

Baguette Favourite foods around the world

Baguette – France

When you think of baguettes, you think of France. The long, light but crispy bread dates back to the 19th century and is a staple for visitors and residents in France. Whilst in France, visit the bakeries early morning to get a fresh stick of bread for breakfast. 

Guacamole Favourite foods around the world

Guacamole – Mexico

Dating back to the Aztec Empire, Guacamole is a healthy blend of mashed avocado, chilies, onions, salt and coriander. This is an excellent simple dish to pair with tortillas or fill your tacos and fajitas with.

Enjoy your Mexican feast with a decent Tequila!

Bibimbap – South Korea

bibimbap Favourite foods around the world

This rice dish is one of the most popular dishes in Korea because of its diversity. Choose from a variety of ingredients including sliced vegetables, beef, soy sauce, raw egg and chilli paste to suit your tastes.

Fondue – Switzerland

Fondue Switzerland Favourite foods around the world

If you love cheese, you have to try a fondue in Switzerland. Experience the melting pot of flavours as a mixture of cheeses is melted over a fire. You can dip bread into the traditional national dish or get a regional favourite topped with cherry brandy, nutmeg or wine. 

Fish and Chips in England, UK favourite foods around the world

Fish and Chips – England

After a (hopefully) warm day at the British seaside, there is nothing better than tucking into a good portion of Fish and Chips. Get yourself a battered cod or haddock, sprinkle too much salt and vinegar over your greasy chips and enjoy.

Churrasco – Brazil

Churrasco Brazil favourite foods around the world

This Brazilian Barbecue method consists of various meats are places on huge skewers and grilled over wood fire. This way of cooking dates back to the 1800’s in Brazil so whilst you are visiting the country, make sure you visit a speciality restaurant and feast. 

Quesadilla – Mexico

Quesadilla Mexico Favourite foods around the world

Everyone has their favourite Mexican dish but nothing tops the Quesadilla. This simple flour or corn tortilla filled with cheese, meats and beans is a staple across the country and a must-try for travellers. Plus, it is fast becoming one of the most famous food in the world so you can experience it in destinations across the globe. 

Pho Noodles favourite foods around the world

Pho – Vietnam

If you have visited Vietnam or seen photos of the bustling cities in Vietnam, chances are you have seen a hot steaming bowl of Pho. This Vietnamese noodle soup is a comfort food for locals and a unique flavour for westerner visitors. Most often served with chicken or beef broth, you can find varieties of this traditional dish all over the country and no two versions will taste the same. 

Paella in Spain favourite foods around the world

Paella – Spain

Originally from Valencia, this Paella dish can be found across Spain and is a must try for visitors. The national rice dish is typically served with vegetables, saffron, and seafood or meat (sometimes chicken, rabbit or guck). 

Biryani – India

Biryani India favourite foods around the world

This Northern India classic dish dates back to the Mughal Empire and is enjoyed by many throughout the world. The rice-based dish includes spices, meat, eggs and vegetables with some restaurants offering Biryani with nuts, dried fruit or yogurt included as well. 

Best Desserts From Around The World

Durian – Asia

Durian Favourite foods around the world

Known as the King of Fruit, this stinky tropical fruit is popular across Southeast Asia but gives off such as bad smell, it is banned from trains, buses and planes. However, try the creamy, custard-like fruit in cakes, ice cream, shaved ice or as a fritter It is incredibly healthy but also tastes pretty good. Head to Thailand for the best Durian snacks and treats you can find!  

Pavlova favourite foods around the world

Pavlova – New Zealand

Names after the delicate ballerina, the Pavlova is the perfect summer time dessert. With a sugary meringue topped with fruits and whipped cream, this dessert is perfect for anyone with a real sweet tooth and was appeared during the 1920s, during Anna Pavlova’s tour of Australia and New Zealand. 

Churros – Spain

Churros Favourite foods around the world

Originally invented by Spanish shepherds who would cook them over an open fire, these cinnamon sugar twists are popular across the world and commonly eaten in Spain and Latin America as a breakfast or side to a cup of coffee. Arguably the best churros in the world can be found on Chocolateria San Gines in Madrid, Spain. 

Mooncakes favourite foods around the world

Mooncake – China

These ancient Chinese mooncakes are commonly found during the Moon Festival, these little pastry pies are traditionally filled with lotus paste, red beans and black sesame seeds. 

Afternoon Tea in England favourite foods around the world

Afternoon Tea – England

This old British tradition of having tea between 3 and 5pm has become a tourist must-do when in the UK. Enjoy sweet and savoury mini snacks along with tea, scones, jam and cream. This is one of my favourite food experiences in the UK!

Macarons – France

Macarons in France Favourite foods around the world

These tasty little sweet treats are a must whilst in France. These meringue-based desserts or snacks are made with icing sugar, granulated sugar and egg white, filled with curds, jam, chocolate or buttercream. 

What is your favourite food to try from around the world? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, happy travels and stay creative! 

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