The city of Las Vegas has many names… Sin City, the City of Lights, and the Entertainment Capital of the World. All of those nicknames describe Las Vegas perfectly and although the city is marketed as a playground for adults, there are still some rules that first-time visitors must follow in order to really take in everything it has to offer.

You never would have thought that there could be “rules” in Vegas, and they’re not really rules, but more so guidelines you should follow. Not following these guidelines could result in mistakes that cost you time, money, and even memories. If you’re overdue for the ultimate vacation experience, gather your friends and jet off to Vegas! Just be sure to keep these tidbits in mind to avoid making these rookie mistakes, especially if it’s your first time in Vegas.

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Don’t Pay Full-Price for Tickets to Vegas Shows


“Newbies” to Vegas will unnecessarily spend lots of money on show tickets. For some people, experiencing a Las Vegas show is on their to-do list and it’s definitely an experience you don’t want to miss out on but they soon find out that the prices of these shows are out of their vacation budget.

It might take a little time but it will totally be worth the time to search for discounts… the amount you’d save can add up and allow you to do more with your money. Sometimes, if you look for shows the day of, you find even bigger discounts, and depending on the show, some even allow you to skip the line!

Las Vegas tips for first timers

Having High Expectations of Getting Rich Quick

Las Vegas and gambling go together like two peas in a pod… you can’t really have one without the other! Knowing that Vegas is full of gambling opportunities, you need to have realistic expectations about gambling. A lot of people will come to Vegas for vacation but they’ll also secretly hope to strike it rich while they’re there.

So many people have come there and wasted away in front of slot machines and spent their entire vacation funds at the tables. When it comes to gambling in Vegas, it can be very tempting to try “one more time” to win but you have to have restraint. Give yourself a gambling budget, and once you’ve reached your limit, cut yourself off.

According to, there is no one machine that’s “hot” or “wins”… it’s all a matter of pure luck. Someone who’s been playing for 20 to 30 years has just as much of a chance as a first-time visitor to Vegas.

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Not Fully Experiencing the Vegas Party Scene

When it comes to Las Vegas, you want to spare no expense in having a good time, and that mindset is especially important when indulging in the party scene there, whether it’s during the day or at night. People seem to have it in their minds that everywhere in Vegas is expensive, and that’s not true at all, but because people have that image in their minds, they miss out on so much.

Did you know that you can experience Las Vegas party perks for free? Imagine you and your friends being able to experience VIP entry for free to the hottest clubs, and not to mention, skipping those long lines… all you have to do is get on the pool party guest list! You have the chance to party like a rockstar, get a glimpse of A-list celebrities, and dance to the music of up and coming artists all in one night.

So let’s face it. If you want to get the full experience of Vegas nightlife, don’t let the aspect of price get in the way… get yourself a VIP club pass and experience Vegas the way it’s meant to be experienced.

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Not Getting Away from the Strip

When people hear the word Las Vegas, the first thing that comes to mind is casinos and clubs, but there is so much more to Las Vegas. You and your friends can not only take in the sights of the nightlife and casinos but you can also visit:

  • The Grand Canyon
  • Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat
  • The Hoover Dam
  • The Mob Museum
  • The Spring’s Preserve
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Missing Out on Free Entertainment

As expensive as people think Las Vegas is, there sure are a lot of free entertainment that they must have forgotten to mention. These experiences are endless and can actually be the highlight of your trip, more than paid entertainment. Some free entertainment that you should take full advantage of include:

  • Bellagio’s Symphony of Fountains
  • The Mirage Volcano’s Exploding Fountains
  • High Flying Circus Acts at Circus Circus
  • Atlantis Fountain Show at Caesars Palace
  • Big Elvis at Harrah’s Piano Bar

Read here for a list of things to do in Vegas for free

Las Vegas tips for first timers

Learn from the Mistakes of Others

When it comes to a trip to Las Vegas for the first time, don’t get caught making the same mistakes as other had in the past, especially when you have the guide on how not to, right in front of you. Your trip to Vegas can be a great experience or a total blunder… the way it goes it truly up to you, so have fun, be careful, and don’t make these rookie mistakes.

Helpful resources:

Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Below to Pin
First Time in Las Vegas
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Above to Pin
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Below to Pin
First Time in Las Vegas
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Above to Pin
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Below to Pin
First Time in Las Vegas
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Above to Pin

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  • Alyssa Watson

    I had to google the Big Elvis at Harrah’s and oh my, I am definitely going to catch one if his shows! Looks fun! Even though I’ve been to Vegas a few times I didn’t know about this guy, thanks!

    Another tip I would add for any newbies, is that they really should check out Freemont Street! I didn’t visit Freemont until my third time there and it’s such a unique experience from the Strip and sometimes a little cheaper!

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