Given the surreal natural beauty of the region, a French Alps holiday is bound to culminate in an exhilarating outing. So superb are the offered excursions and the wide range of adventurous activities, that it is highly recommended to plan well in advance, should you decide to explore and experience this paradise of an alpine environment.

Starting from guided hiking tours high up in the mountains to canoeing and sailing in the rivers below, there is no dearth of adrenaline filled action activities, right from the word go. So whether extreme action is on your menu or just slow paced ventures, one thing you can be assured of is unmatched magical landscapes wherever you dare to tread upon. Keeping all this mind, an ideal list of the ultimate adventure action one can partake in, in the French Alps is placed below. You can book your Alpine Elements Activity Holidays easily online based on your adventure intake.


There is no better way to add an extra ounce of fun to your rendezvous to the French Alps than by opting for a husky dog sledding ride. If you like the sound of your furry friends, reacting to your numerous commands, then dog sledding is a superb way to explore the powdery landscape of this region. Once you have mastered the art of driving a sled through the alpine wilderness, then believe me this is the ultimate thrill one can attain in a lifetime.


Get away from the teeming hordes and the busy resorts to experience an activity like no other. Donning snowshoes and making the snow crunch below your feet as you explore the pristine mountain scenery on your own, is truly an unforgettable activity. Here you are the captain and master of your adventure and can go where you please, without any interference from anyone.


Imagine soaring over the Alps, with the iconic Mont Blanc in full view in the company of expert instructors, and you can rest assure that an awesome adventure is in the waiting. Tandem paragliding is available round the year and can be availed by all ages from as young as nine to ninety. The trained staff, make the whole flight process very stress free and comfortable.

french alps holiday


There are so many beautiful towns to discover in the French Alps, that it is difficult to pick and leave any. Still, your holiday to this region of picturesque beauty cannot be deemed complete without visiting these pretty places. Towns like Chambery, Annecy, Chamonix, Grenoble, Aix-les-Bains and Megeve are just a few names on the must-visit tourist radar.


Conquering waterfalls of frozen ice may seem like a madman’s task. Having said that, these magnificent frozen beauties, allow for epic ice climbing opportunities, which aim to challenge your mountain climbing skills. This magical essay allows the thrill seeker to appreciate the icy formations from an entirely different perspective.

French Alps holiday


Astonishing as it may seem, a walking sojourn through the dramatic landscapes of the French Alps, is actually an ideal way to take in the crisp and fresh Alpine air at your own pace. Itineraries to this famous area can be chosen to keep comfort levels and difficulty grades in mind. Most of the top walks are regarded as hikes lifted straight from an Alpine storybook.


The fast flowing torrents of the Giffre, allow the rafting freak to traverse through some of the most unique environments in the French Alps. Nature lovers, apart from the high adrenaline rush, can get up close to a large number of bird species and animals. Professional guides are always at hand for guidance and providing the best possible equipment needed to traverse the five meter high rapids.


One of the most sought after activities by adventure enthusiasts in the French Alps, especially in the summer, is rock climbing. All levels of participants of all abilities can partake in this sport, to conquer the challenging crags or the perfect faces, accessible to anyone.

french alps holiday


There are numbers of accommodation options for the high octane seeker in the French Alps, ranging from ordinary to luxury and self-catered. These properties offer high-quality catering, including chauffeur services and unlimited alcoholic drinks. Hospitality is high class, and clients may come as guests but are sure to leave as friends.

Enchanting farmhouses are the order of the day, where the owners open up their doors to persons looking for a romantic getaway. Cosy apartments, decked up in Alpine style, await those looking for a totally private space.

Creative Tip: Some favourite places to stay include Les Loges Blanches, La Case à Kio or Résidence Odalys Les Chalets d’Evian.


The Southern region of the French Alps is a Mecca for paddlers from the world over. Adequate infrastructure is in place to cater to the demands of the novice as well as the professional rafter. Rafts and inflatable canoes are available for anyone seeking a thrill on the surface of the water.


Irrespective of any adventure activity on your menu, spending a night in the wild is not to be missed at any cost. Basic, but reasonable facilities are available in wooden hits with amenities like hot water etc with a full dining option. These refuges are located at different places, and accessible as per ability.

Some are near with provision for families and children, while others can be reached after twelve hours hiking. No matter which boarding choice you opt for, they all offer a fantastic bonding experience.

The French Alps are probably more renowned as a top-class ski destination, but it has an array of other adventure ideas to be pursued, that it can satisfy the most avid adrenaline seeker. Whether it is summer or winter, the ranges of things to do are so diverse, that one can enjoy a perfect action break in an unspoilt getaway, no matter what the time of the year it is.

Enthusiasts have a wide option of activities to choose from as described above, with accommodation to suit your budget, in order to create that special adventure trip which you have always been dreaming off. So pack the hiking boots, shun the mobile and internet, and take in the crisp clean mountain air for as long as you can. Remember, the thrills are endless, and the air pure.

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French Alps holiday
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French Alps holiday
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French Alps holiday
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