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Greece Bucket List: 10 Things to do in Greece

Greece Bucket List: 10 Things to do in Greece

This Greece Bucket List includes all the best things to do in Greece, including the best places to visit in Greece and the best food in Greece.

Greece has remained one of the top travel destinations in the world and is arguable one of the best places to visit in Europe. Whether you are seeking adventure or refuge from worldly chaos, Greece has something stored for you. Hence, many people travel to Greece where they can make the most of their holidays and enjoy their time the way they want to.

With its rich history, spectacular landscapes, vibrant culture and delicious cuisine Greece is a great way to spend your holidays and do a lot more than you can imagine.

If you are ready to take on the challenge you can choose some of the activities from this ultimate bucket list for Greece. 

Greece Bucket List

Santorini must be on your Greece bucket list

Go Island-Hopping

While there are more than 6000 islands in Greece not all of them are inhabited. This means that you still have ample to hop around.

Island hopping is a great way to make the most of your time to explore these picturesque islands. You can choose from various Aegean and Ionian islands that are quite popular.

If you are looking for holidays you can also book accommodations for your holidays on websites like

The best part about these islands is that they all offer unique experiences. You can enjoy stunning sunset views in Santorini, party all night in Mykonos, explore nature in Kefalonia and unwind in Paxos. Each island has a distinct character to provide you with an unforgettable experience. 

If you aren’t sure how to plan a trip to Santorini, we recommend booking accommodation and flights separately to get the best deals, especially when traveling in the off-season. This is truly one of the best islands to visit in the world.

Learn Greek Dance

While Greece is known for its delicious food, learning how to dance can be a great experience. This is what allows you to dig deeper into the Greek culture and find out more about the dance steps.

Greek dancing often involves a partner and therefore you will need to know how to sync with your partner and perform it together at various parties and events.

Greek dancing can also double as physical activity as you need to keep up with the fast-paced music and quick rhythm changes which can be fun and challenging.

Assos in Greece

Take a Break in Quiet Fishing Villages

With ample islands available you can choose from various quaint fishing villages that allow you to take a break. If you are someone who wants to escape the worldly chaos you can pick any of the fishing villages where you can spend your days relaxing at your pace.

The fishing villages of Assos and Fiscardo on Kefalonia can provide you with a peaceful holiday experience. You can enjoy delicious Greek cuisine and stroll the harbour packed with colourful fishing boats.

While you are here you can sip some Greek coffee and watch the crystal-clear blue waters before you.

You could also plan a trip to Paros, a popular destination to experience local Greek life.

Samaria Gorge in Crete

Hike Up the Mountains

If you are not someone who wants to sit behind you can put on your hiking boots and head up the mountains. There are many rugged trails that you can find when you are in Greece.

If you want to hike some gorgeous landscape you can choose hiking around the Dragon Lakes in the Pindus Mountains. You can also choose to hike the Menalon Trail in the south of Greece.

If you are in Crete you can hike the Samaria Gorge which can offer you a great way to enjoy a day out in nature.

The best Greek food

Take the Greek Gastronomic Journey

You can learn a lot about Greek culture through its food. Greek cuisine is one of the most popular and delicious cuisines in the world, which is why you should make sure that you order some must-try traditional Greek food on your Greece Bucket List adventure.

This is a great way to enhance your holidays as well. You can find many award-winning Greek restaurants and cafes where you can get the taste of traditional Greek ingredients that separate it from the rest of the cuisines of the world. 

Local wines in Greece

Try the Local Wines

When you are done enjoying the Greek meals it is time to head to some of the local wineries where you can do wine tasting. Greece has remained one of the top countries known for its local wines.

You can explore the wineries in Naoussa and Thessaly that produce some bold and robust red wines that you can enjoy after a delicious meal. You can also buy some Greek wine as a souvenir that you can take home. 

Best beaches in Greece Bucket list

Enjoy a Beach Day

One of the most common activities on the Greece bucket list would be to enjoy a beach day. Greece has some of the best beaches you can find in the region. Greece is known as one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world and that is largely due to his pristine beaches.

Myrtos Beach and Navagio Beach also known as Shipwreck Beach are the two popular beaches that gain the most attention. However, you can look out for various spectacular beaches in Greece that would provide you with an excellent beach day experience.

You can also visit the Pink Sand Beach in Elafonisi which looks unique from the rest of the beaches. 

Historical things to do in Greece

Discover More About the Olympics

Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Hence, when you are exploring Greece you must discover more about the Olympic Games and everything about it.

You can start by visiting the Olympia Ruins which is located in the northwest of the Peloponnese Peninsula. Here you can find remnants of the Temple of Zeus.

Also when you are in Athens you can visit Panathenaic Stadium which is the site of the modern Olympic Games. 

Nightlife in Mykonos

Enjoy Nightlife in Mykonos

If you are looking for some adventure after the sunset hours you can head to Mykonos where you can enjoy some of the best beach parties.

Mykonos has become the party capital of Greece and therefore you can find some of the best discos, nightclubs and bars here; his allows you to make the most of your evening hours. Here you can enjoy some excellent Greek meals along with the best handcrafted cocktails and refreshing drinks.

Also, when you are active during the day hours in Mykonos do not forget to visit the iconic windmills for those picture-perfect views you can put up on your social media account.

There are also many reasons to visit Mykonos in the Winter, if you want to experience the nightlife and restaurant scene and don’t mind the chilly weather.

Acropolis in Athens

Explore the Historic Sights and Towns

Greece has a lot of history and therefore, there are plenty of historical sights in Greece. This means that you should not miss out on visiting the quaint old towns, charming villages and historic landmarks the country has to offer.

You can visit the ancient ruins and locations like Greek temples in the Acropolis, ruins of Delphi, Olympia ruins, the Old City of Rhodes, Monasteries of Meteora, the Lindos Acropolis, the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the ancient city of Mycenae.

This allows you to explore the past of Greece and learn interesting facts and insights that would make your trip to Greece memorable. 

Things to know before you go to Greece

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