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A Guide to DUSSELDORF Transport

A Guide to DUSSELDORF Transport

Often overlooked, Dusseldorf is a unique, fun city with a lot to offer. We share this guide to Dusseldorf transport, so you can get around the sights with ease.

Why Dusseldorf?

As a vacation location, Dusseldorf is gaining popularity. This city is one of Germany’s largest cities, is in the West, and serves as the regional capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. The city is prosperous, well-kept, and stunning. There are many reasons to come here.

  • Unofficially, Dusseldorf is recognized as the center of the fashion world. The best shopping is in Dusseldorf. There are representatives from all the major fashion brands stationed here, yearly fashion events are held, and there are great store prices and discount schemes.
  • Dusseldorf’s main draw is beer, which is one of its main attractions. Dusseldorf is renowned as the city with the longest beer bar in the world due to the profusion of beer establishments on its main boulevard.
  • In this city, there is something to see in terms of attractions: Old Town – Altstadt, Burgplatz Square, Dusseldorf City Hall, and Rheinturm Tower. Plus a ton of fascinating locations and stunning structures.
  • Dusseldorf is located in the center of Europe. Cologne, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Bruges are all conveniently reachable in under two hours by vehicle. It is more convenient to go by rail to Luxembourg and Paris, which can be reached in less than two and four hours, respectively. Flying from Dusseldorf to the coast, such as the Cote d’Azur, is also extremely affordable.
Dusseldorf transport

Getting to Dusseldorf

The most convenient way to get to Dusseldorf is to fly. Dusseldorf International Airport is the closest airport to the city. The airport is about 8 km from the city center, which takes some minutes by vehicle, which is quite handy for travelers.

At the airport, you can get a taxi or car service, whilst the S11 train line takes you to the downtown area. You need to find the commuter train stop near the terminal and take train number S11. Trains run very often, which is very convenient, and the trip will take only 15-20 minutes.

You can also rent a car on arrival in Dusseldorf. Instead of spending a lot of money, as you would when taking a taxi, you may create your own route, schedule your time, and explore the entire city.

Bus 721, which makes 17 stops before arriving at the center and runs in the direction of Gothaer Weg, is another option. The whole journey by bus will take about half an hour.

Dusseldorf transport

How to get around Dusseldorf

The city’s primary public transportation system is the Dusseldorf light rail, a combination of a tram and a metro. Only 17 of the nearly 100 stations are underground, thus it resembles a high-speed rail more than a subway. A more up-to-date version of the city tram, the light rail is fully incorporated into the same transportation system as the tram.

Also, the Rhine-Ruhr region’s city rail and metro tram lines are combined, making it possible to travel as comfortably as possible between Dusseldorf and other cities in the area.

The majority of the city is served by Dusseldorf’s bus system, which complements the options provided by the metro and city trains. In Dusseldorf, suburban and outlying areas have seen a particularly intense development of bus transportation. Tourist buses are also widely used, allowing for frequent sightseeing tours of the city’s top sights.

Public transport is an efficient, inexpensive, and easy way to get around Dusseldorf, which is the choice of more and more tourists.

Other Dusseldorf transport options

Dusseldorf transport

Premium car service 

The limousine service Dusseldorf is ideal for you whether you wish to travel in the utmost comfort or leave a lasting impression on your clients. These elegant rental cars will make city exploration a delight thanks to their expert drivers. By using a limousine, you can discover what luxury is. The latest news, water, and umbrellas are all available in the car. Also, the limos offer WiFi, so you can work or relax while you’re on the road.

An eco-friendly way to get around the city

Many people ride bicycles to move around the city of Dusseldorf and other parts of Europe. There are numerous bike lanes and places to rent bikes, including hotels. This is unquestionably the most economical and environmentally sustainable method of transportation in the city.

How to move around the city is up to you, but be sure to come to Dusseldorf and enjoy its beauty!

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