10 Hidden Gems in Italy

Hidden gems in Italy

Looking to visit Italy? We share these hidden gems in Italy, so you can explore these off-the-beaten path destinations in beautiful Italy.

Visiting Italy and all its most popular locations will guarantee you a fun holiday, but what if there is more? Are you a fan of getting lost in new places, meeting new faces and a sprinkle of the unknown? You should check out these 10 hidden gems that will make your Italy trip more unique and special. 

Hidden gems in Italy

Castelmezzano, Basilicata

In Southern Italy, the region of Basilicata lies the beautiful city of Castelmezzano. This unexplored town is hugged by mesmerizing mountains and greenery. Ancient architecture and friendly locals will make it hard for you to leave without having a good look at the surroundings. There are also multiple hikes and walks for you to take if you want to explore the deep forests of Castelmezzano.

The city is a good place for a solo trip or one with a partner. Families tend to overlook it because of the lack of very active pursuits, but if you seek a chill, mind-freeing day, walking around without any sort of specific plan, definitely visit this region! 

Hidden gems in Italy

Mantua, Lombardy

Set in Northern Italy, Mantua is a hidden little city, filled with art and stunning architecture. Surrounded by three artificial lakes, it is also a city with landscapes you will wish to admire for hours. However, the beauty that the Mantuans are the proudest of is behind closed doors. There are multiple theatres, museums, and palaces full of history and culture.

Hidden gems in Italy

Lake Como, Lombardy

Another one for Lombardy! Countless villages and towns surround these beautiful waters, and each is unique and mesmerizing in its own way. No matter which of them you choose to visit, just make sure to spend some time near lake Como. Its crispy water and stillness create a calm and romantic Italian scenery.

Alberobello, Puglia

Hidden gems in Italy

This city is a perfect combination between traditional architecture and modern designs. You can simply roam the streets and admire the stone buildings with cone-shaped roofs, right next to contemporary houses and soft greenery. There are many narrow, empty streets for you to walk through and the whole city is perfect to get a little lost in. Do not worry, the helpful Italians will direct you to find a way out, if necessary! 

Comacchio, Emilia Romagna

Known as the ‘small Venice’, Comacchio attracts visitors with its canals and southern architecture. This gem is truly quite hidden, it is usually devoid of tourists, but that will just guarantee you a quiet and relaxing exploration. Comacchio is close to the Veneto border, though it is not very easily accessible, as it does not have a train station. No matter, you can take a bus or rent a car to make the trip quicker and easier. View it as a challenge and believe us – the outcome will be absolutely worth it. 

Hidden gems in Italy
Hidden gems in Italy

Brisighella, Emilia Romagna

The city of Brisighella is the absolute Italian dream! Everything you could wish for when picturing the Italian countryside – you will find in this city. Old buildings, castles, and huge wineries, surrounded by tall green forests and hidden lakes. Even the more urban part of the city looks like a postcard. Narrow streets with gelato shops and small cafes, with friendly and smiling Italians who welcome you as a family member. We repeat again – a dream! 

Hidden gems in Italy

Bagnoregio, Lazio

Looking like something from a movie, Bagnoregio is extremely proud of its ancient, medieval village, craftsmanship, and local gastronomy. Visiting this region will push your Italian experience to another level. The city is extremely small, with only 3000 residents occupying the antique-looking houses and small-scale shops. It is unlikely that you will see a lot of tourists here – the town is very well hidden. After enjoying a stroll and a truly authentic Italian lunch, you can converse with the locals or go explore the impressive greenery outside the city. 

Portovenere, Liguria

If you seek relaxation at the beach but do not wish to spend your day surrounded by huge crowds and tourists, you should travel to Portovenere. A secluded region only an hour’s drive away from Portofino and Genova’s airport, the city is a great choice to take a breath away from the usual masses of people in Italy, as the beaches are relatively empty. They are also surrounded by steep cliffs and greenery. The water is super clean and clear and the sand is white and soft between your fingers, what could be better? 

Hidden gems in Italy

Positano, Campania

Hidden gems in Italy

A dreamy village of the iconic Amalfi Coast – the easiest way to describe Positano. It is also an enclave in the hills, leading down to the beautiful sandy beaches and cozy hidden spaces, perfect for quiet exploration. Though do not be mistaken, there are plenty of active things to do here as well! Positano is a very convenient place for boat rides of any kind, so you get to spend days admiring the village more privately, from a different point of view and away from the other holidaymakers! It does not tend to get overcrowded, though.

Positano is known to be a somewhat romantic destination, loved by honeymooners and couples overall. Treat yourself to fresh seafood and wine when you are there – the locals are very proud of their gastronomy! 

Procida Island, Campania

Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2022 – the proud title of this very small island in the Bay of Naples. Unfortunately, the island is mostly overlooked by tourists, because of its neighboring, more popular regions, such as Ischia and Capri, but if you find yourself in either of those, we strongly suggest setting the time aside to visit Procida as well!

Beautiful flowery alleyways and colorful houses will make you feel like walking into a postcard. Flooded with art, Procida is a great example of how not only the biggest cities can be a true cultural center of the country. 

Hidden gems in Italy

Hopefully, at least some of these mentioned places will make it to your final itinerary. It is so worth getting a taste of Italy’s authenticity by visiting smaller parts of it, besides the most popular attractions. Or, if possible, you can make it a whole holiday of traveling to only these little villages and cities, mingling amongst the locals, and getting yourself acquainted with domestic traditions!

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