Portugal is a country that has a lot to offer to those who are used to typical sightseeing tours. However, there are dozens of hidden gems in Portugal for tourists who are looking for unique experiences and those are what we are sharing today. 


Isolated Places – Get Away From The Crowd

Portugal is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. That is why it is crowded with areas that are thought to be worth visiting almost all year round. 

Have you ever tried to relax while you are surrounded by noisy tourists? Or maybe you have wasted half of your vacation standing in line with visitors like you?

“Can you hide from all these people and still enjoy the trip?” That’s what you thought. 

Well, in Portugal, it is possible. Try one of the options below.


A Trip To San Miguel Island Is Ideal For Those Who Appreciate Peace 

This island of the Azores Archipelago was only open to visitors from 2015. It means that not so many tourists know about this magnificent destination, which is the land of rocks, hot springs, and lakes. Along with all its beauty, you will also get the seclusion you want.

Explore The Deserted Beaches. 

These ten beaches I have found are hidden from the masses of tourists. To enjoy the desert coast, find among the list the one closest to where you are going to stay in Portugal:

  • Praia Forte do Paço (Viana do Castelo) 
  • Dunas de San Jacinto (Aveiro)
  • Praia do Baleal (Pênis), Praia da Adraga (Sintra Cascais Natural Park), 
  • Praia da Amalia (Brejaù) 
  • Praia da Santa (Salema) 
  • The sea cave Benagil (West Algarve) 
  • Praia da Senhora da Rocha (West Algarve)
  • Praia do Barril (Illa da Tavira) 
  • Caneiros and Ponta da Ferraria (San Miguel)

Enjoy Solitude In The Air With A View Of The “Fantastic” Ride 

An hour’s drive from Porto or Braga, the “Fantastic” is the longest cable car in Europe. At an altitude of 150 meters, you can enjoy nature and silence at speeds of up to 130 km per hour.

Get Lost In The Forest

The Bussaco National Park offers stunning views with total peace of mind. Take a book and a tent and plan to get lost for a while in untouched nature.

There is one rule of how to avoid crowded tourist places – you just need to find the courage to go off the commonly explored routes. 


Authentic Experience – Tips From Locals

Who may know Portugal better than people who live there?

As a hospitable nation, they willingly share their advice on what to try and where to go. 

Below are some of their tips:

Try cocktails at Topo (Topo Martim Moniz, inside Centro Comercial Martim Moniz)

This café is located so that while enjoying a drink, you can see Lisbon from a height. It is a magnificent landscape. Locals love it as much as tourists. It is just like one of the “famous” sites among the Portuguese. Alternatively, experience a Porto Wine tour to try some of the best wine in the country. 

Make Your Own Pasteis de Nata

An authentic “local” experience can be found at Café Pastelaria Batalha in Largo Camões, where a master class in making a national dessert is available. 

From there, you can bring home your memories and a new recipe.

Listen To Fado In A Small Restaurant

Fado is a melancholy Portuguese musical style known all over the world. The mistake tourists make is that they listen to ethnic music in significantly crowded places. Portuguese people prefer small hidden restaurants, like somewhere in Alfama o Bairro Alto. 

While in Lisbon, miss the famous Time Out Market and spend time at a market called Campo de Enrico.

However, it is smaller and less crowded with national dishes and Portuguese products that you may prefer. 

Have A Look At The Feira da Ladra Antiques.

Flea markets are believed to offer “real, local life.” Every Tuesday and Saturday, you can visit the Feira da Ladra, where locals buy and sell antiques, handmade products, and used items.


Unexpectedly Cheap Or Free Things To Do

Some tourists have limited budgets. Fortunately, Portugal has many free and cheap things for visitors. Below are just a few of them.

Searching For The Best Free Landscapes.

To see the entire city from a height, you can pay and climb to the top of a tower. However, the views in Portugal are stunning and can be free for everyone. 

For example, in Lisbon, you can go to Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte. Amazingly, this place is not well known to tourists, yet it is considered the highest point of Lisbon.

Take A Bike And Explore

The Portuguese love to ride bikes, and they have their reasons. There are many individual safe roads in beautiful places to ride bikes. To plan your bike ride, take a look at Portugal’s top 20 bicycle routes. Usually, renting a bicycle is not expensive.

Watch The Pasta de Nata Cook For Free

You can pay for the workshop. However, if you don’t want to spend the money, go to Manteigaria in Lisbon. There you can watch the masters make a national dessert for free at the counter. 

Surveillance Is Usually Free

There are gardens, castles, parks, and beaches that you can find, and wander around them, which can be a pleasant and free experience.


To Make Sure You Do Not Miss Out On Anything

All recommendations that may be given by locals or friends who have been to Portugal are worth considering. However, a complete misunderstanding of tourist destinations can also lead you to miss out on some of the great experiences Portugal has to offer.

Therefore, to avoid the possibility of later regretting the “most popular”, check out the three most common tips for Portuguese tourists:

Lisbon Is A “Must-See.” 

This city has much to offer. From a romantic couple in love to a historical enthusiast, it is essential to make an informed decision about where to stay in Lisbon so that you can be closer to the places you want to see and fully enjoy the atmosphere of the area.

Visit At Least One Of The Many Famous Castles. 

At best, take a tour to learn more about the history of your chosen castle. Each castle has its legendary history. 

See the castle closer to your destination: 

  • Tower of Belem 
  • Castle of the Moors 
  • Castle of Guimaraes 
  • Castle of Almourol 
  • Castle of Tomar
  • Castle of Obidos 
  • Bell Tower
  • Castle of Evoremonte
  • Castle of Viana do Alentejo

Spend A Day At The Beach

Spending time at the beach is a typical Portuguese experience because its beaches are known all over the world for their waves and surfers. In case you have thought about trying surfing, Portugal is the best place to learn and practice this skill.

Another reason to have a beach day is because the variety of scenery and beach activities in Portugal are impressive.

When planning a trip to Portugal, it would be a good idea to expand the typical foliage with at least one or two unusual things to try out and places to see.

Portugal has so much to offer that your trip can be efficiently planned in a short time. You may not have time for everything that locals or experienced tourists recommend, however, consider the ideas that they share to see the country at a glance. 

And, who knows, maybe these places will become your “hidden gems” and make your trip unique and unforgettable. 

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Hidden gems in Portugal
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Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Below to Pin
Hidden gems in Portugal
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Above to Pin
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Below to Pin
Hidden gems in Portugal
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