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Welcome to our March Monthly summary! How are we a third of the way through the year already!?!

What’s up?

We have had a month full of decisions and am happy to say, I have finally signed a contract for a teaching position at a International School in Tianjin, China (just outside of Beijing). We need to wait for our visas to be sorted etc etc so NOTHING is confirmed just yet!

We have been watching lots of China related videos and even attempted to learn some Chinese. The ‘ChineseSkill’ app has been a massive help. Since we have signed the contract, Calum has also planned every opportunity to see Chelsea FC play before we move and I am planning opportunities to see the things in the UK I want to visit before we move.

Blog Numbers and Goals

OK, this month we have been slightly better at reaching at weekly three blogs a week target but it isn’t consistent! Our page views this month have been 13,186 (and counting!) whilst our users are just under 5000.

Looks like Yoast is working, we are getting more organic searches – we’re getting there slowly!

Our social media pages are still doing well but numbers are growing slowly. This month we have been busy with focusing on moving abroad so haven’t spent much time actually working on the blog – BAD BLOGGERS! Anyways – our numbers:

Twitter: 1411

Facebook: 1212

Instagram: 921

I am determined to post more often on Instagram. I have given up with focusing on numbers for Instagram at the moment as it is just sole destroying – we have had more people that have followed then unfollowed us than we have actual followers.

This month I also took Alexa Williams-Meisler’s 5 day free course for bloggers. I have to say, it was INCREDIBLY HELPFUL! Each day, I received an email for different lessons on blogging and the marketing and advertising that goes with blogging. Would definitely recommend other bloggers to check it out.

Love and Hate

This month we have been reading a lot of blogs about China and in true ‘addicted to travel’ style, I have already planned the first three school holidays!

Hidden Huanglong National Park – I loved reading Be My Travel Muse’s blog post about this incredible National Park in China. I had never even heard of it before.

The Ultimate Guide to Harbin Ice Festival – So our first Christmas, I have already planned a little trip to this incredible Ice Festival, full of incredible ice sculptures and buildings.

Visiting Stonehenge – I want to visit Stonehenge before we move so Tracy’s blog about her visit has been super helpful and inspiring!

25 Weird, Wacky and offbeat museums in Belgium – I would love to visit Belgium before we move but not sure if we will manage it. Either way, this blog is awesome!

How to write great travel blog content – I enjoyed this reading blog about writing great content, it is really helpful when you have some writers block or self-doubt.

Well, I don’t like to put too much hate out there in the world so instead I will sum up my recent conversations with others in one meme.


Highlight of the month

We have done very little travel this month but instead, a lot of pro and con lists! A highlight for me is signing the contract for my future job but I am sure Calum’s highlight was the Chelsea FC vs Man U home game – Hilarious!

Most Popular Blog

Again, this month our most popular blog is still the Top 9 best buffets of Las Vegas. We loved interviewing Natalie about her time Volunteering in Fiji and it looks like a lot of our readers did too!

Top Instagram Post

Randomly our most popular Instagram photo is this shot of Shanghai!

Among the dizzying heights of the #Shanghai #skyline is this upbeat centre of life

A post shared by Creative Travel Guide (@creative.travel.guide) on

What’s next?

April looks like it is going to be a busy month! We need to sort out visas out first and foremost and then need to start getting everything organised, sold and sorted.

We are heading to Manchester this month to watch the Man U vs Chelsea away game and see a bit of Manchester at the same time! We have also booked two nights in London for a Kasabian concert and (as long as the rain stays away) we will be heading to London Zoo and Camden. We are also hoping to get some Everton football tickets for the end of the month, meaning a few days in Liverpool! Yay!

Calum and I
Chelsea FC

Right, so that is our monthly summary for March!

Thank you again for all our amazing readers! We appreciate all your support, comments and follows across social media! We hope you have enjoyed our monthly round up!

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  1. Thanks for reading my blog post and tagging me here! Keep up the great work and I hope that you get a higher reach on Instagram.

  2. Looks like you have a busy time ahead! I hope Chelsea won (I assume they did???) Thanks for the Stonehenge mention! I think I am going to have to visit – Beijing is high on my wish list!!!

    • They did! Calum was very happy! And yes! You need to come and climb the great wall and eat Peking Duck! 🙂

  3. While reading the blog, I felt as if I was part of the community! I guess that is the whole point of having a blog! Your blog post is an amazing way to keep the customers returning to the website and keeping them abreast about the latest happenings!

    • Thank you, really glad you like it! 🙂

  4. Congrats on getting the teaching position! Looking forward to your upcoming blog posts from China. Good luck in China!

  5. It is nice that you keep updated with the blog’s brand number! Congratulations on the new job!

  6. Great to know about your plans and the blogging goals. Good luck with the Visa and other things for China! If you need anything related to India, you can visit my blog, I come from there 🙂

  7. Really a good blog 🙂 keep up the good work!

  8. Seems like you have some great plans ahead of you! Great that you are supporting our blogging community and sharing some of their links here. I remember reading a lot of those posts mentioned. Good luck in China!

  9. I love your monthly round up posts

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