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Tips for HIRING A CAR in the US

Tips for HIRING A CAR in the US

Heading to the USA? We share everything you need to know about hiring a car in the US, so you can rent a car with ease. 

Do you dream of touring the United States in a car and you don’t want yours to do the whole trip? then, the best thing to do is to rent one, start planning your trip because the process is very simple and with this article, you will learn all the basics you need to know to rent a car in the US.

If your dream is to make a road trip, this post is perfect for you, because I always do research on the option of making road trips, and here, I tell you everything you need to know to make your trip a unique journey.

hiring a car in the us

How to hire a car in the USA

Let’s get started!

The first step is to define the destinations and the route you are going to take, although improvising is very cool, it doesn’t apply to all cases.

Each trip has its own particular characteristics that depend on two main factors:

1. The people who will travel with you: It is important that you take into account who will be your companions in this great adventure. If the trip you plan will have a more familiar approach, ask their opinion and what they expect to visit, because together you can create the trip of a lifetime. Yes, I understand that it is not easy to reach an agreement, since not everyone will have the same tastes or the same aspirations, that’s why when contemplating renting a car it is most likely that everyone will be happy, since going from one point to another will be much easier, faster and more comfortable.

hiring a car in the us

2. The place you want to go and the kilometers to travel: The United States is one of the countries with the most modern and structured road networks in the world. It has several routes that are a dream for any traveler who enjoys driving and appreciating the scenery while listening to their favorite song on the radio. Some of the options are Pacific Coast Highway, which runs between Washington, Oregon and several miles of the California beaches; Great River Road, which encompasses the scenery all along with the shores of the eternal Mississippi River and its sunsets making its way from Minnesota to Louisiana; or the Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic route along a mountain range that runs from North Carolina to Virginia with many hiking and camping trails along the way.

hiring a car in the us

Now, having defined this, it is time to continue with something really important, it is about choosing the type of car in which you will travel. Think about it: the more comfortable the car, the better your trip will be. Maybe you want a car that allows you to save money on fuel or one that is well equipped with state-of-the-art technology to make the most of it during the trip; maybe you prefer a truck with big wheels because you are going to trackings or unpaved areas, but I think that the most important thing is to check the size of the luggage you are going to carry and the number of people because from that first point you can start to choose the car that meets those main needs. The decision you make in this regard will depend directly on your needs, expectations, or tastes.

hiring a car in the us

What do you need to rent a car in the United States?

When renting a car, you must take into account certain legal requirements that you must comply with and be as clear as possible so that your process is agile and simple:

  • First, check if your driver’s license is valid because before thinking about renting a car it is the first document you must have ready.
  • Prepare your credit card with which the rental company will freeze a certain amount called a security deposit, as soon as you return the car this amount will be reflected in your credit card.
  • The minimum age to rent a car in the United States without any charge for your age is 25 years old; if you are between 21 and 24 years old several companies will rent you a car of some specific models, paying an additional cost; and if you are under 24 years old then your father will have to be the reservation holder and therefore the only one who can drive. There is no maximum age range for renting, i.e., your retired grandparents could be encouraged to drive on the road trip without much of a problem.
  • As with many laws in this country, the rules of the game change depending on the state in which the rental is processed, so take a look at the specific rules of the place where you want to do the process so you know exactly how it works.
  • The whole process can be done online to guarantee the availability of the car because especially in high season you will most likely not find the car you need for your trip. Usually, on websites like Miles Car Rental, you will have to fill out a form which is a very simple process, but before this, you can compare the prices of the most recognized car rental agencies in the industry, so you will have the confidence that they will give you a good car at an excellent rate.
hiring a car in the us

Types of cars to rent in the USA

On the other hand, keep in mind that there are several categories of cars that you will usually find in the companies, among the most common are:

  • Economy and mid-size cars.
  • Full-Size
  • SUVs
  • Minivans and Vans up to a maximum of 12 passengers
  • Luxury cars and SUVs
  • Convertibles and sports cars

With this information, I know you have a clearer idea of the process and that’s great!

What company to choose?

I took into account that whenever we are planning a trip we always try to get the cheapest price from reliable companies, so the best option is to look at car rental brokers in the United States, with the best reviews on Trustpilot, and thus identify which are the best and most reliable. According to my research, these are the best, because of the experiences that their customers have had with them and because they have the most attractive alternatives:

hiring a car in the us
     Rating 4.8/5

This is a portal that should not be missing from your list because 85% of its customers highlight the excellent service it provides, plus the rental process is very fast and in a few steps. In addition, if you need to change your travel date you will not have any inconvenience because the modifications are totally free, so you can always have the availability of a car in any season.

  1. Miles Car Rental
    Rating 4.6/5

83% of their customers rate it as excellent and recommend booking a car from this website, not only because of the quality of their service, but also because of the excellent prices they offer. You will be able to compare the rates of several of the most recognized car rental agencies in the market and therefore you can be sure that if you are going on a road trip you will be able to find many locations in the United States where you can return the car.

    Rating 4.3/5

This is another alternative rated as excellent by 73% of their customers who left their comments, who consider that on this website you can not only rent your car, but also book hotel rooms and even get a cruise, so your trip will only need a click to make it happen. Their customer service team will always be very attentive to any eventuality that may occur with your reservation, even during your trip.

    Rating 4.3/5

70% of their customers have been very happy with this service, because one of the positive features that stand out is the fact that the process to book a car in the United States is very simple and you can also find different categories of cars and if for any reason you can’t travel, you can cancel your reservation at any time.

  1. Rentalcars
    Rating 3.9/5

Finally, with 55% of its customers who have rated it as “Very Good” and for its long history I chose this web portal, in the comments of Trustpilot highlight aspects such as the kindness of its workers, and the speed of the process at the time of booking. They are a company registered in England that offers the rental service in different countries and therefore show their prices in different currencies.

It is up to you to decide which of these brokers you’ll use to book a car to guarantee that your road trip through the United States will be a success. Take the time to research these recommendations, compare prices and above all you can take into account the experiences of other people who have rented a car with them, such as that actually has been one of the pages with an unbeatable rating in the car rental market in the United States.

I hope you have learned which are the most basic aspects to rent a car in USA and not to fail in the attempt, because if you are going to make a road trip the key point is to choose very well with whom you are going to rent the car, fulfill all the requirements and understand that if you are traveling with someone else the best thing to do is to plan the adventures together.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.