Summer feels so far away but before you know it, it will be here. As we head back to the UK, we are desperate to travel our home country a little more and what better way than in a Campervan?! So, we are sharing our tips on how to build your own campervan incase you wanted to explore and be a digital nomad yourself.

How to build your own campervan

Shop For A Used Van Within Your Budget

Opt for a used van and convert it to a campervan. Start searching for an affordable van at your local auto dealers. Note that, an older model van that is not in style will save you lots of cash. For example, avoid the 70’s VW that are the in thing with most campervan owners. They will cost you more than 20k for one. 

Next, confirm the condition of the tires, heating system and air conditioning shocks and braking system, and any leaks or excessive noise. Note that your camper van’s cost of upkeep will depend on the way you use it. For, you will spend more if you move quite a lot than when you have your campervan parked most of the time to save on rent. Hence, consider all these costs as you work on a realistic budget to buy your van.

Gather the Essential Tools for the Job

Build a stable campervan that will last you for many miles. Thus, ensure you have a mechanic’s Toolset. This toolset has all the wrenches, screwdrivers, extenders, and attachments you’ll need for the build. You will also need a Jigsaw, as it has the right blades and will help you cut through the curved metal with precision.

Make sure you also have a Mouse Detail Sander, it comes in handy when doing the finishing on your wooden foundation and surfaces. A Cordless Drill will be used to create holes and drive in the screws when installing your interior while a Caulk Gun will help you spread the sealant into the holes for a leak-free campervan.

How to build your own campervan

Clean Up The Van

Once you have your van and the essential tools for the job, remove any interior parts of the truck that you may not need. These include any custom installations done by the previous owner. To cut on costs, you can find a buyer for the items you remove and then use the cash to buy some furniture and other essentials for the van.

Measure The Van

Next, measure the length, width, and height of your van. It includes the size of the tires and windows. These measurements will help you in coming up with the right plan for your ultimate camper van. Take note of areas that are difficult to measure. These include the battery and engine areas. You will get back to them as you install your interior. 

How to build your own campervan

Draw Up Your Planned Motorhome

You now have an empty shell of a van ready to become your camper van. It’s time to put your plan on paper. Do you want to fit in a full-size bed? Or, include a desk for your workspace? Put all these items in your project and have a feel of how it will turn out. Here are a few ideas you can use: –

First, know where you want your bed to be. A foldable one at a corner will make it convenient to move in the camper van. Second, will you cook in the van? If so, consider the size of your portable kitchen. Next, what accessories do you need? For example, will you stay in a public area that has shared toilets and bathrooms? If so, you’ll only need a sink for the kitchen. 

Start With The Foundation

Get all the materials you need for your camper van. Then, start by fixing the foundation. You can use bed platforms for this. Such a foundation gives you ample storage space underneath it. Ensure they provide a stable basis for all your other essentials.

Fix Your Curtains

After the foundation, it’s the walls. Cover the interior of the van with your favorite curtains. Ensure, they provide you with the shade you need from direct sunlight. Curtains also give you some privacy when you park your campervan in a rather crowded spot. You can go for used curtains to save on costs.

How to build your own campervan

Include The Basics

Do you need to use your electronic gadgets? Install a power port. To save on energy, Parked in Paradise recommends installing some solar panels.  Next, fix the lighting system for your interior. Some battery powered lights will last you up to three months. Other basics include a sink for washing your clothes and a chargeable fan for the hot summer days and nights.

Fill It Up With Your Essentials

Now, your camper van is ready for your first adventure. Stock it up with the essential camping gear for your first trip. Get the cookware, camping furniture, portable waste tank, clothes, and beddings that you need. Plus don’t forget your food supplies.

Living off your camper van can be an experience of a lifetime, even if for a few days. Hence, if you admire other campers on a van, and you have a few bucks to spare, it’s time to be a nomad. Try it; it is worth every coin you spend.

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How to build your own campervan
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Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Below to Pin
How to build your own campervan
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Above to Pin
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Below to Pin
How to build your own campervan
Romantic Budget Hotels Click The Image Above to Pin
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