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How to make your TRAVEL BLOG STAND OUT

How to make your TRAVEL BLOG STAND OUT

Creating your own travel blog? Today we share our top tips on how to make your travel blog stand out from the crowd! 

how to make your travel blog stand out

Why marketing is important

The success of any business starts with a good marketing campaign.

If you are building a travel blog, you likely wonder what you can do to attract traffic to your website, which will convert to sales.

It starts with creating a good first-time impression.

Your viewer is not only interested in reading your content, but they also want to see if the travel destination you are marketing is worth their time and read. Part of the strategy includes esthetically appealing visual designs.

When designing a travel blog, your most significant objective is to engage your audience. Because visitors have a short attention span to lengthy blogs, the best way to capture their attention is by making your website elegant and easy to use.

From the click of the button, your reader should find what they are looking for.

So you need to focus more on conveying things using graphical designs. It will be a little expensive to keep spending more on graphic designs, but you can opt for services like Brandripe, where you can outsource your graphic design needs to them for a fixed monthly fee. Alternatively, there are plenty of websites such as Envato, that allow customers to buy packages of graphics, ideal for those savvier with computing and website design. 

Similarly, there are many other things that need to be taken care of in order to achieve the right growth results. But overall, visual optimization is very important to help you grow your travel blog. 

Make your blog stand out

St Louis arch best places to visit in Missouri

Eye-catching, clear photographs

Every tourist destination has unique attractions. For example, Miami, Florida, is known for its beautiful sandy beaches. If you want to promote a specific hotel or beach in Miami, use a photo of people sunbathing on the sandy beaches.

Anyone who has never been to Miami will know what to expect by looking at the photos. Therefore, great visual design is a summary of what a travel blog should entail. For example, St Louis is known for it’s iconic arch, so by using a photo of the skyline which highlights this sculpture, a reader knows exactly what to expect when visiting the city. 

Niche your site

With so many travel blogs around these days, you need to give yourself a niche. Whether you are going to focus on one area of the world, how to travel on a budget, or how to travel with your pet dog – the world is your oyster but having a niche will help you stand out and grow loyal readers. 

It takes a few seconds for your travel enthusiast viewer to decide where they want to go. Some people prefer backpacking as they savor nature and all it has to offer. Others prefer clubbing or gambling in the most reputable casinos.

If, for example, you are targeting backpackers who are interested in hikes or camping, your blog should demonstrate the best places to visit. Your words should also describe what they can expect and how they should prepare for the tour.

Be mobile friendly

how to make your travel blog stand out

Travel blogs should target both desktop and mobile device users. For this reason, it is best to ensure your website is responsive on both versions. Ensure the visual effect on an ordinary personal computer looks as good as on a smartphone.

When designing your website, make sure all the elements you want to include in a desktop lineup are almost the same as how you want it on phones or tablets.

how to make your travel blog stand out

Give your opinion

No one needs or wants to read pages and pages of how much you love everywhere in the world. Share an opinion about a place and tell us why. LOVE the hotel? Tell us why. Hated your experience at that tourist site? Tell us your story. 

That isn’t to say that you have to be super negative in posts but think of what your audience wants to know and be honest in your opinion. One of our most popular YouTube videos is our thoughts on the best states to live in America – this gets a lot of interaction because everyone has their own opinion and will want to share theirs too. 

Organize your posts

If your travel blog is monotonous and jumbled up, chances are few people will remain glued. Sometimes, all your visitor wants is to know about a given place, hoping to plan for travel in the future. Not everyone has the time or money to travel, but they may want to appreciate what a staycation place offers.

Creating multiple posts about one destination and organizing it clearly will help your readers find the information they want for where they want to go. Alternatively, you could organize your posts by theme, for example, we have a Cost of Travel series, for those looking at how much it costs to travel to various destinations around the world.

Interact with your readers

how to make your travel blog stand out

As you build a following, readers will want to reach out and interact with you. Always reply to your blog comments and build your social media channels to give as many people the opportunity to contact you and learn more about your blog. 

Blogging is an amazing way to build an extra income and be creative but don’t expect success overnight. It too us 4 years for our blog to earn a decent income and a lot of mistakes along the way. Make the mistakes, learn from them, be consistent and keep going! 

Stay Creative!

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