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Looking for a European trip this summer? We share tips on how to plan to France, so you can plan your European break with ease.

Droves of intercontinental visitors cannot be entirely in the wrong. Among the most stopped destinations globally, France remains to reign as an international hub of culture, art, cuisine, and style. If you need a quick city holiday or a calming country expedition, you shall find lots to admire all over France.

France has lots to present to vacationers hunting for a new place to tour. Whether it’s the lights, culture, and sounds of Paris, the serene rural loveliness of a vacation gite inside the Dordogne, a sampling of the well-known French wines or the ancient chateaux which are dotted all over France. There are very numerous motives why individuals favor making France their eventual vacation destination and coming back yearly.

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Preparing a trip to France

When to visit: Are you preparing to tour France and speculating which itineraries to look into? The perfect moment for visiting France is contingent on where you shall be using up your time. The country’s Mediterranean coast is warm for nearly the whole year, whereas the Atlantic coast and Northern France have damper, less expectable weather conditions. 

For those fascinated by wine, time your holiday to correspond with the grape harvest during Autumn. Whenever you tour, remember that many French individuals vacation in-country, implying huge crowds during France’s national holidays. 

Getting around Paris

 Paris is amongst the most prevalent world holiday destinations, making it comparatively effortless to access by rail and air. You must be able to discover modest deals on lodging, vacation packages, and plane tickets—on the condition that you match prices plus book some months ahead of the tour. A vital hub for most global carriers, Paris is served by three key airports:

  • Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Orly International Airport
  • Paris-Beauvais/Tillé

Look out for work slow-downs plus strikes, which take place at least once every year. Check your carrier’s site before travel for whichever news.

Find the apt means to get to France by air, road, or train, and discern the best air tickets if you are touring the French capital from your home country. As the second most toured European capital, Paris is quite well connected and reachable. The stress-free means to get to France’s capital is by train, plane, car, or bus. If you are planning a tour of France, you can choose to rent a car and drive around France; taking in all the sights and even visiting more off-the-beaten-path attractions. 

Plan a trip to France

Tips for traveling around France

Traveling around France is easy, whether you arrive there by plane, automobile or train— or even vessel, in Corsica’s situation. Consequently, do not feel as if you have got to use up all your time inside Paris. Go out and see the sights of wine regions, rural areas, and other places to be discovered in Western Europe’s biggest nation.

A comfortable and cheap way to travel around France is by train. The main railway company in France is SNCF. Tickets for SCNF trains can be booked easily through the provider Omio. Popular routes are the following:

  • A swift two-hour train ride from Paris shall get you to Lyon, France’s culinary epicenter. 
  • A 90-minute drive lands you in Champagne, wherein you can sip bubbly inside the township where Dom Perignon made it perfect. 
  • Marseilles’ plane allows you to take in the Mediterranean sun, whereas touring classic Provencal settlements like St. Remy, Arles, Aix, and Nimes.
Plan a trip to France

Documents: Passport, Visa & Co.

Contingent on the nationality, these are the required documents you shall require to tour France:

  • American Citizens: U.S. citizens visiting France for not more than 90 days don’t require a visa. Though, they shall need a lawful passport for no less than six months after their stay. Migration officers might likewise ask citizens to show adequate funds for their stay plus a return carrier ticket.
  • E.U. Citizens: France is part of the European Union, explicitly its Schengen Zone. Individuals from another country inside this zone can tour Paris employing only their I.D. or passport.
  • Other Countries: For citizens of other nations, it’s suggested to go to the French Embassy or go to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs site for extra info. For the coronavirus health catastrophe duration, please pay attention to whichever travel limitations that might necessitate added bureaucracies before the departure.
Plan a trip to France

The best season to travel to France

The appropriate time to go to France is in spring (April-May), summer (June-Aug.), plus fall (Sep-Oct). The nation delights in warm temperatures, even though there are territorial disparities: there is wetter weather in the north, close to the English Channel and a Mediterranean climate in the south. In August, most of the country closes down to chase the sunshine in the south. Winter is one of our preferred times to explore Paris, as the crowds are fewer, yet the restaurants are still lively with locals.

How long should you stay in France?

For a France vacation covering numerous highlights and areas, many holidaymakers must plan on using up to about ten days. This offers you sufficient time to explore several diverse expanses via plane, train, or road trip at your own pace.

Within ten days, you can have a few days to visit the best Paris tourist attractions and tour Provençal townships plus the Mediterranean shoreline with stopovers in Marseille and Calanques National Park—or the sunny French Riviera. Visitors might likewise select to home in on Lyon and Bordeaux, the gastronomy and wine capitals, in that order, of France. You can include Corsica or conceivably high-altitude settlements inside the French Alps, such as Chamonix and Annecy, for two weeks or more.

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Best cities to visit in France

From the snow-crowned mountains of the Alps to the beautiful villages of North Dordogne,  to one of the most romantic and cherished cities globally, France isn’t only one of the most toured countries in Europe. Still, it is one of the most attractive plus fascinating places.

France, though, is more than just the shimmering Eiffel Tower plus legendary museums as the mountains, beaches, and countryside are some of the most magnificent areas to tour. Although one might spend a whole week visiting Paris, there are some other sensations of France you need to see as well, even just a few amazing day trips from Paris. Here are a couple of other great cities you can explore:

  • Marseilles
  • Lyon
  • Nantes
  • Nice

P.S. Visiting with kids or a big kid at heart? Find some time for a trip to Disneyland Paris too!

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