Singapore is one of the more expensive destinations in Asia but we’re sharing how you can save money in Singapore on your next trip!

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  • Skip taxis – Taxis are expensive in Singapore, so avoid when possible and use the MRT. Most attractions can be reached via the MRT without bus transfers so download the Singapore MRT app. 


  • Book in advance – Unlike other destinations in South East Asia, you can’t get cheap prices on arrival. Use Agoda and to compare prices of hotels and hostels and book in advance. 


  • Tourist passes – The Singapore Tourist Pass is a top-and-go smart card that offers unlimited rides on the country’s bus, LRT and MRT lines. 3 day tickets cost $20 whilst a single day ticket costs $10. If you don’t plan on taking 4 or more trips a day, pick up the EZ-Link card instead – it costs S$12 and includes S$7 of credit for the bus and trains. 


  • Eat at Food Courts or Hawker Centres – These food court areas are cheap but tasty meal options that you should stick to if you are on a budget. 


  • Stay in Little India – Little India is a cheaper area to stay in Singapore, so shop around in this area. 


  • Pack extra toiletries – Toiletries are expensive in Singapore, so pack extra before arriving to avoid the higher prices.


  • Book online – Many attractions offer cheaper prices when you book online, so plan you day out before you leave the hotel. 


  • Use the Supermarkets – Each neighbourhood has a supermarket of some kind. Use this to pick up snacks and cheap meals to save money on eating out. 


  • Reusable water bottle – Singaporean tap water is safe to drink, so avoid the bottled water and stick to tap.


  • ParkHopper Bungle – If you intend to visit the Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and Bird Park, you can save money by getting the ParkHopper Package. 


  • Avoid alcohol – Alcohol in Singapore is expensive, no matter what you are drinking. Avoid the bars and stick to convenience stores like 7-11. If you do want to drink out, take advantage of the happy hours and ladies drink on Wednesdays – this is ladies night in Singapore. 


  • Tipping – You do not need to tip, it is not expected in Singapore. 


  • Free attractions – Take advantage of the free attractions in Singapore, such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Bishan Park, Punggol Waterway, Marina Bay Sands and almost all of the Chinese and Hindu temples. 

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