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How to visit Mexico on a budget

How to visit Mexico on a budget

Mexico is a diverse country, with a lot to offer budget travelers. Today, we share how to visit Mexico on a budget so you can explore without breaking the bank.

Why Mexico?

Mexico is a unique place where tourists come from all over the world. Mexico has become a popular tourist destination thanks to the friendly local population, interesting Mexican culture, and cuisine. In Mexico, every tourist will be able to spend his vacation as he wants. If you like to relax in large resorts, you will rarely find beautiful and not very expensive hotels on the Caribbean coast. Those who travel for adventure will be able to visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, or old pieces of wood in May, caves, and much more. 

There are also many casinos in Mexico, so if you are a gambling player, you will have something to do in Mexico. But before the trip, do not forget to practice playing roulette and other online gambling. Going on a trip to Mexico is quite simple and with a limited budget. You will learn about this in more detail below.

How to visit Mexico on a budget

Mexico on a budget

What You Need to Know About Mexico Before Traveling

The location of the state is North America. The United Mexican States shares borders with Guatemala, Belize, and the United States. The country is washed by the waters of two bays — California and Mexico, one sea — the Caribbean, and the Pacific Ocean. There is a tropical climate in the south and a subtropical in the north.

The calendar winter here is radically different from the European one, so tours to Mexico are in demand all year round. The dry season is from November-April, and the wet season is from May-October. You can swim in the waters of the bay, the sea, and the ocean in any of the seasons, in dry the average air temperature is 35 degrees, and in wet — 25. Hurricanes are possible in September-October, but most of them do not cause harm and do not significantly affect the quality of rest.

Trips to Mexico are popular for many reasons, including the convenience of obtaining an electronic visa. In this country, it is easy to combine beaches, sightseeing, and extreme holidays. A variety of resorts will delight tourists with a large selection of hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs of different price categories.


Most people travel to Mexico by flying into their chosen destination. The cost of air tickets depends on where you are going to Mexico. But for your ticket to Mexico to come out cheaper, it is better to buy two round-trip tickets at once, about six months before your next trip. 

To get to Mexico, EU citizens do not need visas, other citizens must obtain a Mexican visa online on the embassy’s website or at the embassy.

Once you land, you can pick up a sim card from the airport or use websites like Simify to get cheap packages for your trip.

Mexico on a budget


Public transport is quite developed in Mexico. Small buses run all along the Caribbean coast between the main tourist cities. Get acquainted with the public transport routes in advance before the trip and then you can save on moving. Or you can find out the bus schedule at any stop in the city. The Mexicans are friendly and will be happy to tell you the right bus. 

Taxis are also not very expensive in Mexico compared to the world’s average taxi prices. But some taxi drivers may be unscrupulous and ask you for more money for the road since you are a tourist. You can also take a scooter and travel along the coast on your own. However, for this, you will have to have only a small piece of luggage, like a backpack.

Mexico on a budget


In Mexico, you can find many options for living even with a limited budget. If you want to save money as much as possible, it is better to stay in a boutique hotel on the coast. To rent a small house in a village by the sea is also quite inexpensive. But hotels and resorts in Mexico are already more expensive.

If you are going on vacation to Mexico for two or three weeks, then it is better to book hotels and apartments in advance on the Internet. In big cities (Mexico City, Cancun, Tulum), it is 100% better to book in advance via the Internet. It is also better to look for 4* or 5* hotels on the Riviera Maya (Caribbean coast) in advance. In the season, the Americans sort out good options.

Mexico on a budget


Eating in Mexico is not only delicious but also cheap. If you want to try the local cuisine, then you will always find fairs with various fast food on the streets and squares. In such small boats, you can taste the most delicious tacos, churros, and burritos. Restaurants and cafes also have different price tags.

Mexico on a budget

Tourist Places

Some of the attractions can be visited by bus or scooter. The cost of tickets to such places is usually quite cheap. But to visit the main attractions, you will have to take a guide. Do not believe the guides on the coast or the street, it is better to find an official agency online or contact the hotel for help and advice from the administrator.

Mexico on a budget


There are already many ready-made routes on the Internet for traveling around Mexico. You can choose one of the already proven routes, or come up with your own. However, to do this, you will have to study everything yourself regarding the route and possible difficulties.

How to save money in Mexico

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