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How to Visit PIGEON FORGE on a Budget

How to Visit PIGEON FORGE on a Budget

Heading to Tennessee? We share how to visit Pigeon Forge on a budget, so you can visit this tourist city without spending too much.

Pigeon Forge, located amongst East Tennessee’s miraculous Smoky Mountains, is a spot many families choose for their yearly vacations. While this may sound like a costly trip, this article discusses how you can make the most out of Pigeon Forge while keeping a cap on your spending. 

Pigeon Forge on a budget

How to Visit PIGEON FORGE on a Budget

Choose the Right Hotel

Ensuring you make the right decision regarding your accommodation at Pigeon Forge is vital. Accommodations usually account for most of the tourist spending at Pigeon Forge, but we are here to guide you on ways to save money while choosing your hotel.

The key to saving money at Pigeon Forge is to choose a hotel that provides free amenities. These include complimentary breakfasts or lunch throughout your stay. You might also want to consider choosing Pigeon Forge hotels with indoor pool, laundry facilities, and guest picnic areas to help make your stay more enjoyable. In addition to the amenities offered, you should also consider the accessibility of the hotel.

Hotels near attractions, shopping outlets, and restaurants can help save on transportation costs and make your trip more efficient. We recommend the Vacation Lodge, located just minutes away from the popular attractions in Pigeon Forge.

Book in Advance

Perhaps an even better idea would be to make your reservations at least a few weeks before you intend to visit. Booking in advance can make a massive difference in the amount you pay for accommodations compared to booking on the spot. The same goes for travel costs as well. So, ensure that your accommodation and travel arrangements are ideally 1.5 months before you travel to avail the best prices. 

How to Visit PIGEON FORGE on a Budget

Free Attractions

Unlike other vacation spots, Pigeon Forge offers numerous attractions to enjoy without spending a penny! These attractions are free and exciting to visit and ensure you take back scintillating memories.

  1. Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail

If you have a taste for long drives and love to explore nature’s miracles, you would want to consider witnessing the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. It spreads across 5.5 miles, and this ride showcases the beauty of old forests and allows you to enjoy the cold rushing streams!

The trail also includes historic and preserved buildings, barns, and log cabins that add a flavor of history to this attraction, not to mention the visit being completely free. 

  1. Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains are one of the best places to vacation in Tennessee and for good reason. These mountains attract thousands of tourists throughout the year, and it is safe to say that your trip will not be complete unless you visit these in Pigeon Forge. 

One way to make the most out of these mountains is by hiking! Here, you will be fascinated by the scenic views the mountains offer and the sense of serenity they bring. You will also be encountering a variety of different animals from a distance. You might consider camping here with friends to enjoy the experience. 

  1. Clingmans Dome

Heights can be scary, but trust us when we say that visiting the Clingmans Dome is worth it! Needless to say, visiting Clingmans Dome is a safe yet unique experience for visitors in Pigeon Forge. The tower stands at 6,643 feet and is the highest point of the Smoky Mountain National Park. 

The Clingmans Dome provides a 360-degree view to visitors at height, allowing them to capture the beauty of the great mountains that surround the Clingmans Dome. Standing among clouds, the landscape the Clingmans Dome provides is surreal! The Dome is a perfect place to visit for free and take some beautiful pictures to flex on social media! 

  1. Patriot Park

As the name suggests, this park holds immense historical importance in Tennessee. It is specifically dedicated to the war heroes from Sevier County and has recently become a great place to tour. Near this park is the Little Pigeon River, which allows you to witness the flags of the 50 states. 

How to Visit PIGEON FORGE on a Budget

Travel in the Off Season

Pigeon Forge experiences a big difference in the tourists traveling in the different segments of the year. Summers are the busiest seasons in Pigeon Forge, and so is that represented in the costly tickets and accommodations! 

If you are traveling on a budget, we highly recommend traveling during the late winter or late spring. During this time, Pigeon Forge has significantly lesser tourists and hence lesser prices. You will not only be able to enjoy the same attractions and accommodations at a lesser price but also have a lot more fun due to the low footfall of tourists. 

Eat at Local Restaurants

Surprisingly, choosing where you feast can significantly affect the amount of money you spend in Pigeon Forge. With several options to decide from, it is essential to come prepared with the knowledge of the best restaurants that fall under your budget

  1. Distilleries

Numerous local distilleries are located on the grounds of Pigeon Forge. Many of these have been around for a long time and offer great discounts and coupons. The Ole Smoky Moonshine is one of the most famous distilleries. Surprisingly, many distilleries offer free moonshine tastings to visitors around the place! 

  1. Restaurants

The local restaurants of Pigeon Forge are generally quite affordable and usually offer coupons and discounts throughout the years. If you’re hungry, try the Blue Moose Burgers and Wings, which provide fabulous feasts with almost every item on the menu under $20. These spots will ensure that meals at Pigeon Forge remain savoring and pocket friendly. 

Having a timely vacation is no less than a necessity. It is an escape from the fast-paced life we have incorporated into our daily routines. So pack up your bags and get ready to dissolve in the beauty of what Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains offer! This article is an excellent guide to help you go on a much-deserved vacation without spending a fortune on accommodations, meals, and attractions.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.