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Looking to watch the Chicago Cubs on your next trip? We share how to visit Wrigley Field, where to eat, how to get tickets & getting there.


What is Wrigley Field?

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Wrigley Field is a popular baseball park, home to Chicago Cubs. The ballpark is known for its unique outfield walls, which are covered in ivy. 

Its location in a residential area also means that you can watch a game from the rooftops of nearby apartment buildings; perfect for those looking for a unique day out in Chicago and ideal for those planning 2 days in Chicago


Getting to Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is in a residential area, so parking is limited. The easiest way to get to Wrigley Field is via the Metra Rail. 

Take the Red Line to the Addison stop or the Purple Line Express from Howard and get off at Sheridan (weekday nights only). 

Alternatively, fans in the northwest and west suburbs of Chicago can take the Pace’s Wrigley Field express Bus straight to the ballpark. There are two routes that leave from Hillside Park-n-Ride or the Atrium Corporate Center Park-n-Ride, meaning you can enjoy free parking at both locations and pay $4.50 for the bus route (each way) towards the stadium. 

Wrigley Field address:

1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613, United States

Parking at Wrigley Field

The easiest parking option for most is to use the park-n-ride locations (mentioned above) and take the express bus towards the ballpark. However, there are some parking locations near Wrigley Field but it is advised you arrive early to get your space.

Parking options:

  • Toyota Camry Lot (known as the Green Lot)
  • Toyota RAV4 Lot (known as the Brown Lot)
  • Irving Park Lot
  • Government Center Garage (181 N Clark St.)
  • Lake-Wells Garage (175 W Lake St.)

Remember, you can always book parking in advance using  Parkopedia; this is a great way to secure a spot but also to save money when booking early.

Handicap parking, Wrigley Field – There is handicap parking at the ballpark but it is limited street parking. There is some accessible spaces in the official Chicago Cubs parking lot but these must be purchased in advance; call 1-900-THE-CUBS for parking reservations. 

Food at Wrigley Field

Like most ballparks in the US, the food here is hit or miss. If you are looking for popcorn, hamburgers, hot dogs and even personal deep dish pizzas, you can get these here, and would recommend the latter option.

However, you are allowed to bring in food along with sealed bottled water. If you don’t fancy overspending on sub-par food, bring some snacks for the game and head to a nearby restaurant afterward. 

Places to eat near Wrigley Field

In the neighborhood (known as Wrigleyville), there are plenty of good restaurants and bars to choose from if you are looking to eat before or after a game. However, if you want to eat before the game, arrive early as the neighborhood is super busy around an hour or so before the game but crowds do thin out quickly after the game. 

Some top picks include:

  • Al’s #1 Italian Beef – Known for its tasty and moist beef sandwiches and being a favorite on Man Vs Food. 
  • Sheffield’s Been and Wine Garden – An outdoor garden with affordable drinks and tasty barbecued meats.
  • Dimo’s Pizza – For those looking for a good pizza, Dimo is a local favorite that stays open until midnight on Saturdays. 

Where to sit in Wrigley Field

There isn’t particularly a bad seat in the stadium; every seat will give you a great view of the game. However, the general rule is the higher/cheaper the seat, the more locals you will be around and therefore the better atmosphere. 

That is why we recommend siting in the Bleacher seats. They are located on the opposite side of the field from the home plate but they are marked as general admission, meaning no reserved seats. This way you can save money but also enjoy being with the die-hard fans. 

If you want to see the type of view you will get from different sections and rows of the stadium, check out the website ‘a view from my seat’. This gives you a better idea of what view to expect from the different areas.


How to get cheap Chicago Cub tickets

  • Midweek tickets are often cheaper than weekend tickets, ideal fi you are staying in Chicago throughout the week. 
  • The colder months of the season will also help you get cheaper seats. Most season ticket holders won’t want to sit in the wind or snow that Chicago faces so look out for last-minute deals and even same day tickets. 
  • Ticketmaster is a great website to use if you want to secure your tickets in advance. This is particularly great if you are travelling as a group and want seats together.
  • Buy early – Most games at Wrigley sell out, so booking early always allows for cheaper ticket options. 
  • Use reselling websites like Stubhub, SeatGeek, Ticket City or Gold Coast Tickets to get cheaper tickets or last minute ticked. 
  • Ticket Liquidator also offers last minute tickets, even if the game is super popular. 

Take the Wrigley Field Stadium Tour

There is a 90-minute stadium tour that runs each day which is a fun thing to do in Chicago. This includes a behind-the-scenes experience with a knowledgeable guide giving your details and history of the stadium and club.

Tickets cost $25 per person and aim to avoid game day tours if you want to see the best backstage areas of the stadium. 


Tips for visiting Wrigley Field

  • Arrive early – We can’t stress this enough. Whether you are driving or catching public transport, arrive early. The area gets very busy as the game draws nearer and no-one wants to be crammed on a train or bus on the way to the game.
  • Bring snacks – Bring snacks to the game to avoid vendor queues and overcharging. 
  • Stick to public transport – As we mentioned before, driving to Wrigleyville can be a challenge. Instead, stick to the CTA Redline and use the Addison stop, which is about a block and a half walk away from the park. 
  • Get a certificate – They say this is for children but there is no reason adult newbies can’t enjoy this too! Head near section 133 to the First-Timer’s Booth before the national anthem to get yourself a “My 1st Cubs Game” certificate. 
  • A toilet plan – This may sound like a weird one but if you know, you know! Restroom lines can get long during the game so you need to plan your visits carefully. Try to go when the cubs are up to bat and listen out for the local radio broadcast in the bathrooms. All bathrooms come with changing tables and there are dedicated family restrooms in the Upper Level Bleachers and on the Upper Deck on the First Base Side.

Where to stay when visiting Wrigley Field

There are some hotels nearby for those looking to visit the city and stay near the ballpark. Recommended hotels include:

We hope you have a fantastic time in Chicago! Make sure to check out our Chicago Travel Guide and must-pack items below!

Let us know in the comments what you are most looking forward to doing and where you are heading to in Chicago! 

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Aleks F.

Saturday 12th of November 2016

Looks like you guys had an amazing time! I went to Wrigley once and it's definitely one of a kind. Especially that area in the back with all the houses over the bars and people going nuts! Haha. Gotta love their deep dish too. I'm craving some now!

Janine Good

Friday 11th of November 2016

This would have been incredible around the World Series. I wanted them to win after my team the Blue Jays lost as it had been 108 years since their last championship. I hope to go to a game and explore Wrigley field when I travel to Chicago!

Juliette | Snorkels to Snow

Friday 11th of November 2016

We'd love to go to a baseball match in America! It must have been awesome to be part of the crowd for such an iconic sport. Was everyone eating hot dogs too? That's what I imagine when I think of a baseball crowd in the US! I'd need to brush up on a few rules first I think.

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