Monthly Summary

November has flown by but I loved every minute! Lot’s of fun and lot’s of planning!

Golden Week in China

What’s up?

So, this month it was Calum’s birthday and we were fortunate to have a few days off from work to correlate with the same date. We headed down to Xi’an to enjoy a few days exploring the local sights and food – I actually fell in love with this city. The people were welcoming, the food was amazing and around every back alley was something interesting and intriguing.

I had a super busy month at work with reports, data and general end of term stuff! We were also able to squeeze in a few meals out and discovered this awesome pizza place called Pizza Bianco AND found out it delivered too!

Exploring the Guangren Temple in #xian #china #asia #buddisttemple

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Blog Numbers and Goals

This month we have had steady numbers and our YouTube is finally growing! We have officially starting our weekly vlog and are youtube subscribers have steadily grown. If you haven’t visited our page – make sure you do! Hit the Subscribe button and have a browse!

Love and Hate

Some more loving this month!

Xi’an and time off: I really appreciated our time off from work this month and loved exploring more of Xi’an. I can’t wait to share our vlogs and blog posts about our time here – I have already posted our favourite things to do in Xi’an so make sure you have a look.

Favourite blogs of the month!

Top 6 places to visit in Malaysia – I am desperate to visit Malaysia and Tracy’s post has made me want to get planning a trip ASAP. 2018 watch this space!

15 UNESCO heritage sites in China – After moving here, we have obviously researched things to do around China and this post was a great gem to find.

Exploring Central Park in a day – I always love reading posts about NYC so this one had me daydreaming very quickly.

CHRISTMAS!! Yes I am one of those utterly annoying people that LOVE CHRISTMAS! These are some of the awesome Christmas blogs I have read this month:

I could moan about general annoyances but nah, life is too short!

Highlight of the month

Our time in Xi’an and booking our flight home for Christmas – four very happy parents!

Top Instagram Post

This is a shot I took myself! It is from our time in Xi’an, when Calum flew the drone up around the Pagoda.

Flying the drone up to the gorgeous #wildgoosepagoda in #xian #china 😍🇨🇳📷

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What’s next?

Well, this month is a super busy one. It starts with a weekend in Shanghai! I am heading to the partner school on Monday, so we are making the most of it and having a long weekend.

The following weekend, we are hoping to get to Beijing and get ourselves some new winter clothes! Then on the 16th, we fly to Dubai for three days before heading home to London!

I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown! What has your favourite moment of the year been?

Thank you again for all our amazing readers! We appreciate all your support, comments and follows across social media! We hope you have enjoyed our monthly round up! Lots of love! 

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  1. I loved Xi’an when I visited, great update and thanks for featuring me in your Christmas Blog 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for this! Will be visiting a friend in Xi’an this summer!

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