Talma from Israel – Best Trips shares her expertise on living and travelling in Israel, including some of the best art galleries, architectural locations and market.


Archeological Sites

Israel is really a very ancient region. Archeological findings date back to prehistoric times, not to mention biblical times. I think that nearly every post of mine to date has included an archeological site so if you’re a history buff you’ll be in heaven and if you’re not, you’ll enjoy a walk in the fresh air.

Under this category, I’d like to present:

  • Ancient Shiloh, where the Tabernacle was kept before the first temple.
  • Ancient Cesarea, which still has the beautifully preserved remains of an amphitheater, hippodrome and bath-house from the Roman period.
  • Tel-Gezer, where one of the oldest findings of ancient Canaanite script was found.

Educational Sites for Children

It’s important to me to suggest sites that are both fun and have an added educational value. It’s not that I don’t suggest regular attractions, but I try to find locations that teach you something, if possible. My three representatives for this category are as follows:

  • The Weizmann Institute in the city of Rehovot. It’s best feature for children is its open-air science garden that contains exhibits which demonstrate physical properties only by playing with them, fun statues all over the grounds and more.
  • The Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum in the city of Haifa. The museum has ships and a submarine that you can board. One of them is the only remaining ship from the clandestine immigration period before Israel declared independence in 1948 so it’s a historic experience too.
  • A visit to the Mitzpe Ramon Crater where you learn about the geological formation and find a lot of fun outdoors activities (jeeps, rappelling, star gazing etc.). I rode a camel!


In the past three months, I’ve been to three and I definitely plan on visiting more:

  • A food app called ‘Bitemojo’ that was a self-guided tour in the Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem.
  • A flea market called ‘Shuk Hapishpeshim’ in Jaffa. It has lots of antiques and junk to pilfer through.
  • Ramla Market – a mix of fresh food stalls and cheap buys.

Architectural Locations

I appreciate beautifully designed places, so when you have a good story in a nice building, you’re in for a pleasurable tour. My three chosen representatives are:

  • The Baha’i Gardens and Golden Dome in Haifa
  • The National Library in Jerusalem.
  • The Arches Pool in Ramla


Although all parks are great places for family bonding and relaxation, I’ve found a few parks that really offer a variety of activities:

  • ‘Lachish River Park’ in the city of Ashdod is both a place of natural beauty because it is located at the river mouth and in addition has a mini-zoo.
  • Ashdod Yam Park is a playground paradise.
  • Jaffa Slope Park is a beautiful green park overlooking the sea.

Spiritual Places

My three representatives in this category are:

  • The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem
  • The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
  • Stella Maris Lighthouse and Carmelite Monastery

Art and Galleries

  • Aniam Artist’s Village in the Golan Heights
  • Sculptures Garden in Haifa
  • Jerusalem ‘House of Quality’

Thanks Talma for some great suggestions of things to do and see in Israel – make sure you follow Talma and her travels on Instagram too!

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