Living in jakarta

Indonesia is a popular place for travellers to visit on their trip to South East Asia but in this interview, we talk to Shruti about her experience working and living in Jakarta.

We love working and living abroad so, on this blog, you will find a collection of Working Abroad interviews for those interested in making the big move.

Tell us about your experience working abroad

I worked abroad in Jakarta, Indonesia for two months. I was in a textile factory about half an hour away from the main city. This experience was my first solo experience abroad.

I was quite nervous for the first two weeks but gradually settled into a routine and even started to plan weekend trips on my own. I realised that learning Bahasa Indonesia helped me break the ice faster with locals and they were even more receptive towards me once I could speak a few words in their language.

My first solo experience of working and living abroad helped boost my confidence, got me addicted to travel and is basically the reason why I am long-term living in Germany today and blogging about my adventures at Indian Girling.

Living in jakarta

What made you choose to travel and work abroad?

To challenge myself and my comfort zone. I also wanted to know and learn more about other cultures.

Tell us why you decided this experience abroad?

I was chosen by the company I had applied for an internship. Once allocated, I didn’t have much choice in the location.

How did you come across this work experience? What was the interview and application process like?

I applied through my business school’s internship opportunities. The application process involved sending a resume and cover letter with related experience. I had about 3 rounds of interviews, most of which were around my personality, past academics and extracurriculars.
Living in jakarta

Have you been able to travel whilst working abroad and where to?

Yes, I traveled to Bandung, Yogyakarta and Bali for weekend trips. I also explored the city of Jakarta in my free time.

What is your favourite thing about working abroad?

The fact that every day you find out something new. Either about yourself or the environment you are in. This can be exciting and terrifying at the same time.

What is the most challenging thing about working abroad?

Adapting to local culture and food. For example, I am not a heavy meat lover and living in an area where vegetarian food doesn’t exist was quite difficult. I also noticed cultural aspects such as girls didn’t really smoke or drink even in a metropolitan city like Jakarta. This was quite a cultural contrast for me.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I would head to work from 9-5 and then spend time walking around the neighborhood and planning my weekend adventure.

Are you able to fund your travels with your position working abroad? Are you able to save much?

Yes, i was able to save 50% of my stipend as I had free stay and food. My only expenses were travel expenses, internet sim-card and shopping.

What is the most expensive place you have travelled to whilst working abroad?

I currently work abroad in Germany. The most expensive place I have travelled to was my recent trip to Norway.
Living in jakarta

What is the cheapest place you have travelled to whilst working abroad?

Yogyakarta, Indonesia was the cheapest.

What has been your favourite place to visit in the world and why?

Amsterdam, Europe. I love the feeling of absolute freedom and being able to do whatever you want. I also love the international mix of people that you meet in Amsterdam.

What ‘must pack’ items would you recommend for those looking to travel abroad?


Local food spices, universal travel adaptor, favourite cosmetics and OTC medicines.

What advise would you give to someone thinking about moving abroad?


I would recommend them to research where they are going and talk to some expats before hand. The idea you have of moving abroad is very romantic and ideal but ground realities can be very different.
Talking to people who have already been in your place can give you a much better idea of what life abroad would look like. I also recommend to really figure out all the documents, visa and any other bureaucratic things you may need so as not to be in a bad spot later!
The more prepared you are, the better!

Jakarta looks like an incredible place to live and explore. I can’t wait to pick up a Bovem Life bike and explore the countryside and rice terraces with my hubby!

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Living in jakarta
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Living in jakarta
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Living in jakarta
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