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How to Plan a Kenya Family Safari Trip

How to Plan a Kenya Family Safari Trip

Planning a Kenya Family Safari Trip can be an exciting adventure and we share everything you need to know to plan and book the perfect family trip.

A family holiday together isn’t just about visiting a new location but about bonding and spending quality time together. Hence, you need to focus on how you can have new experiences that would elevate your holidays.

Kenya is one of the best places to visit in Africa, making a Kenya family safari trip a memorable option for those wanting to experience the continent and go on safari.

If you are keen on planning a safari trip you want to ensure that you make the most of the time, effort, and money you have.

While a safari trip with your family is doable you need to focus on how you can plan things the right way to help you make this trip memorable and convenient. 

Tips for planning a Kenya Family Safari

kenya family safari

Thorough Research

When you are heading out for the holidays with your loved ones and kids every moment matters. For this, you need to have clear information on how and what you need to focus on.

If you are planning a Kenya family safari trip you want to focus on all the information you can gather with regards to wildlife safari in Kenya. This would allow you to avoid any discrepancies that can arise later on the trip.

You can go through multiple safari-related websites and forums, collate all the details, and read comments to help you make the right choices.

For instance, many lodges and accommodations in Kenya have minimum age restrictions for kids. Hence, if you have a younger kid you will have to clarify about booking the right lodges and accommodations.

Also, if you are going to visit national parks you need to look for accommodations closer to the park gate.

When looking at whether Kenya is safe to visit with children, you can rest assured that the country is a safe place to travel. Of course, follow similar travel rules like keeping your possessions away in busy areas and making sure your car doors or hotel rooms are locked, etc but generally, you should have no safey issues with young children in Kenya.

Knowing the Weather

Knowing when to visit Kenya is also an important part of the planning process. This is because when you are with your loved ones and kids you want to focus on having sunny and bright weather. This ensures that you do not have unwanted rain or any climatic interruptions when you are visiting the country.

Kenya experiences a tropical climate and therefore knowing how the weather will be when you visit for your safari tour would make a difference.

Also, this can directly influence what you should pack for your African safari tour. Kenyan weather also dominates the visibility and sighting of certain animals and birds and therefore knowing the weather is crucial to your experiences. 

You could also plan a visit during one of the exciting and fun African celebrations and events; the country hosts various events throughout the year that can make for a unique experience on your family safari in Kenya.

Get the Paperwork Done

When it comes to Kenya you need to be sure that you are through with all the necessary documents and paperwork required. When you are going for a family safari trip you want to focus on the experiences.

Completing all the required documentation and vaccination-related work early on allows you to stay relaxed and focus on other things. It is always advisable that you complete the documentation and paperwork a bit early before you plan to visit Kenya.

This will allow you to then focus on the next step which is packing for your trip.

kenya family safari

Packing Wisely

When you are heading out to Kenya for a safari trip you want to focus on how you can look great in the pictures but also be safe and comfortable. This also applies to your kids who must stay protected and secure. Hence, you need to pack right for your African safari trip.

Overpacking is the biggest mistake that most families make and this can ruin your experiences. Layering is the best way to ensure that you can safeguard yourself and your kids the right way.

It might be chilly in the early morning hours. However, as the day progresses it can become hot and humid and therefore having layers can allow you and your kids to stay comfortable.

Additionally, you need to focus on neutral-colored clothing to not distract the animals when you are heading for game drives.

Always carry a small shoulder bag to keep essentials and emergency items for kids.

Focus on Food

When you are researching for various safari tours you must also focus on what type of food will be available. This is essential because kids can get finicky about their meals and meal times. This means that you need to be clear about all the details even before you decide to book your safari tour.

If you are choosing luxury packages there will likely be a chef who will prepare meals for the kids based on their liking and preferences. However, if you are going for the basic plan you will need to focus on food and meal times in advance.

kenya family safari

Age Restrictions on Activities

When you are visiting Kenya with your family and kids you also want to focus on various activities that you will go for.

Not all activities are designed for kids and therefore you must also know what activities you can do when you have kids. For instance, activities like gorilla trekking, mokoro riding, and walking tours have age restrictions.

On the other hand, many camps have activities designed for kids. This includes activities like painting and drawing animals, bug collecting, storytelling, and so on. Knowing what your kids can and cannot do will allow you to plan your holidays the right way.

kenya family safari

Pace Your Holidays

When you are heading out for a safari trip with your family you must also focus on how you pace your holidays. Doing 4 to 5 activities per day can only make things hard for the kids as they might get exhausted.

It is hard to cover all the places and do all the activities when you are visiting Kenya on a short safari trip.

You need to narrow down the list of activities you want to do and that you can enjoy with all members of the family. This would provide you with enough time to rest, rejuvenate, and bond together.

You can keep the first and the last day of the trip free of any activity as you can relax in your lodge and soak in the beauty and vibe of Kenya.

Kenya is home to some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the world, so make sure to plan a visit to some of the lesser-known parks too.

kenya family safari

Invest in Local Guides

When looking at where to go on Safari, Kenya is often ranked high because of its incredible parks and amazing local guides.

You may have read a lot about Kenya but once you are out there you will need an expert who can provide you with all the necessary details and information. This can make a huge difference as you can save time and rely on the expertise and experience of that guide.

Investing in a professional and experienced guide can help you do more in whatever time you have left. They can help you know more about the geography and history of the place you visit.

If you have kids along they can tell some interesting facts and stories that will keep your kids engaged and help them enjoy the holidays as well.

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