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Kerala is indeed a paradise for the nature lovers which is why we have created this guide to planning the perfect Kerala itinerary!

Why Kerala?

The southern state located way down in India is bursting with tropical jungles, lively rainforests and spice plantations. One feels relaxed as soon as they step inside “God’s own country” with a slower and calmer pace of life and pure nature around. It is no wonder to see the tropical paradise attracting millions of tourists from all over the world.

Kerala has something for everybody, whether it is those glorious palm-fringed beaches for beach lovers, favourite hill stations for nature lovers or colonial traditions and seafood. Go through the Kerala travel guide that can help you to plan a great trip to the popular state.

Kerala itinerary

When to go to Kerala

Although winters are the best time to visit Kerala, it is also the peak time. The temperatures are just perfect, and this is an ideal time for beach activities. For those who love monsoons, can plan a trip from July to September. Nature is at its truly best during these months. One should avoid the hot and humid months of summers from March to June.

How to reach Kerala

You can easily reach Kerala by air, train or road as it is well connected to other cities and states. The major railway stations in India are connected to Cochin, and the Kochi International airport caters to domestic and international flights. There are State Run Volvo buses to and from cities within India.

Kerala itinerary

Getting around Kerala

One can make use of the extensive network of buses that connect to major cities and towns within the state. Auto Rickshaws are available in most cities, and another great way to travel is a ferry.

What to Pack for Kerala

As the temperatures are warmer in Kerala, pack light cotton clothes as well as loads of sunblock. As you would be walking a lot, do not forget to pack comfortable shoes for walking. Do carry bug and mosquito repellent especially if planning to visit some areas like Periyar. Do not forget to pack a camera as there would be many splendid places and moments to capture.

Where to stay in Kerala

There are many different and impressive places to stay in Kerala, and a lot relies on what one looks for and the budget. There are humble homestays, eco beach resorts, colonial estates, and a whole lot of other options. There are affordable lodgings as well as luxurious resorts available to suit every type of traveller.

Kerala itinerary

What to do in Kerala

Kerala is diverse in every sense and creates unique experiences for the tourists who arrive here. One can visit the thriving port town of Kochi to look at the brightly painted houses and the oldest existing synagogues. Munnar is world-famous for beaches and tea plantations in South India. Alappuzha is home to famous backwaters of Kerala and is best experienced on a houseboat. Kovalam is the most popular beach destination.

Tourists can take a lazy ride on winding backwaters of Alleppey or cruise along the Periyar River. Explore the jungles of Periyar that are home to popular wildlife species like bison, sambars, langurs, and tigers. Enjoy the ancient form of storytelling through dance at the Kathakali Centre. Jatayu Earth Centre is also popular place to visit whilst in Kerela.

What to shop in Kerala

Kerala is not just a touristy place but is a haven for shopaholics too. Get ready for a great shopping experience here, and the first item on your list should be tea and coffee that can be obtained from local certified counters. Kerala spices are world-famous, and you must shop for those fresh spices like turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, and more. Banana chips and cashew nuts are amongst the most popular items, and other famous handicrafts include coconut and coir products as well as aroma oils.

What to eat in Kerala

There are many different local cuisines to try on your trip to Kerala, and some of the most popular with locals and tourists include Appam with Stew, Kerala Beef Fry, and Prawn Moilee. Appams are fluffy pancakes made of rice and served with meat and vegetable stew. Kerala beef fry is enjoyed with flakey Malabar paratha and Prawn moilee made from coconut and kokum is simply delicious.

There are a lot of other things to do, places to visit and other information which can make your Kerala experience memorable. Sites like eKerala Tourism have very comprehensive travel information to help you explore more information about Kerala.

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