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Joshua from Dive into Malaysia shares her cost of travel in Malaysia tips; focusing on Langkawi prices and including accommodation, travel, food and attraction expenses.

We know how hard it can be to budget and plan a trip to a new country. Prices online can vary and it can be hard to find a fixed range of prices for anything further than a hotel and flight. That is why we have created this Cost of Travel series where we ask travel experts and expats the travel costs and prices in their favourite countries and homes. 

The exchange rate at the time of publishing (November 2019): $1 USD = £0.77 = 4.14 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)


Introduction to Langkawi

Langkawi is a beautiful tropical island off the north-west coast of Malaysia. It is an easy place to visit with its own international airport. It’s a great place to enjoy nature with a gorgeous coastline and jungle interior and is well set up for tourists. Spend at least 3 days in Langkawi to have enough time to see the sights and relax.


Budget – MYR45-70

Mid-range – MYR100-450

Luxury – MYR650+

A lot of the price is determined by location so if you want beachfront, expect to pay more.

There are some fabulous luxury hotels in Langkawi. We love The Andaman which is located between a beautiful private beach and the jungle. You can read more about The Andaman here or the best resorts in Langkawi here.


Transport costs

The attractions in Langkawi are quite spread out for a small island and it’s hard to avoid needing taxis most of the time as there is not much in the way of public transport. Taxis do not work on meters and you should bargain the price before getting in. It’s easy to get a taxi and they are not expensive. However, the costs can add up.

Expect a taxi from the airport to the main tourist area at Pantai Cenang to cost about MYR18. For a day exploring the island, expect to pay MYR15-20.

You may be able to save money by hiring a motorbike or car which can have cheap daily rates (from MYR25) if you arrange once there.


Food and drink costs

You can eat street food for a few ringgit.

For a restuarant, expect to pay MYR15 for an inexpensive resturant, MYR50+ for a fancier restaurant. This is per person.


Activities and attractions

You can do the main activity for free – enjoying the beach!

However, there are also some great attractions like the popular SkyCab cable car which costs MYR55 or Underwater World which is MYR46.

It’s also popular to go island hopping which you can do for MYR60. You can find more attractions and their costs here – Things to do in Langkawi. 

You can buy a small bottle of water for MYR1. Alcohol is cheaper here than the rest of Malaysia thanks to being duty free and you can have a beer for MYR6.

Full of gorgeous destionations to explore, there are so many places to visit in Malaysia. Langkawi offers affordable luxury; perfect for couples and anyone looking to relax. We hope this Langkawi prices guide has helped you plan your next trip, let us know where you are travelling to in the comments below!

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Joshua blogs about everything Malaysia so you can plan your perfect trip at Dive Into Malaysia. He shares this guide on Langkawi prices – one of the best places to dive in Malaysia.
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    • Hi Dom,
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