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Taylor from What my eyes have seen tells us about her amazing adventures finding local jobs as you travel.Β 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work abroad?

Hello! My name is Taylor Johns; I started finding ways to work around the world at the age of 18. Now, I am 23, and it is the way that I always travel. I spend over half of every year doing work abroad and I really enjoy it!

Why did you decide to work around the world?

I initially decided to because I wanted to participate in long-term travel but I didn’t have money saved that I could live off of. I enjoy having a task or something to focus on as well so it seemed like the perfect option for me to start doing.

It sounds like you have worked in so many places, where has been your favourite place to live?

It is hard to choose a favourite honestly; every place has something to teach you and incredible people to meet. The place that surprised me the most was a small, beachside town in Northern Ireland called Portrush. I fell madly in love with the town and all of the people there.

I think that the people can really make an experience go from good to life changing; I am even planning my trip back to visit now!

What is your favourite role?

I enjoy both manual labors along with roles that allow me to interact with others. My favorites have probably been receptionist positions at hotels and being a farm hand.

How did you find and apply for these jobs?

I typically use a program called Help Exchange [] which is a network of people who exchange a helping hand for room and board. I like this because there is anything from working with a family in their home, to farm work, or helping to run a business.

I also will search the internet on volunteer opportunities in the cities and areas I plan to visit and then contact them. Ultimately I spend hours researching before I commit to anything.

How easy was it to get a working visa?

None of the opportunities I have had have *required* a work visa because I am not getting paid money for the work. It is more of a host family situation that you are helping and they are hosting. I cannot say that this is always going to work for everyone as it depends strongly on the situation but I typically enter on a tourism visa.

What are some of the perks about working around the world?

The biggest perk for me is the option to have a more authentic experience by staying for a longer time. You also get more integrated in the community, have an opportunity to learn some of the local language, and ultimately feel like you are giving back to the community you are living in.

What are some of the challenges about working around the world??

As with any job, it can still be hard to feel motivated to go and do big touristic things after working. Sometimes you are tired but feel like you should be going to do and see big things because you are somewhere different. Plus, it is also not just a fun holiday experience, it is still work, and sometimes you will miss out on events and such. I don’t look at these things as negatives though because ultimately you get to spend a longer time there and can have many unplanned incredible experiences.

What did a typical day look like in some of these roles?

How long you work in a day/week varies greatly on the individual opportunity and what you arrange. I have worked anywhere from 4 hours a day to full 8 hour days. Then, once you have your free time, you can use the time for yourself or to go explore. Typically I don’t wander too far before and after meals so I can assist in meal prep and clean up as I usually eat with my hosts.

What are some of your best travel moments?

Hmm, I think I could fill a book of my great travel moments! For the sake of you I will not write extensively but here is just a few;

  • Doing yoga and watching the sunset over the sea in Greece.
  • Taking cooking classes in Cambodia.
  • Studying Italian language in Italy.
  • Bathing Elephants in the river in Thailand.
  • Singing songs with a classroom of children in Vietnam.
  • Playing football with the children in Kenya.
  • Pub hopping in Northern Ireland and making friends.
  • Skipping across Abbey Road in England.
  • Herding goats on a farm in Oregon, USA.
  • Visiting coffee farms in Costa Rica.

What advise would you give to others who want to work and travel?

First I would say, do it!

Trust me, if I can do it than so can you. I left for 8 months with $400 [US Dollars] in my bank account to work in Europe. As long as you have a good work ethic, are easy going enough to get along with people who are different than you, and have a desire; you can do it. I would also say to do your research.

It is like committing to a new job, really come to an agreement of expectations before you give them your word. If you have any questions or want my input, you can always email me!

Thank you Taylor for sharing your experiences working around the world in local jobs.

Any questions or comments, leave them in the comments below! Thinking about giving back whilst you travel? Read this post about animal volunteering in Southeast Asia.

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local jobs as you travel
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  1. Thats one way to travel responsibly and that too long term. If you are not looking at earning anything, and all you need is to gain authentic experiences, then there is nothing better than what Taylor has been doing.

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