Making Monkey Online: Get Cash back every time you spend online. TopCashBack Review.

When planning your travels, everyone looks for ways to making money online. By using TopCashBack, you can get money back every time you spend and buy something online.

TopCashBack is available in the UK and USA

What is Cashback and how does it work?

Cashback is literally when you get a percentage of the cash you paid for an item back via a cashback website. Every time you buy something online, you first find that website on a cashback site such as TopCashBack and use their link to get to that website. For example, if Katie wanted to buy a £30 bag from Accessorize then she would find the website on TopCashBack on the website. At time of writing this, Accessorize is listed on TopCashBack UK offering 5.5% cash back. Once purchasing the item, she would then receive 5.5% of £30 (approx £1.65) in the next few weeks.


How much can I make?

£1.65 may not sound like much but if you are buying things online anyway, then why not use it! Before heading to America the first time, I had made around £200 on the website, perfect for extra spending money! We used this website when booking all our flights and hotels for Asia as well as any online holiday clothes we bought and signed up for our travel card via TopCashBack. By doing this, we had extra cash (around £600!) to splurge on two nights in The Venetian Macau.

Why do they give cashback?

Cashback sites use affiliate links to gain a percentage back on purchases made via their links. The money they get is then passed on to you!

  • TopCashback is the UK’s #1 most generous cashback site. Get more cashback from us than anywhere else.


What to remember when using TopCashBack and other cashback websites?

  • Cashback can take some time to track and become available so don’t spend money you don’t have, thinking the cash will be in your bank account soon.
  • Some sites include a threshold that you must reach before you can withdraw any money. TopCashBack don’t have a threshold.
  • Cashback is NOT always guaranteed. Think of it as a bonus not a guarantee.
  • If your cashback isn’t tracked, this can be chased up by some websites. TopCashBack have helped track, contact and claim all of our purchases that weren’t tracked properly.
  • Buy from the website where your product is cheapest rather than the website that offers the biggest cashback. For example, if a pair of headphones is cheaper on Amazon than it would be on a website once the cash back percentage is off, then go with Amazon. If the items are similar price on both sites, then go for the website that has a link on the cashback site.
  • Avoid storing too much cash on a website. Some people suggest that you should withdraw as soon as you reach threshold but personally, I trust TopCashBack to save money up for some time then withdraw every 6-8 months.
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TopCashBack Review

There are several cashback websites but TopCashBack is an international company that have worldwide websites. We have found that this site have the most companies listed for cashback and also include a great sign up offer.

You get a monthly statement to keep you up-to-date with your earnings.

You can withdraw your cashback in cash to your bank account or PayPal or you can get even more money back (up to 5%) when you withdraw your cashback in vouchers. If you find that you are using TopCashBack a lot, then you can choose to pay £5 (or equivalent depending on your location) to get even more cash back on each purchase. To make it even better, they have also started offering cash back for certain in-store purchases.

We have used TopCashBack for many years now. Recently, the money saved over the past year allowed me to upgrade my camera to a Canon 80D DLSR. I purchased that via the TopCashBack website and got back £26.77, of which we have now saved and will withdraw as cash before our next trip.

Use our link to sign up and start earning cashback today!

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