McDonald's around the world

The famous Golden Arches offer a variety of unusual items across the globe and here is a taste of McDonald’s around the world.

We are travellers that love to try authentic local dishes BUT when we arrive late at night, have a delayed flight or want an easy meal, we head straight to a McDonalds.

It is not something everyone likes and in fact, we have met a handful of people who have strong views against this food chain. However, when you’re on the road, Maccy D’s is a cheap and convenient meal for most.

It doesn’t have to be boring either! Whilst travelling Asia, our eyes were open to some of the different and unusual food items that can be found on the menu.

Here is some of the different McDonald menu items from around the world.


Hong Kong branches offer twisty pastas with various meat plonked on top of it along with a random egg.

McDonald's around the world
McDonald's around the world


India adds it’s spice to the classic burger with potatoes and peas for good measure.


Philippines offers an ice cream covered with a crispy ube shell.

Mcdonalds around the world
McDonald's around the world


Australia love to cover their fries in stuff! From Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream to Truffle Mayo and Parmesan – I may need to sample these when we visit Australia!


I am a massive fan of Halloumi so having it in a muffin sounds amazing, thank you Saudi Arabia! 

McDonald's around the world
McDonald's around the world


Get to a McDonalds in Thailand before 11am to get yourself a Chicken Porridge for breakfast!

McDonald's around the world


Known for being a healthy chocolate milk, Ovomaltine is thrown into ice cream to make this McFlurry.



This may sound pretty normal for those in the US but for us English Folk, Poutine is unusual and the fact you can get it in a Canadian McDonalds is pretty awesome!

McDonald's around the world
McDonald's around the world


These can be found in a selection of European countries. What’s not to love about a Toastie.


France offers up a delicious looking burger on ciabatta bread with Fourme d’ Ambert cheese and onions.

McDonald's around the world
McDonald's around the world


Head to New Zealand to try a Georgie Pie made up of minced steak and cheese!


Indulge with a triple burger in South Africa or get a Mega Mac if you’re feeling extra hungry! You can also get a triple jalapeños chicken burger too!

McDonald's around the world
McDonald's around the world


Taro-root filling in the apple pie crust is served in China, Thailand and over areas of Asia.


Malaysia offers chicken strips in porridge with spring onions, ginger, fried shallots and chilies… May have to try this when we next head to Malaysia.

McDonald's around the world
McDonald's around the world


Pretty self explanatory, a burger made out of shrimp sold in Korea – YES PLEASE!


Don’t fancy a bun? In Greece, you can order a Greek-Mac – burger in pitta bread.

McDonald's around the world
McDonald's around the world


Another delicious item from Europe, I may have to jump on the Eurostar this weekend just to try this bad boy!


Found in Mexico, McMolletes are an open faced muffin with refried beans, salsa and of course cheese.

McDonald's around the world
McDonald's around the world


Named after the Portuguese sandwich, the McBifana is a favourite in Portugal. You can also purchase a variety of soups and creams.


These are not available all year but China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan occasionally sell these on special promotions. The black bun is said to be made of squid ink but when UK’s Burger King introduced this burger over Halloween, it was a BBQ flavoured bun.

McDonald's around the world
McDonald's around the world


Available in the Netherlands and Belgium, the McKroket includes a kroket with mustard sauce.


Translated to green rice, Peru offer a few rice dishes with various vegetables.

McDonald's around the world
McDonald's around the world


Another favourite from the Philippines, a piece of chicken wrapped in spaghetti.


South Korea offers this burger, influenced by the Korean dish of Bulgogi. You can also find Churros on the dessert menu!

McDonald's around the world

At time of writing, these were all currently available to purchase. Have you discovered and tried any other different and unusual McDonald items around the world? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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  1. I am from Holland. If you want to try a kroket, please dont try the MacKroket. Much better in a local snackbar

    • Thanks for the heads up Ellis!! I will stick to the local restaurants and cafes! 🙂

  2. Indian McDonalds is my favourite McDonalds in the whole world! SO MANY veggie options, but the Aloo Tikki is actually one of the more tame. My favourite over there was the veggie version of the Maharaja Mac: 2 Veggie patties separated with cheese, jalapenos, a bit of salad and the nicest spicy sauce I’ve ever had at a fast food restaurant.
    In my defence I spent 4 months in the country so was allowed a bit of relief from the local food every once in a while 😉

    • Oh I haven’t heard of the veggie Maharaja Mac! Will definitely try that! and McDonalds is always allowed when you’re travelling! 😉 (at least I think so!)

  3. I must admit I love McDonalds in Paris – its like a gourmet version!! It always sounds fab and usually tastes great too! We ate at McDonalds when we stayed in Bergen in Norway – it was literally the only affordable food! At least you know you wont starve when there is a McDonalds around!!

    • Yeah it is a great option if you are on a budget!! It saved us quite a bit in America when we were running out of cash!

  4. Haha I love this post! I think the item I REALLY want to try is those fries in Australia. I had the poutine here and it wasn’t what I was expecting… Aussie fries covered in stuff looks so much better (and bigger)! I grew up in Taiwan so when we moved to Canada I was a little disappointed at the food selection here. My fave was dipping fries in the corn soup- so yummy!

    • I had them the other day… they are sadly a bit disappointing.
      I used to sample Maccas around the world when I first started travelling. My favourites were the macarons in Europe (before they’d made their way to Australia) and a blueberry pie in Japan. Yum.

      • Oh yes the Macarons are always nice, we don’t get them in the UK so always a nice treat when we pop over to Paris!

    • Yeah we tried Poutine and it is definitely a required taste!!

  5. McDonald’s is perfect whilst traveling, clean, free toilets, free WiFi. I also find it interesting what they serve in each country but usually stick with the quarter pounder or chicken nuggets set! The only downside to McDonald’s is that it makes you fat!

    • Haha yes that is a downside but when you are trekking around a new city a treat every now and then isn’t too bad!

  6. It’s such a foodilicious read. I am a big fan of McDonalds and always try its regional dishes. Out of all the things i really liked their McAllo tikki burger and Ube ice cream.

    • I definitely want to try that ice cream! just love the colour!!

  7. I have agree! When I’m on a budget backpacking trip McD pretty much fits the bill. However being a veggie, sometimes I end up not finding a single vegetarian option in the whole menu. Happened in France! I got so irritated. All I could get were salad and fries! However I loved the Italian version with a thick slice of scamorza cheese, it was just sooo good.
    My own Indian versions are definitely yummm with tons of options.The Saudi version sounds good too.

    • Ahh so annoying! I use to be a veggie and in the UK we have Veggie patties that are just NOT NICE! yeah I imagine India and Saudi Arabi have lots of veggie options! 🙂

  8. I’ve always stepped into a mcdonald’s to look for these items but I’ve never actually tried! There always seems to be a better meal elsewhere. In Singapore they have seasonal items like a beef prosperity burger with curly fries available around Chinese New Year, it’s a black pepper patty in a long bun, it’s actually quite delicious!!

    • Oh sound interesting!!!

  9. I would like to eat the porridge from Thailand and Malaysia. They both look savory and infused with Asian spices. The ciabatta bread with cheese from France looks a bit fancy. I would like to try that one too.

  10. The chicken porridge really threw me haha, never seen something like that before! I am from South Africa and I have never tried the mcdonalds boerie burger but I have had the boerewors ( not sure if you know what this is, it’s sausage ) patties from Woolworths and it was quite nice. The chips with everything looks yummy though!

    • Haha I will have to try the Boerewors burger!!!

  11. Mc Donald’s is my guilty pleAsure! Lol. I don’t eat there often but I do crave it from time to time. You’ve made me miss the chicken spaghetti meal in the Philippines!

    • Haha is it nice?! It is on my list to try! 🙂

  12. TBh some of these look damn good. Like that Georgia Pie?! Wtf, that looks amazing. I’m not above admitting that after 4 months in South America we started going to American fast food restaurants for “research” to find out what weird foods were served there (and also because they were the only things open on Sundays!!) so this post is totally up our alley!

    • Haha yeah it can be a mini savour when nothing else is open! Maccy D’s is my ‘go-to’ option if we have a late night too!

  13. I don’t frequent McDonalds but I love the halloumi sandwich idea and would probably get it more than once haha! Halloumi is my favorite! Your article is so much fun to read.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Grace, the Halloumi does look good 🙂

  14. THIS IS INCREDIBLE. McDonald’s is my saviour abroad – clean, cheap, free wifi, clean bathrooms, open early/late. I can’t wait to search and try more of these tasty food items. Thanks so much for this post – that Halloumi burger will be forever in my dreams until I can visit Saudi Arabia <3

    • HAHA yes Kimberly that Halloumi burger sounds sooooo good!

  15. Wow, I never knew Mc Donalds has such variation in each country. The chicken porridge sounds a strange combo.

  16. I actually used to have like a deal with myself that i’d try McDonalds in every country that I visited but as I grew older I got a bit worried about how unhealthy it was. Nevertheless, this post is so cool! McArabia is also in Egypt!! 🙂

  17. Hahaaaaa! Travelled with a guy for the day in Kolkata, India who just had to try the Big Mac there! Never really thought about what a craze it is for people to check out McDonalds around the world but the bucket list is clearly real

  18. This is so entertaining! I avoid fast food when overseas but ended up going into the Pisa McDonalds cause I needed something quick before the train and was amazed at their automatic order machines haha you put in your order there and just go to the counter to pick it up, had not seen that before!

  19. I have to say, I never go to Mc Donals’s when I travel but you have some interesting finds here. McShrimp interested me the most 🙂 Did you try some of these?

    • We have tried some and no doubt will try the rest when we visit these places! Yeah McShrimp looks pretty good!

    • Sounds like heaven!! 🙂

  20. I really love the McArabia. They also had a chicken teriyaki in Macau that I loved.

    • Yes we tried that and it was pretty darn good!

  21. I always enjoy reading about the different menu items McDonald’s offers around the world! I have tried sakura fries in Japan – they were quite tasty!

    • oh will have to check them out!!

  22. Wow, I didn’t know that McDonalds had so many different types of dishes. I’d love to try some of these out.

  23. Wow! I had no idea Mickey D’s had so much variety around the world. Growing up in the US, I’ve been strongly opposed to eating at McDonalds from a pretty young age – ever since I got food poisoning there in middle school – but I would love to try some of these. The porridge dishes actually look pretty healthy. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I remember stopping into a McDonald’s in Hawaii and they had a SPAM burger on the menu! So crazy to see the variety of local specialties under the golden arches.

  25. Okay that Greek-Mac is something worth trying! The Hong Kong one is a bit effy, dont think I would give that a try!

  26. I had no idea there was such a varied international McDonalds menu. I quite fancy a McShrimp burger! Thanks for sharing this on #MondayEscapes

  27. I recently tried the MegaMuffin in Japan because I thought it was so ridiculous. Definitely enough for 2 meals!

  28. I think it’s pretty cool that there are different foods at Macca’s depending on what country you’re in but you’re still able to order the staples. I love the fries in Australia. They change out the stuff that goes on it each season. Prior to the gravy and the truffle topped ones there was a guacamole one!

  29. MY fiancé is from Saudi Arabia and he always talks about how much he enjoys McDonalds back home versus the United States. He’s even mentioned that exact sandwich! I’m not much of a McDonald’s fan but id like to try the Phillipines dipped ice cream and Canadian fries.

  30. Amazing post, love it! I remember when I went to Japan for the first time (I was 15) we stopped in at McDonalds and were totally obsessed with the different flavors of drinks – purple fanta and the like. Pretty sure I also ate a reindeer burger at a McDonalds in the arctic circle in Finland one time!

  31. This is awesome!
    My husband and I always eat a Big Mac and a local sandwich every place we go hahaha
    In Brazil there’s also a banana pie along with the usual apple pie. It’s delicious!

    • Banana pie sounds awesome! We have just moved to Thailand where they do a double big mac! 🙂

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