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Best things to do in Michigan in Summer

Best things to do in Michigan in Summer

Michigan is a great destination and we share the best things to do in Michigan in Summer, so you can plan the perfect summer vacation.

Why Michigan?

Are you thinking to go to a beach to enjoy a relaxing and comforting beachfront gateway in summer? Stop pondering and start reading more about the beautiful lake Michigan holiday destination spots.

There are plenty of beaches in Lake Michigan to select from and exhilarate yourself within the bounty of nature. These places have the heart and soul of several mitten dwellers as the strong sunshine and the magnificence of the waves lapping on the lakeshore recreate the vacation trip. 

Whether you are searching for a cozy place with sun, sand, or waves, a camping adventure, or a trip to vineyards, these places keep you covered. From the stunning Pictured Rocks Nationals Lakeshore park to the iconic Lake Michigan, there is plenty of beautiful places to explore. You can easily find your summer gateway around the lakeshore of Michigan. 

Michigan in the Summer

Saugatuck or Douglas Oval Beach

Douglas or Saugatuck is one of the most beautiful spots to be visited on a vacation to Michigan. If you want to spend a memorable spot on a beach, you must visit Pristine Oval Beach. It has been exclaimed as one of the finest beaches across the nation.

Travel magazines, TV shows, and other tourist guides make the spot an avid visiting place and an apt destination for beach-goers. While your tour, you can visit Douglas’s cafes, plan a picnic, visit the beachside accommodations, and roam about the place. 

The place has no shortage of accommodations and is filled with hotels, campgrounds, and B&Bs. There is a collection of wineries, restaurants, breweries, and cideries to enthrall you with new experiences and refresh your taste buds. The place is perfect for beach trips, parties, special events, winery tours, shopping, and beautiful sights. 

Michigan in Summer

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

The Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Michigan are a must-see, unique, and one of the most extraordinary sites of Lake Michigan. The place is ensconced around Michigan’s dense forests and is located towards the peak of the lower peninsula. It is among the most beautiful natural wonders and approaches its tourists with breathtaking views. 

The lake spreads around acres of high sand dunes situated between Lake Michigan and Silver Lake. the place quenches your thirst for adventures and quirks it off not only with beautiful sites but also with an entertaining touch to it. Plenty of online casinos are available around Michigan. It creates a gaming space for the tourists as well while they are done fulfilling their thirst for beauty. Here in Silver Lake, you can satisfy your desire for exploration. The place is perfect for beach trips, camping, hiking, and new adventurous experiences. 

Michigan in Summer

South Haven 

If you are searching for an isolated, secluded spot in Lake Michigan, South Haven is the perfect beach spot for you. It has acres of forests, dozens of parks, miles of flowing sandy beaches, and unlimited hiking trails. South Haven is an ideal spot for seeking various outdoor activities. You can easily take a stroll through the beauty of South Haven, and grasp a good lunch or dinner while heading over to the nearby beaches with your friends and family to relax for some time. 

If you are hunting for a remote gateway visit the Nature Preserve or the Pilgrim Haven Natural Zone. the place also offers a collection of B&Bs, restaurants, breweries, wineries, hotels, historic sites, and museums for indoor enjoyment as well. The exquisite beauty is perfect for camping, beach trips, hiking, brewery, or winery tours. 

Michigan in Summer


Muskegon is extremely popular as a Lake Michigan destination spot for friends and family outdoor trips – for cyclers, runners, and hikers. If you have extended your vacation or are deciding to do so, Muskegon lends a wide variety of activities to keep your group engaged and entertained.

Michigan’s water and amusement park is an exciting zone for families and is an amazing way to spend time together and stroll through various restaurants, and breweries, and go shopping with your friends. 

The town is excellently crafted with beauty and visitors often like to wander around the roads. History itself comes down to Muskegon’s museums and historic sites as an embodiment of exquisite beauty. You can spend their day outdoors at Muskegon’s beaches, and mountain biking pathways, and create recreational miles of memories. The place is perfect for beach trips, theme park trips, outdoor adventures, and family tours. 

The summers in Michigan are here. It’s time to enjoy the beautiful state with all its nature prospects, lakes, and beaches thrilling it up. You are here so you must have already decided on your summer vacation destination to Lake Michigan.

Whether you are on the voyage to a short summer trip or a long vacation, these places are the best for you.  

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