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Best Minimalist travel accessories for 2022

Best Minimalist travel accessories for 2022

Planning a trip & want to keep your packing to a minimum? We share the best minimalist travel accessories for 2022, so you can pack with ease.

Regardless of what type of traveler you are though, there is forever one thing that never changes: The need for travel gears and accessories.

No issue how much is in your suitcase and no issue how light you pack, the best trips need the best mix of gear and gadgets.

Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, planning a vacation with your family, or jetting off on a solo journey, the packaging list varies from trip to trip. But some of the best travel accessories never change and should be packed on any abroad or national trip.

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Why are travel accessories so vital?

Travel accessories are generally underestimated but they are a vital part of traveling. For example, you can travel to the other side of the globe but if you do not have a universal adapter, you would not be capable to charge your phone and other gadgets.

On the other hand, the best standard backpack will keep you relaxed while you are walking around town or hiking in the mountains. You should also get a powerful, well-made pair of boots to save your feet from the elements and give support during long days on your feet.

And do not forget about packing some travel toiletries like shampoo, soap, and sanitizer.

Minimalist travel accessories

Why minimalist travel accessories?

Travelling can be stressful as it is but for many, it is also a huge expense. Minimalist packing is a great way to reduce the stress and price; having less to carry makes travel around between destinations considerably easier but also helps you save money on flights and other forms of transport. 

Backpacking is almost like a rite of passage for many twenty-somethings who are eager to explore the world but no one wants to be carrying heavy, bulky travel accessories with them. The following suggestions are small, essential items that will come in handy no matter where you are in the world. 

Minimalist travel accessories

What should be added in a travel kit?

A travel kit is a range of items that will be extremely convenient and helpful when traveling.

There are many types of travel kits, such as sewing kits for making fast repairs to garments while on the road, and toiletry kits when items are required for basic hygiene. I personally love these foldable travel kits that can store all your persona. hygiene products then fold up when you are moving to your next hotel. These are also great if you are staying in hostels and have a shared shower. 

Other than hygiene, you can also add other items to your travel kit such as a rubber stopper, a flashlight, laundry supplies, a collapsible mug, or even some electrolyte powder.

Finally, some precautionary objectives, such as Advil or paracetamol tablets, or vomit bag, and an antibiotic ointment will definitely come in handy during your travels.

Best minimal travel accessories you need for any trip

The following includes the best travel gear in 2022 you should consider taking on your next trip.

N95 face mask

People who suffer from asthma, allergens, and chronic respiratory ailments may find that an N95 face mask can be the best choice when traveling. These masks filter out at least 95 percent of allergens, bacteria, and germs from the air to permit the wearer to breathe easily.

Also, during the pandemic, a face mask has been mandatory in lots of areas. If you travel to certain countries or cities, a face mask may be required, so, having the best standard N95 will back you up.

Power bank

Just like a data plan, having a sufficient battery on your phone is very important when traveling, no issue the place. Also, it is extremely convenient to have with you when going to a location where power might not be plentiful or accessible.

For example, if you are traveling to some islands in the Indonesia or Philippines, power may not be accessible during the night and a power bank and Baton 3 Rechargeable EDC Flashlight will quickly become your best friend.

Most vitally, if you are traveling on an overnight train and you have problems with the plug or charger, a portable charger is what you want.

Travel pillow

Travel pillows are lightweight, soft cushions that are used when traveling. Travel pillows are made of sponge with a back-strap that covers around your neck and then you can lean your head against it when you need to take a break or get some sleep while traveling.

You can travel pillows for relaxing or reading. They are also supportive in sealing little areas when traveling because it gives padding on hard areas like airplane windows and seats.

If you experience stiff muscles, back pain, neck pain, or fibromyalgia – these pillows give support and comfort.


If used rightly, a Bacon 3 rechargeable Flashlight can be the best tool for personal safety and defense. During night travels, a flashlight sometimes becomes your only source of power. At times, not all roads or parking lots are well lit. Without an extra source of light, finding your vehicle might be a misery. At the same time, walking back to where you parked in the dark is also a big issue.

Before you travel, you must be prepared for any type of emergency. Power blackouts are one of the things you always ignore, yet it often happens in several parts of the globe. Power may go out while you are in a car, hotel room, or any other area.

Mosquito repellent

The advantages of mosquito repellent are famous. Definitely, other than being annoying, mosquitoes can cause issues during travel that will force you to stay in bed or even go to the hospital. For example, it generally takes about 3 weeks to recover from malaria after contracting it.

Having mosquito repellent while traveling is one way to save oneself from being bitten by mosquitoes, which are carriers of yellow fever, malaria, zika virus, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and many other diseases. We love repellent bracelets, these prevent you from getting bitten and are easy to throw on before you venture outside.

Having this protection not just keeps you safe but also those around you.

Money belt

Money belts are necessary for every person that is traveling overseas to save their passport, money, and their personal items. 

You could get robbed if you don’t carry your items close to you and this is why it is vital to have your credit cards, cash and documents stored safely.

So, as you can view there are lots of accessories out there that can be truly helpful on your travels abroad or in your home country. I guarantee you that these accessories will make all the difference when you are on the road.

I hope you found this page helpful and if you have any issues at all, please feel to comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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