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Most BEAUTIFUL cities in SPAIN

Most BEAUTIFUL cities in SPAIN

Planning a trip to Spain? We share the most beautiful cities in Spain so that you can plan the perfect trip to this gorgeous country.

Spain nestles most of the most beautiful cities in Europe– metropolitan cities, cultural and historical sites, and cities with stunning coastlines that are home to dreamy beaches. 

From 2022 onwards, US citizens traveling to Spain will need to obtain ETIAS for non-EU citizens seeking to enter the Schengen zone. 

The most beautiful cities in Spain

Most beautiful cities in Spain


The list of the most beautiful cities in Spain would be incomplete without mentioning the country’s capital, Madrid. Many people ignore Madrid as just another Cosmopolitan city, which is true. However, it is one of the most stunning destinations in Spain that you should not miss. It is a more expensive city in the country so make sure to budget your trip using this Madrid Price Guide.

Beautiful Madrid, city in Spain

Rich History, architecture, culture, food, and shopping markets – all of these entice visitors from all over the world. Visit the Royal Palace of Madrid, which is home to Spain’s Royal Family. Explore Plaza Mayor, the 16th-century former main square of the old town, a spacious open space, a popular hangout for locals. If you are an ardent art lover, visit the city’s Golden Triangle of art—the Prado, the Reina Sofia, and the Thyssen Bornemisza. Visit Gran Via or the historic flea market El Rastro, great places to shop in Madrid.

Barcelona museum Most beautiful cities in Spain


Barcelona is a visual treat from every angle. The city has it all—from the white-sand beaches of Barceloneta to the cactus-strewn hills of Parc de Montjuic. Barcelona, located in northern Catalonia, is one of the most visited cities in Spain, boasting over five million (and growing) visitors from all over the world.

There are numerous things to see and do in Barcelona to fit it all into a single list as well as plenty of hidden gems in Barcelona. Paying respect to the iconic Sagrada Familia, admiring the interior of the opulent Palau de la Musica, strolling down the leafy Las Ramblas, and shopping at the vibrant La Boqueria market are among the highlights.

Córdoba Most beautiful cities in Spain


Córdoba manifests all the beauty and brilliance of Andalusia, one of Spain’s most culturally vibrant regions, with more UNESCO Sites than any other city in Europe. The city is famous for its magnificent Moorish architecture, which includes the one and only Mezquita Catedral. This iconic candy-striped arched mosque church is one of Cordoba’s four World Heritage Sites and a must-see.

The historic center of Cordoba, the Medina-Azahara, a vast palace-city on the city’s western verge, and the Festival de Los Patios, the annual spring festival that honors Cordoba’s courtyards, is also culturally significant. Numerous churches, including the Mezquita, have been converted from mosques, giving the city a unique architectural synergy.

malaga canyons Most beautiful cities in Spain


Malaga is located in southern Spain on the Costa del Sol, one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Like the other cities in the region, Malaga has a strong Moorish influence in its architecture and culture.

Because of Malaga’s seaside location, you can easily combine a beach trip with sightseeing and learning about local history. Visit the Alcazaba, an 8th-century fortress that overlooks the city. A trip to Malaga would be incomplete without a day at the beach. If you want some of the best swimming and sunbathing opportunities, head to nearby beach cities, Marbella or Nerja. Take a day trip to Competa or Frigiliana, the most well-known white villages, for breathtaking views.

Valencia viewpoint


Valencia, one of the beautiful Spanish cities known for its colors, is one of the beautiful cities facing the Mediterranean Sea in the southeast. Valencia is well-known for its rich historical past and its bustling port lined with gorgeous beaches and museums.

The Silk Exchange, a UNESCO World Heritage site from the 15th century, and the La Lonja de la Seda and Valencia Cathedral are excellent examples of grand Gothic architecture. Explore Valencia’s Central Market, which is known for its art nouveau design, as well as the unique City of Arts and Sciences, which houses one of the world’s largest planetariums and an Oceanarium.

San Sebastian Most beautiful cities in Spain

San Sebastian

San Sebastian, a well-known resort town on Spain’s northern coast in the Basque Country, was once a haven for the wealthy. Despite this, it has become a popular destination for families, couples, and singles to have fun, particularly in the summer, as the city is home to many stunning beaches and cliff beds.

Many resorts line the beaches, making it an ideal destination for a quick weekend trip to Spain. Don’t miss the wide range of Spanish and Mediterranean culinary delights, especially seafood delicacies and a wide range of wines. Visit the lovely Playa de la Concho beach, where you can engage in various water activities, including surfing. Another popular spot for relaxation is La Concha Bay.

Zaragoza cathedral


Beautiful Zaragoza, located in the northeast, is one of Spain’s most underrated cities. It is not only historically and architecturally significant, but it also has some of the best food in the country. 

Zaragoza is known for its river, the Ebro, which runs through the city center and is crossed by several beautiful bridges. The city is also well-known for its museums. The Educational Museum of Origami is a must-visit attraction in this Spanish city. 

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