Most instagrammable destinations in the world

Penang, Malaysia

I think Penang is the most Instagrammable destinations as there are diverse pieces of art scattered all across the city. Not just street art at the Old Town, but Penang Hill, street food markets, colonial style buildings around the Esplanade and the city’s whacky museums are worth a capture too.

Lyf and Spice


As a resident of this beautiful city, Karen shares the best instagrammable locations in Amsterdam. 

There are so many picturesque, gorgeous areas around Amsterdam that you have to explore on foot to fully enjoy. Easy to navigate, there are some awesome hostels in Amsterdam and so many things to see and do, including these awesome Amsterdam hidden gems.


Seychelles is an Island located off the east coat of Africa, known for its beautiful tropical beaches and gorgeous landscapes. For me Seychelles is one of my Top Instagrammable destinations, due hundreds of beaches that you can photograph or one of it’s many islands you can visit. Seychelles is a true beach lovers tropical paradise and a picture perfect destination.



With it’s gorgeous architecture and beautiful river running straight through the city, Paris is a Instagrammers dream. It is also an incredibly romantic place to visit with that special someone and offers some of the best food in the world. 

St Petersburgh

Saint Petersburg, Russia is one of the most beautiful cities, known as  ‘Venice of North’. The city is which is surrounded by beautiful Palaces, Cathedrals & museums makes it one of the picture-perfect destination.

Roam on ur own


Bali an Island in Indonesia, my second most Instagrammable destination, the beauty of the landscape is totally stunning from sweeping rice-fields, to volcanoes, to  temples that are hundred’s of years old and not forgetting the creative arts on display all over the island and numerous waterfalls and beaches, Bali is a photographers dream.

United Arab Emirates

One of my favourite places for shots during sunrise and sunset are the United Arab Emirates. I took the first picture in Dibba, Fujairah early morning before a swim in the warm ocean. In the second picture, I caught the sunset after climbing up a mountain in Ras-al-Khaimah.


Zambales, Philippines

Anawangin Cove is a secluded beach in Zambales, Philippines and the only way to reach it is either by trekking Mount Pundaquit or by taking a boat ride from Brgy. San Antonio. There is no accommodations in the beach but you can pitch your tent in a large camping site. This is why the beach is less crowded and the rock formations makes for beautiful photos and what’s makes the place one of the most instagrammable beaches in the country.

Ten Thousand Strangers

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is such a diverse and exciting city that you can get all types of incredible shots. Admire the cityscape from high or photograph the bustling streets and temples in this city of contrast. 

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Trinidad, Cuba

Trinidad is this perfect mix of tourism and authentic Cuban experience. Established 500 years ago and sustained by the sugar plantations in the 18th and 19th centuries, it has something for everybody: history, nature, cuisine, culture.


The Greek island of Santorini is a wonderfully instagrammable destination because of its characteristic blue and white coloured buildings. These colours complement the surrounding sea and sky beautifully, giving you a unique panorama. The high vantage point of Oia, in particular, gives you great photo opportunities of the entire caldera.

Helene Choo

So these are our picks, what is yours? Where is the most picture perfect place you have visited? Let us know in the comments below!

Any questions, experiences and comments – leave them below! 🙂

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Most instagrammable Destinations in the world
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  1. I love this blog, so much of vivid information, looking forward to more!

  2. Brilliant post idea! And amazing contributions as well (thanks for including mine!). Makes me want to visit every single one of these places:) I’m particularly intrigued by St. Petersburg, I love the esthetic of cathedrals!

  3. Such a beautiful compilation. All the gorgeous places of the world in one frame. Happy to be a part of it. 🙂 Cheers!!

  4. Wow lovely collections, I love those photos around the world. It just makes us united where ever we are. lovely post!

  5. I can see why these are the most Instagrammed places omg so beautiful !!!!

  6. Amazing collection. I loved the idea of collaboration. I would love to visit all these places sometime soon.

  7. Yes completely agree with all these places. Especially Bali! So beautiful and so much happening there. China on a good day without pollution is a great place too

  8. What a shame, I went to Kuala Lumpur but not to PENANG… I’ve also done Havana and Veradero but not Trinidad, Cuba. I may be missing out

  9. Wow LOVE those images! Those places are definitely instagrammable – the seychelles is top of my list!

  10. Amazing collection of photos thanks for sharing most famous instagrammable destination in the world.

  11. I am in love with your photos! Great article with excellent photo work…very inspirational. Thank you!

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