Moving to China: August Monthly Summary 2017

This month was all about moving to China! Well actually, by the 2nd of August we were in our new apartment, so this month has been all about living in China. And it has been amazing! Not a single day has passed where I haven’t inwardly chuckled and thought “only in China”.

What’s up?

So, we moved! Did I mention that?

Our flight was quick and painless (partly due to the large sums of cider we drank pre-flight) and a school driver was ready for us at the other end, whisking us off to our new home. Our apartment is lovely, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a very spacious living and dining room – one happy Katie!

Our first week was a blur, we got lost trying to find the supermarket on the first day and ended up stuck in a thunderstorm. I thought Englands rain was bad – I will never complain again!

Our second week here was full of induction stuff with my new school. They took us to a Metro store (a cash and carry type store, similar to Macro in the UK), where we stocked up on beer, Tequila, Coke Zero and Milka chocolate – yes, our priorities are sorted.

We also experienced Ikea in China – a place where the locals gather, rest and even sleep every bed, sofa and chair they can find. One gentleman was literally under the duvet, shoes and socks off, fast asleep! They were also going crazy over those Swedish meatballs that tasted nothing like the fantastic balls in the UK. The cafe was honestly busier than the rest of the place, which is saying something! Keep an eye out, we are going to head back to Ikea and film it for an upcoming vlog.

We had lots of boring and long induction stuff, like going to a hospital and get blood tests over a post office style counter and sitting in a mobile phone shop for hours on end. Or going into a police registration office with a foyer drenched in the smell of urine. Only in China!

The past two weeks I have been teaching. I have a class of 16 children and they are pretty awesome! My teaching assistant is just AMAZING – she magically gets everything done so quickly and hasn’t stopped helping me. She taught me how to order grocery shopping online so we didn’t have to drag heavy bags from Carrefour back to the apartment – a whole 12 minute walk but a real struggle in 30 degree heat and/or torrential downpour.

Just today she taught me how to pay for our internet and bills on my mobile – it’s all about the WeChat! Oh and we just ordered a pizza for dinner that arrived with gloves and smelt like feet. After messaging a friend, I have literally just discovered it was a Durian pizza… bad times!

Anyways, that is a brief summary but never fear, you will hear a lot more about our time here in China!

The awesome #streetfood of #tianjin #china

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Blog Numbers and Goals

So if we have any readers that follow us along, you may have noticed a surge in blog posts. After a few days of landing, Calum taught me how to do those pin images we have and I have focused on posting 3 blogs a week! BOOM!

We have also had some awesome guest posts like Cat’s Tips to avoid the crowds in Iceland, Karlis’ post on the 8 greenest and cleanest place to visit and Nathan’s post on Why you should extend your travels with a working holiday visa. 

Continuing our working abroad series, we also interviewed Jessica about her time teaching in Korea and Katie who volunteered in Ghana.

Our page views have continued to be high – so thank you so much!! Please remember to share our blog posts on your social media, we hugely appreciate it! ♥

Love and Hate

Along with being ON IT with my blog post sharing, I have also been reading lots of amazing blog posts – here are some of my faves!

Two weeks in Myanmar Budget and Cost Breakdown – Ok now we are on this side of the world, I want to visit every inch of Asia, so naturally this budget breakdown has made me too excited to start planning a trip!

Romantic things to do in Memphis – Lia and Jeremy write such amazing posts that are always so detailed and helpful. This post is no exception that has made me want to plan a trip across the world to have a romantic time with Calum.

The China bucket list – As we are now here for at least two years, we have decided to make sure we see as much of China as humanly possible. So these 50 things to do is the perfect place to start.

A Virtual Cuppa Down Under – So we are not the only bloggers to have moved this month. Tracy and her husband have also moved across the world to Australia! Check our Tracy’s virtual cuppa to see how her move abroad has been.

Hates: Pollution! I have learnt this quickly!

Today we explained the gorgeous #italianstyletown in #tianjin #china ❤️🇨🇳

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Highlight of the month

Ok this is massively cheesy but every day has been a highlight! From landing, to inductions, to getting lost along the riverside, to walking around deserted malls because you have got off at the wrong metro station, to eating pigs feet, to teaching amazing kids, to working with hilarious people, to ordering a durian pizza by accident and worrying we may die from mouldy cheese… it has been a rollercoaster month but an awesome one!

Top Instagram Post

This is the view of the river next to our apartment. It is a gorgeous area to walk around when it is sunny and there is a bit of a breeze!

Our beautiful new home in #tianjin #china

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What’s next?

This month is all about exploring Tianjin and maybe taking a trip to Beijing at some point! At the end of the month I have a week off so we are trying to decide where to go! We can’t decide between Hong Kong, Seoul or Xi’an – it is a Chinese holiday so flights are expensive but anywhere in China will be packed! We will see!

And that is August. I must say, it has been amazing and I can’t wait for what September brings – perhaps a slightly cooler temperature please?!

Thank you again for all our amazing readers! We appreciate all your support, comments and follows across social media! We hope you have enjoyed our monthly round up! Lots of love! 

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