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Reasons to visit Nantucket in the Spring

Reasons to visit Nantucket in the Spring

Planning a trip to Nantucket but not sure when to go? We share the best time to visit Nantucket & reasons to visit Nantucket in the Spring.

Best time to visit Nantucket

The high season in Nantucket is in the summer, with the peak being the months of July and August. This is the time when the population of this East Coast Island increases from 10,000 to 50,000 seasonal residents and vacationers.

While the peak of the summer season is when there are the hottest temperatures and the most events, it is also the time when it is overcrowded on the cobblestone streets and on the beaches. Also, during the peak, it is tough to find a suitable and reasonably priced Nantucket summer house or book tables at the best restaurants in town.

This is why many people prefer to visit this New England island during the shoulder seasons from May to June and from September to October, or even better as early as March and April in the spring.

If you are facing a dilemma about whether to book a ferry or plane ticket and a house to stay in Nantucket in the spring, here are some excellent reasons to help you make up your mind.

Why visit Nantucket in Spring?

As mentioned in the introduction, while summer is the high season at this popular coastal vacation, spring is a great time to go there. Especially if you want to find more affordable and suitable accommodation, more available places in the top eateries, and to enjoy the beautiful beaches and architecture of the island without dealing with the crowds.

The island happily welcomes the end of the often gruesome winter there in spring, and many of the stores, venues, and eateries begin reopening and prepping for the new season.

There are also multiple events that are held in the spring in Nantucket, which are worth attending and enjoying.

Nantucket in the Spring

Save money in Nantucket

If you plan a springtime vacation early on, there are bigger chances to book the house or property of your dreams on the island of Nantucket at a much more reasonable price. To help save more money, you can consider sharing one of these magnificent vacation homes with a group of friends or relatives.

Also, out of the high season, the travel fares to and from the island are more affordable, no matter which of the two options you choose – ferry or plane.

Weather in Nantucket during Spring

Nantucket is known as the Gray Lady of the Sea for a reason. This is the fog and the unexpected weather changes which often occur around and on it.

In general, the temperature in Nantucket in the spring can vary from 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can be very sunny or rainy.

So, you should check the weather forecast ahead of your trip and pack some clothes and shoes suitable for rain, along with sunglasses and sunscreen, when leaving for a spring trip on the island of Nantucket.

Things to do in Nantucket during the Spring

Nantucket in the Spring

Relax away from the hustle-bustle of the busy cities

Nantucket is a small but enchanting island with magical cobblestone streets, fabulous historic mansions, postcard-like weathered gray shingle cottages, and some of the country’s most stunning landscapes and views.

In the spring, there are much fewer visitors on the island, and thus you can enjoy exploring it and relaxing there among the friendly permanent local residents, rather than the huge crowds at the peak of the season.

Spring events in Nantucket

While the main events are predominantly held in the summer in Nantucket, there are some annual springtime events, as well as celebrations that are also well worth attending.

Here are some of the events and the potential holiday dates for planning a spring trip to Nantucket.

Nantucket in the Spring
Easter – April 15-17th 

Traditionally, many of the leading restaurants, hotels, and other venues organize special Easter celebration events for the locals and the visitors of the island.

Some of the events to check out include the traditional Easter lunches at the leading restaurants and hotels, the egg hunts at different venues, and other celebrations.

The earlier you book your trip – the better the deals you will find.

Daffodil Festival – April 22-24th 

This is an annual festival that has been held in Nantucket for decades. It takes place on the last weekend of April every year. The festival celebrates the end of the winter and the upcoming spring.

Nantucket is known for its historic architecture, beautiful beaches, and some of the most beautiful ocean views and landscapes, but large parts of the charm of Nantucket are the flowers.

The daffodils, which are among the first spring flowers, begin blooming in March, but the peak is in April.

During the Daffodil Festival, all local residents and the guests of the island take part in the many events. Some of them include daffodil hat pageants, daffodil shows, a child parade, a retro car parade, a dog show, different art exhibitions, picnics, and more.

This year, the festivities will be held from April 22nd to 24th.

Nantucket in the Spring
Mother’s Day – May 6-8th

Why not celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day on the island of Nantucket? You can take your mother, wife, or another important mother in your life on an unforgettable trip on the island, which is only 30 miles south of Cape Cod.

Some of the ideas for Mother’s Day include a long and delicious brunch at some of the top-rated restaurants such as Straight Wharf, Via Mare, Black-Eyed Susan’s, and others.

If you book early, the chances are that you will find the best table in the preferred restaurant for this special day.

Or you can take leisurely strolls around the historic downtown, relax on one of the over 25 beaches, visit the scenic lighthouses, see all the blooming flowers around the town and the villages on the island.

Wine and Food Festival May 18-22nd

This annual festival takes place in May every year in Nantucket. If you are a foodie, a wine lover, or want to enjoy some of the best wines and meals from around the country, combined with a trip to this beautiful island, then this is the festival to go to.

The 23rd Wine and Food Festival will take place from May 18th to May 22nd. You can buy tickets and take part in the various wine tastings, seminars, and wine and food pairings presented by the leading chefs, sommeliers, and winemakers from around the world.

Other things to do and venues to visit in Nantucket in the spring

Apart from these festivals and holidays, you can enjoy taking a romantic stroll along the Sconset Bluff Walk in Siasconset. This is among the most picturesque walking paths in the country. You can explore the gorgeous village of Sconset with its New England coastal cottages covered with weathered gray shingles and with pink and red roses. The path will take you to the stunning eastern beach of Siasconset and to the Sankaty Light lighthouse.

Other places to visit are the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, which is located on two peninsulas and has over 16 miles of walking trails. The refuge offers a close encounter with some of the local wildlife such as seals, deer, raptors, and shorebirds. You can also take a walk among the biggest red cedar savannah and see unique maritime oaks and other plants growing among the dunes. At the end of this refuge, you can reach the Great Point Lighthouse, located on the northernmost point of Nantucket.

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