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New Orleans Bucket List

New Orleans Bucket List

This New Orleans bucket list includes the best things to do in New Orleans, where to eat and where to stay; so you can plan the perfect trip.

New Orleans is a popular place to visit; with a vibrant nightlife scene, delicious food and historic sights to explore. We recommend spending at least 4 nights in the city, to squeeze in all these New Orleans bucket list items!

New Orleans Bucket List

French Quarter New Orleans USA bucket list

The French Quarter 

Amass yourself into the heart of New Orleans by wondering through the historic French Quarter. This district is known for its narrow pitch streets, vibrant atmosphere and distinctive architecture along with the lively street performance and charming balconies are dawn with iron railings. 

This is the place to begin your trip when exploring New Orleans, and if you can try and stay in or near the French Quarter. No matter what, this needs to be on your USA bucket list.

St. Louis Cathedral 

At the heart of the French Quarter is Jackson Square, which is surrounded by historic buildings and one of those buildings is the majestic Saint Louis Cathedral. This is an iconic landmark offer to into the cities, religious and cultural heritage but now you can take a visit the cathedral and appreciate its architecture.

Head to Bourbon Street 

As the sunset, you need to head to Bourbon Street, known for its exciting nightlife here you’ll find bustling bars and fantastic restaurants with neon signs and live music .

This electric energy is one of the reasons of many people choose to visit New Orleans and is a must visit place to go.

Cruise the Mississippi River

Step back in time with a leisurely cruise along the mighty Mississippi river on a classic boat. You can enjoy scenic view of the city skyline what’s listening to some jazz music and learning about the history of the riverfront of New Orleans. 

There are various cruises that you can choose from and our favour in the description below . 

The Garden District 

For something a little, why not head to the garden district, a pitch of neighbourhood in New Orleans .

At my other grand mansions here stroll along the street and explore this beautiful charming area  which is a vast contrast to the French quarter.

The New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum 

Learn about the mysterious voodoo and the cities connection to it at the New Orleans historic voodoo Museum.

You can learn about spiritual practices and the cultural significance of this which is more than itself into the cities diverse heritage. 

Mardi Gras 

Of course, we can’t talk about New Orleans about mentioning Mardi Gras celebrations. If your visit coincides with the season in mercy yourself into this world famous festival witness, the vibrant parades are dawn, floats and colourful costumes that appear around the city. 

If you are visiting at this time qu to avoid disappointment, this is a very busy and popular time to visit New Orleans.

Attended jazz performance 

As the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans is a haven for music, lovers, head to one of the many jazz clubs all over the city, to experience the soulful melodies and improvisation that defines the iconic genre .

You can find life is all over the city, and we will leave a link in the description to one of our blog posts which shares the best performance spots in New Orleans.


Eat the local food 

New Orleans is known for its Cajun cuisine and Creole, so make sure to try as much of this as possible whilst you are here’s

From beignets , to jambalaya, there are something for all tastes, so make sure to head to the best restaurants in town. 

Alternatively, you could take a French quarter food tour will leave the link for that in the description below 

Visit the National World War II Museum 

What’s in New Orleans? You can also learn more about World War II by visiting the museum here. This is a comprehensive compelling museum that shares the history through interactive exhibits artIfacts and personal accounts. 

Things to Know Before You Go To New Orleans

Best time to visit New Orleans – Of course, Mardi Gras season is the best time to visit New Orleans if you want to enjoy the celebrations. If you would rather a quieter time, head here in September or October for warm temperatures and fewer crowds.

New Orleans at Christmas time can also be a great time to visit if you want to explore the festive markets and see the decorations.

Getting there – New Orleans has a major international airport, connecting you to other destinations in the US. You can also get the Amtrak to the city or drive from the nearby states.

Getting around – Getting around New Orleans couldn’t be easier. The attractions are all fairly near each other, so you can walk or cycle between most of the sights.

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