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ORLANDO ESCAPE ROOM – The perfect escape in Florida

ORLANDO ESCAPE ROOM – The perfect escape in Florida

Looking for an ESCAPE from the Orlando theme parks? The Escape Effect is the perfect indoor attraction on International Drive.

Why Orlando?

Orlando is known for its incredible array of theme parks and attractions. However, we do recommend you spend time enjoying the best things to do on International Drive.

Visiting an escape room is one of the most unique and interactive experiences in the city, with puzzles and themes the whole family can enjoy. 

For those who have never heard of or visited an escape room before, you may be asking what you can expect. An escape room is similar to a video game but played out in real life. Through exploring your surroundings and solving a series of puzzles you will be fully immersed in exciting and thrilling stories. 

If you are looking for an escape room that has unique themes you won’t find anywhere else, look no further than The Escape Effect, which strives to offer an attraction that is family-friendly and epic for everyone. Although a small “mom & pop” business, they have been recognized in multiple publications including Orlando Magazine, which has voted The Escape Effect the #1 Entertainment Experience for both 2020 and 2021. 


Traditionally, escape rooms have run at 60 minutes in length, but the more you play the more you may find yourself seeking out a longer experience. The Escape Effect is the only venue in the city that offers feature-length escape rooms, with adventures lasting up to 2 hours!

Let’s take a look at some of the immersive tales and gameplay experiences you can expect to find, with those ubiquitous mad scientist and serial killer escape room themes nowhere to be found!

Best Escape Rooms in Orlando


A Knight To Escape

This medieval-themed adventure is the crown jewel of Orlando and the longest escape room in all of Florida at an epic 2 hours! You’ll choose your path as you pick between two sides, where you play as either a prisoner or rescuer. Although you can expect to be split up, you will need to communicate effectively with each other in order to succeed and reunite with your comrades.

Set in England, in a time long past, you’ll learn about the feud between two brothers fighting for the crown. When Dominic has bestowed the kingdom upon the King’s passing, his brother Cassius was driven by his jealous lust for power to take back what he believed was rightfully his. You will need to navigate through Stonebury Castle in an attempt to rescue the prisoners trapped amidst this conflict, by the enraged Cassius. 

With successful communication and problem-solving skills, your team will put a triumphant end to this legendary battle, as you attempt an escape together.

At Odds With The Gods


Delve into the world of Greek mythology in this monumental 90-minute endeavor. Perfect for first-time players or experienced speed-runners, this game offers something for everyone, with the opportunity for your team to divide and conquer, and no one feels left sitting on the sidelines. Although no outside knowledge is required to succeed in your epic escape, fans of Greek mythology will appreciate this adventure. 

You’ll be traveling to Mount Olympus to face off against each of the Greek gods. Once every century these gods look down upon the mere mortals on Earth to potentially watch one rise to their heroic status, now you are being judged to see if you are worthy enough to join them. Discover how Ares will prepare you for battle, how Poseidon’s trident will aid in your escape, and be sure to watch out for Zeus as he attempts to fool you at the final hurdle. 

Even the most seasoned player will be kept guessing about what’s coming next. Will this ancient encounter see you rise to the challenge, seize the ambrosia and claim immortality, or will you be forced to walk the earth as a mere mortal?

Sherlock Studies

Experience a traditional escape room with a twist as classic puzzles are combined with a murder mystery. Ideal for a date night or smaller team, you’ll have 75 minutes to collect evidence, piece it all together and solve the crime. Fans of the board game Clue, 80’s TV show Murder, She Wrote and of course, the Sherlock Holmes universe will enjoy stepping into the shoes of their favorite characters. 

Travel back to 1890s London and comb through Sherlock’s study just like the famed detective himself, in an effort to pinpoint the killer. Enoch Drebber has been found murdered, his body discovered in a back alleyway behind the local pub. Although the prime suspect is Lady Ricoletti, there are more than a few suspicious characters who you’ll need to investigate. Will you find the solution through deduction and reasoning as you play detective in this exciting race-against-the-clock conundrum?

Filled with riddles and cryptic clues, this intriguing mystery is sure to be an exceptional experience for any budding sleuth! You’ll find yourself frantically scrambling between rooms to gather vital information in a mad dash to uncover the culprit before the judge sentences the innocent Ricolleti! 


Fright Before Your Eyes

Just in time for Halloween, The Escape Effect has unveiled another one-of-a-kind experience. This unique ghost-hunting escape room introduces brand-new, never seen game mechanics and technology. 

Delve into the mind of Victor Strange, an illusionist with a dark secret. 100 years ago, he mesmerized audiences with his daring performances and charismatic charm, but behind the glamour of the stage, a series of tragedies lay hidden. Rumors circled around the fate of each of his nine assistants, as they began to disappear one by one.

You’ll enter the abandoned theatre as modern-day ghost hunters to take part in this spooky scavenger hunt. By using specialized tools, not only will you see secret messages left by the spirits, but also hear them recall the ghastly tales of their demise.

This Halloween season is the perfect opportunity to seek out the dark and twisted Victor and his tortured souls who still haunt the Grand Compass Theatre today, in this chilling one-of-a-kind escape!

The Escape Effect has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are looking to uncover a secret passageway, get lost in an immersive story, or play the longest escape room in Florida, you’ll be sure to have fun with your friends and family. Book now for your perfect Orlando escape!

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