traveling to asia

Packing minimal to almost anywhere is possible if you are willing to take up the challenge or feel sufficient with the little that you have. Traveling to Asia is huge and you need to consider the right climate to help you have a great trip and for allowing you to pack light.

Southeast Asia is considered to be one of the top tourist’s regions in Asia, and we will give you a guide to pack minimal for coming here. You just have to make sure of provisions for visiting religious places as they usually have a dress code to live up to. Apart from this, traveling around Asia is quite easy with a few things.

When do you plan to go?

There are plenty of backpacking tips to come to Asia that will help you ease your journey. However, one of the most important aspects to consider is the right time to be here. You must either choose summer or monsoon for your visits.

In the months of April and May, most of Asia remains hot and dry. June to October is the monsoon months when the climate is rainy and humid. From November to February, you will feel cool winds blow in most places, while some will be covered in snow.

If you plan to travel to Southeast Asia during monsoons, you should not pack heavy parka that is too warm for the humid times. You should carry sandals, raincoat, umbrellas, and more. If you are planning to start camping in Asia, summers are the best month for you. You will need light clothes, flip-flops, sunglass, and some more summer essentials. If you are coming here during the cooler months, you need to bring warm clothes, but that might not help you pack light.

Packing according to locations

One of the important tips for digital nomads is to be aware of where they are going. This simple tip can make their journey way more interesting and smooth. It is essential to pack clothes according to where you are going as that helps you pack lighter than usual. The cities around Southeast Asia are close to the equator, and the cool climate is not so cool around the cityscapes. The summer months are really bad but can help you with light clothing and little packing.

There are plenty of places in Asia where you can buy cheap clothes, so it is wise for you to keep your working equipment sorted and take minimal clothes. However, people who are too tall or wide might need to have their basics covered as Asians don’t have huge body shapes – it can be tough to find clothes for you.

If you plan to stay by the seas, you will love the fresh breezes blowing from the waters but you need optimum sun protection. You should get your towel, sarong, and sunscreen. If you are hiking up a mountain, you will feel cold even during the summers. You will have to get warm clothes and keep your heads covered.

Packing light to travel right

  1. Backpack

The bigger your backpack, the more you will want to carry. Irrespective of not being willing to pay an extra baggage fee to the airlines, you must also note that the nomadic life must not drain you out. Carrying a smaller backpack solves half of your problem as your packing list shortens due to less space.

Traditional hiking backpacks are some of the best-designed backpacks for digital nomads. These backpacks have enough space to carry their electronics and still leave room for other essentials. At the same time, they are also comfortable to wear + they let you go trekking and have a more adventurous approach to your trip than if you had chosen a suitcase.

  1. Documents

The most important things are your documents that include your identity, transportation passes, checks, licenses, flight tickets, and more. Make sure you have them intact before moving ahead with your travel pack.

  1. Electronics

Digital nomads will definitely have lots to take to make sure their work is on point. It is not easy to live the life you have chosen, and to be at it you have to keep your professional jobs in order. Make sure you have extra batteries, power-bank, and other replacements.

  1. Toiletries and medicines

If you are traveling to urban destinations, you will seldom fall short. However, it is good to be minimally equipped with the things you have. Take all your medicines, soap, shampoo sachets, and more essentials that you might need. A basic consideration for carrying first aid is must.

  1. More stuff

Where you plan to go will determine what you need to take. This is again related to the weather condition. Some things we’d like to list you will include:

  • Flashlight
  • Water bottle
  • Ziploc bags
  • Earplugs
  • Wet wipes
  • Sanitizer
  • Insect repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Solar battery charger

It is not tough to pack light no matter where you go. Today’s world is full of materials and opportunities, and you just need to keep your eyes and ears open. Embrace the beauty and blessings of nature and it will have more to give you than what you were planning to carry.

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traveling to asia
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