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A PACKING LIST for warm weather vacations

A PACKING LIST for warm weather vacations

Heading somewhere hot and humid? We share a packing list for warm weather vacation, so you can be fully prepared. 

If you’re a fan of exploring different parts of the world, your region, or country, one thing holds true. There’s a big chance you’re eagerly looking forward to the next opportunity to take a trip. Perhaps you’ve even chosen a destination already, and travel arrangements are in motion.

Well, any seasoned traveler will agree that packing is among the most important things to think about and plan before traveling. It impacts your comfort, convenience, and the overall experience you get from your trip. They’ll also tell you that a large part of what you bring should be determined by the destination you’re taking your trip to, including the current season, regional climate, and weather patterns.

From clothing to accessories and personal care items, here’s a brief guide on what to pack for the best experience if your destination is humid.

What to pack for warm weather vacations

packing list for warm weather vacation

The Right Skincare Products 

High humidity is inarguably the major weather characteristic in humid destinations. When exposed to environments with excessive moisture lingering in the air, the skin pores tend to open up, increasing the chances of accumulating dirt, allergens, and trapped oil.

Among other things, this may lead to acne, allergic reactions, and other kinds of skin problems. This is why you should pack a range of beauty carte necessities in your travel kit as seen in the Aesop skincare collection. If your destination is humid, some of the products you may want to bring depending on your needs include:

  • A cleanser
  • Handwash
  • An exfoliant
  • Facial serum
  • Lip care
  • Shaving balm
  • Scalp treat
packing list for warm weather vacation

Lightweight Clothes 

Depending on the length of your trip, you may also want to make lightweight clothing a preference when packing. This means making sure to pack clothes whose fabric is light and dries faster.

It’s even better if the fabric has moisture-wicking abilities, where synthetic fibers like polyester tend to do better than natural options like cotton. While at it, consider loose fits that help you stay cool and more comfortable in humid weather. If you can, bring one or several pairs of shorts or sleeveless shirts/tees to your trip.

You may also want to bring a small mesh bag or wet bag to hold wet clothing in case you get caught in a rain shower or your clothes get damp.

Sun Protection 

At times, high humidity is accompanied by bouts of scorching sun during the day. This is typically the case in destinations with a humid subtropical climate, where summers are hot and humid, in contrast to cool and mild winters.

This necessitates packing certain supplies and accessories to protect your skin from the harsh effects of high humidity and UV rays from the sun on the skin. With this in mind, some items to pack include:

  • Sunscreen – If you’re like most travelers, sunscreen is one of the first things you will probably pack to protect your skin from heat and the sun’s UV rays. Make sure to bring a high-quality compact travel sunscreen, possibly one that has a matte finish that won’t collect oil or make your skin shiny.
  • A hat – It’s always a wise decision to bring a hat if you’re traveling to the tropics. This kind of cap will keep your face cool during the daytime when the sun is at its peak. It will also shield your face from harmful UV rays.
  • Some sunglasses – Apart from protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, sunglasses may also offer a more pleasant view of the world outside.
unique travel experiences

Comfy Footwear 

Regardless of the kind of trip you’re taking, you always have to bring the right footwear. Of course, you may have a range of activities to engage in during your trip to a humid destination, meaning you’ll probably need several pairs of different shoes.

Whether your trip will involve lots of adventures like hiking in the hills, or you will spend most of your time at the beach, your best choice will be to bring shoes that wick moisture off and can dry easily.

The last thing you want is to come back home nursing feet sores, blisters, or fungal infections from excessive moisture. And who wants to deal with awfully smelling shoes or feet after an incredibly exciting adventure – after all?


Along with footwear, it is advisable to pack a few pairs of socks when traveling to a humid or a rainy destination. Make sure to bring socks made from a fast-drying material.

packing list for warm weather vacation

Water Bottle 

When traversing a humid destination, it is not uncommon to feel thirsty often. After all, water is a necessity anytime anywhere, so you want to have some during your trip. This is why you should ensure you pack a bottle of water, or at least a water bottle that you can refill whenever you need to.

Water bottles come in a vast range of styles and sizes to choose from, but the trick is to pick something that will fit well in your luggage without seeming as if you overpacked.

Packing right (and light) is one of the most important rules to observe if you want to get the most out of your spring or summer vacation. 

If you’re headed to a destination that you know or suspect will be humid upon arrival, then you are in luck. The above are just a few of the items you’ll no doubt appreciate including in your travel bag.

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