Pattaya Beer Garden

Before our visit to Pattaya, Thailand, we had heard a lot about the Pattaya Beer Garden, near the famous Walking Street. We wanted to check out what it the food and drink was like at the sea view restaurant so headed there are on first day in Pattaya.

The food

As you can see from the title of our video, I went for the British food straight away! We don’t get proper sausages and we definitely don’t get good mash here in China so how could I resist?! Judge me if you will but they were darn yummy!

Calum opted for a Penang curry which I did try; it was quite spicy for me but then again, up until last year I thought pepper was a bit too spicy for me! It did taste delicious though.

Some of the more popular dishes are listed below (with prices of course!):

Food Price
Sausage and Mash 195 baht
Cheese burger 130 baht
Roast dinner 310 baht
Mixed Grill 310 baht
Pizza (variety of choices for toppings) 280 baht
Sandwiches (a range of fillings) 130 baht
Penang curry 150 baht
A range of Thai stir fry 160 baht
Thai styled Seafood Platter 260 baht
Pad Thai 150 baht

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The drink

Personally, I found drinks in Pattaya in general to be more expensive than the price we paid in Bangkok. Pattaya Beer Garden offered a wide variety of drinks for less than the bars around the area.

Drink Price
Water 30 baht
Soft drinks 50 baht
Fruit juices 70 baht
Tea or Coffee 50 baht
Tiger Draught Pint 100 baht
Tiger tower (3 lt) 390 baht
Imported beer (bottle) 95 -145 baht
House wine (red or white) 120 baht
Cider 120 baht
Spirits 90 – 140 baht

We enjoyed our lunch at Pattaya Beer Garden and can see why it is so popular for tourists and expats. There is a good variety of food and when you are missing home, you can get some decent western dishes here.

What would you order? What restaurants would you recommend in Pattaya? Let us know in the comments below!

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Pattaya Beer Garden
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