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Planning a trip to Georgia (the country) – A Georgia Travel Guide

Planning a trip to Georgia (the country) – A Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia has a lot to offer, so we share tips for planning a trip to Georgia including Georgia entry requirements & places to visit in Georgia.

Georgia is a relatively small country but has a lot to offer visitors. From the Caucasus mountains to the Black Sea, everything is diverse in Georgia. You can enjoy delicious food and wine, get hiking, and visit the country on a budget. 

Planning a trip to Georgia

Getting a visa for Georgia

Georgia has one of the best visa options in the world – you can get a free, 1-year visa upon arrival into the country. This can be automatically renewed once you leave and re-enter the country, great for those that wish to stay in the country long term.

Entry Requirements in 2022

Visitors can travel via air, land or sea with the following requirements:

  • Vaccinated travellers – must show proof of full vaccination (two doses or one dose of Johnson & Johnson)
  • Unvaccinated travellers – must show a negative PCR test result taken 72 hours prior to arriving in Georgia. This must be presented in Georgian, English or Russian. 
Planning a trip to Georgia

Best time to visit Georgia

May, June or September are the best times to visit Georgia if you want the best weather. Tbilisi is very hot and humid during the summer months but freezing in the winter. 

In general, it’s colder and drier in the east of Georgia than warmer and wetter in the west. Regardless of when and where you go, make sure you pack a waterproof jacket as the weather can change quickly. 

Georgia in Summer – This is the best time for trekking in the high Caucasus and coastal areas. 

Georgia in Spring – With plenty of sunny days and beautiful landscapes, Spring is a great time to visit. 

Georgia in Autumn – September is harvest season in Georgia, so wine lovers who want to visit the vineyards in the Kakheti region should plan a visit at this time. 

Georgia in Winter – There are some great ski options in Georgia if you visit during the Winter months. Gudauri is the most popular choice and can be found around 3 hours away from Tbilisi. 

Planning a trip to Georgia

How to get to Georgia

There are plenty of options for travelling to Georgia. 

By Air – Many visitors fly into Tbilisi via air, with direct flights available from destinations in Europe, Asia and Dubai. You can also opt to fly into Kutaisi with Wizzair offering flights from several European cities. 

By Land – A popular route for visitors travelling the Middle East is from Yerevan to Batumi, with buses and taxis available on this route. 

From Azerbaijan, you can catch a train across the two official borders; one close to Tbilisi and the other in the Kakheti region. 

From Armenia, you can travel across the there borders available and travelling from Turkey is stress-free and a great option for those wanting to see the coastal area. 

Planning a trip to Georgia

How to travel around Georgia

Once you are in Georgia, there are plenty of options for travelling around. 

The larger cities in Georgia offer buses, mini-buses and taxis as a form of getting around whilst Tbilisi is the only city with a metro system. Yandex is Tbilisi’s version of Uber and we recommend downloading the app if you are looking for a drive around the city; most journeys cost no more than 5 GEL. 

Train travel around Georgia is slow, with most trains being old with no AC. Instead, do use the trains, we recommend taking the buses (located known as marshrutka) or, if you are travelling between Tbilisi and Batumi, then flying is a good option or, there is a modern train between these two cities too. 

Car rental is another great way to travel around Georgia, especially if you wish to visit the countryside. However, make sure you have an international driving permit as this is required to rent a vehicle. 

Best places to visit in Georgia

Planning a trip to Georgia


The first thing you will want to do in Georgia is head to the capital; Tbilisi. Head to the Old Town to see the ancient churches and monuments then take a cable car up the dramatic hillside for amazing views. Tbilisi is also home to some great thermal springs and some of the best restaurants in Georgia. 

Planning a trip to Georgia


Batumi is a modern city next to the Black Sea and is the second biggest city in Georgia. The architecture is a combination of Asian and European styles; with modern buildings standing alongside fairytale0like towers and statues. This is known as a glamorous city and is a fun place to spend some time during your visit. 

Planning a trip to Georgia


This is a religious capital in Georgia; once being the capital city before king Gorgasali changed his base to Tbilisi. It is only of the oldest cities in Georgie and is home to three of the most important churches in the country; Samtavro monastery, Jvari and Svetitskhoveli – just make sure to dress appropriately if you wish to enter the churches. 


Chiatura is a small town tucked away between steep valleys and deep gorges, founded in the late 1800s as a mining colony. Every corner of the town was connected with the mines through the use of cable cars, a way for the government to get their workers to the mines quickly during the 1950s; giving the town the name “the cable car city”. Many of these cars have rusted away but you are still some air tramways that can be used for free in this charming ghost city. 

Planning a trip to Georgia

Katskhi Pillar

This is an incredibly unique attraction around 40-meter above ground. This can be seen atop of a huge limestone protruding from the ground and has actually been home to a monk for the past 20 years. You can take a bus from Tbilisi to Chiatura then take a taxi from here to the Pillar. Alternatively, there are some tours available from Tbilisi which can be combined with a trip to Chiatura. 

Planning a trip to Georgia


Located in Eastern Georgia, this fortress is an abandoned town but within rock around 3000 years ago. This is a unique place to discover in Georgia and can be reached via taxi from Tbilisi. 

Planning a trip to Georgia


This is a monastery within a cave in Southern Georgia; not far from Aspindza. This was built in the 12th century and was completely hidden within the cave until a severe earthquake destroyed the cave and exposed the monastery. Take a tour to Vardzia from Akhaltshike with the ride taking under an hour.

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