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Planning a trip to Monaco

Planning a trip to Monaco

Looking for a luxury vacation with a difference? We share these tips on planning a trip to Monaco, so you can enjoy this micro-state with ease.

Why visit Monaco?

The Principality of Monaco is a micro-state which is completely dotted with luxury. At night there is a second life here, and when it comes to casinos, there is 24/7 traffic. If you go on holiday to Monaco, it will be your jackpot! The gambling world, the roaring engine of a Formula 1 car, the clearest sea and expensive yachts with cool parties will not let you get bored! 

Monaco has the second largest area and the first densest population per square metre. On all sides of the Principality is France, which is why many people don’t even identify Monaco as a separate country. But after reading this paragraph you will know for sure that it is a separate country. This article is all about the places 100% worth visiting if you are in Monaco.

How to travel to Monaco

Because Monaco is not cheap we have two pieces of news for you! The first is that we know most of the tourists take the plane which takes them to the nearest airport. And second – we know what it takes to get from the airport comfortably and at a good price, just book an AtoB airport taxi with Nice to Monaco and forget about all the hassle! Because you don’t have to leave a deposit, refuel the car, or take any risks, getting an airport transfer is frequently more affordable and secure than hiring a vehicle without a chauffeur and driving yourself.

Best things to do in Monaco

Planning a trip to Monaco

Charter a yacht in Monaco

Simply do it – set sail on a private yacht on the French Riviera. You will get just unforgettable emotions, you will have a maximum cool time. While you are sailing you will see many beautiful, luxurious, and wealthy towns in the South of France. Besides hiring a yacht yourself you can make it a hundred times easier if you have a guide who will simply take you on a private excursion. And you will make a cool trip by seeing the town of Antibes or Cannes. 

Swim in the sea

There is a wonderful place, Monte Carlo, which has probably the best beaches in the world. As the country stands on the cliffs, the beaches are small and artificial. Even so, it’s a pleasure to stay here.

Make sure you visit La Seyne-sur-Mer too; it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Cote d’Azur. It is ideal for all types of holidays, including family holidays. There is a playground for children, a small stadium for beach volleyball and even a picnic area. On top of that, you’ll also find several restaurants, such as Palmier, serving a delicious Provencal stew. 

Planning a trip to Monaco

Go to the casino

To be in Monaco and not go to the Casino of Monte Carlo is a sin.

Monaco residents themselves are forbidden to gamble and visit the place, but tourists come to try their luck at roulette and poker. Even the simple appearance of the building, its architecture and interior, is fascinating. That marble floor surrounded by Ionic onyx columns, the Opera’s foyer decorated in red and gold colours, sculptures and paintings – and there are endless other endless ways to describe this beauty. So you should see it all for yourself! It does not matter what you came to see, but at least you will get aesthetic pleasure! 

Spend a cool night in a club

We’d like to suggest you go to Jimmy’z. It is a club worth going to, if only because it’s a favourite with the elite crowd. Apart from relaxing and enjoying being there – there are practical benefits, you can find very good friends and acquaintances. The club itself is renowned for its iconic electronic music, intimate ambience and hosting some of the most glamorous nights on the Riviera. The biggest names in the electronic music industry have performed here, such as Lost Frequencies, Calvin Harris and many more. And even if you’re not a fan of this genre, there’s a very good chance you’ll reconsider after visiting!

Planning a trip to Monaco

Have a good meal in a good restaurant!

After an active holiday, be sure to take an airport taxi to La Montgolfière restaurant in the evening. It offers Mediterranean and French cuisine. Here you can enjoy grilled black cod, foie gras and calamari. There’s also a mouth-watering parfait, ice cream and strawberry dessert. And don’t forget to round it all off with a delicious coffee or an alcoholic beverage (champagne, wine or beer). We are sure that this restaurant will make your stay in Monaco even more special, with Michelin food for you! 

Monaco Travel Tips

Planning a trip to Monaco

1) If you don’t like large crowds of tourists, the best time to visit the Principality is between May and September. 

2) Apart from the places we have told you about today (for the most part they were hobbies), don’t limit yourself to those. Although Monaco is quite compact, there is plenty to see (absolutely free) outside Monte Carlo as well. Free places to go include the Old Monaco Museum, the Botanical Gardens of Monaco, the Japanese Garden, the Antique Car Museum, Saint Nicholas Cathedral, the Princely Palace and much more. 

3) There is no need to leave a tip in the café or restaurant because it is already included in the bill (at 15%).

4) Don’t hesitate to ask the locals questions – they are very sociable and will gladly help you.

5) Just know that there is a beach where you can sunbathe for free and that beach is Plague du Larvotto.

6) If you are staying in Monaco for an extended period, you can have the convenience of having your own car with you by shipping it to Monaco.  This helps you save money on renting a car in the long run and means you can travel to nearby countries without worrying about rental restrictions.

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